Check out my newly damaged hair!

Last week, I went to the hair salon. I told my stylist I wanted to re-colour my hair and maybe perm it because I was tired of spending 30 minutes with the curling tong every day.


I asked for some hair magazines so I could choose something I liked. But my stylist said, “No need! I already know what I’m going to do for you.”


I decided to let him. I knew I was going to have a hard time choosing if it were up to me, anyway.

I kind of regretted it because I ended up spending five hours in the salon. He gave me the whole works — cut, colour, perm, treatment and countless washes.

If you’d followed my Twitter or read my Plurks, you would have witnessed my ordeal real-time.

Sheylara at the salon

Sheylara at the salon

Sheylara at the salon

Sheylara at the salon

It was 8:30 pm by the time I was done. I wasn’t ecstatic with the result. I thought my face looked fatter and older with my newly poofed-up hair.



Well, it’s been five days now and the curls have tamed a bit, so I’m a little happier with it. And, of course, I’m very happy with the fact that my hair is not silky smooth anymore.

Contrary to popular opinion, silky smooth hair is NOT GOOD. It’s limp and flat and slippery and a horror to style.

Once, I had to do a waking up scene and my director was horrified that he couldn’t get my hair to mess up so that I looked like I had just gotten out of bed. It just refused to be anything but straight and limp.

So I love my newly damaged hair! Now I can mess it up so easily! And I can twirl it with my fingers and it will actually remain twirled when I let go!!


Well, the twirls will undo a little very slowly throughout the day, but I get enough hours of having cute hair before I have to twirl it again with my fingers.

You could never do that with silky smooth hair!

My stylist advised me not to blow-dry after washing. He said to just twirl the two sides quickly and then leave it to air dry.


Wet look!


I thought that was great news because it would save me 15 minutes of blow drying every day. But then I realised some parts become frizzy when left to air dry, which I don’t like, so now I have to blow dry my hair very carefully, trying not to disturb the curls too much.

Which takes more time to blow dry than my straight hair did.


Hair is so troublesome!!

Nevertheless, I’m quite pleased with the change, even though I look like a monster when I get out of bed now.

I don’t really like the colour, though. I’d prefer something more cocoa-brown than orange-brown. But my stylist says this is the latest trendy colour. He also says light colours are passe now, so it’s best to get something darker brown.



This is with professional film-set lighting. It looks purplish! Oh, well, anything is better than black!


I wish he didn’t cut my fringe short, though. Now it’s a bitch to manage. Grrr!

Beauty is fleeting

I’m thinking I should bring a hair curling tong with me wherever I go. (It used to be hairspray, for keeping the hair up throughout the day).

After I discovered the power of cute curls not so long ago, I now spend 30 minutes to curl my hair whenever I have time (Otherwise, I just leave it straight and go out.)

For variety, I might do something different, like curl then braid it.

Sheylara with braids

On this particular day, I let a bit of fringe hang loose and gave it a little twirl, cos it’s cute that way. It’s a bit hard to see from the picture but it’s twirled two rounds.

It stayed nicely twirled for 30 minutes or so while I was in my room, finishing up my preparations.

But the moment I stepped out of home, it started to unwind. Mere minutes later, it became this:

Sheylara with braids

This, despite tons of curling lotion and hairspray on it.

I think Singapore is too humid. My curls can stay in air-conditioned places but not in natural weather.

Next time, I think I need to bring the curling tong out and make curls only after I arrive at my destination. Assuming it’s an air-conditioned place. And it has a power socket for me to plug the tongs in. And there’s a nice big mirror for me to use.

But how dumb is that?

Sheylara with curls (rare photos)

Sitting in the makeup seat in an SPH photo studio, I was horrified when the makeup-artist-cum-hairstylist announced, “I will give her curls.”

It wasn’t armageddon-degree horror, but close enough.

Not that I have anything against curly hair, but it’s just not me. And in this particular photoshoot, I was supposed to be me and not some generic model.

A bunch of people had been invited to be featured in a Christmas special (I think) for Digital Life and we were told to wear a black jacket with a white top and a black bottom.

But I didn’t know what the interview was going to be about because it was arranged for me by a third party and I just had to turn up. When I was there, I found out the theme was “corporate”, which added another degree of horror to my state of mind.

Things that are not me: Corporate, elegant, graceful, curly hair.

The adventurous me delighted in my new look, of course, but the me me felt fake and uncomfortable.

It’s fortunate that I have a split personality or I would have been traumatised beyond recovery a long time ago, since I do chance to get a funny new look every once in a while.

Well, I suppose I don’t look too bad like this. Just different. (And not me.)

I went home in this get-up (by MRT) feeling weird, knowing it was just pointless paranoia but still feeling it.

I would have felt more comfortable going home in a bunny suit complete with floppy ears and a bob tail.

I’m serious.

I can be crazy and nutty and psychotic but I can never be a graceful, mature lady.

I felt a little unnatural and awkward posing for the photographs because I never know how to behave when I’m dressed corporate or elegant.

They wanted me to look like a confident career woman, and cheerful. It was a tall order.

I know how to look cute and cheerful, though!!! But, of course, that was wrong for the theme.

I hope my photos turn out okay in the papers, I think tomorrow.

Why do they like to age me?

I forgot to watch TV again.

You’d think I would remember a simple thing like that. Watch TV every night at 9pm.

(I have to watch myself on TV so I can learn from all my ugly mistakes.)

But I’ve missed three episodes so far, since the series started.

There I am, sitting in front of my computer (which is also my TV), doing stuff, and it totally doesn’t cross my mind to turn the TV on.

Not that I look forward to watching the daily episodes. I look so auntie in the series it scares me. It wouldn’t be so bad if I’m supposed to look auntie. But I’m not.

I’m supposed to be a modern, even fashionable, career woman. Instead, I look like a sad old spinster who was cryogenically frozen in 1979 and just got revived.

Curls are my nemesis. Unfortunately, it’s the only way they ever know to make me look older.

I think they teach this equation in hair-styling school: Curly hair = Older

That’s fine and good. But what I don’t understand is why they won’t stop trying to make me look older already. It just keeps happening. It’s been happening since I was, like, 19.

“You look too young for this role, let’s make you look older.”

“Bring out the curling tongs!”

What is freaking up with that? Cast someone else who looks the age, for goodness’ sake. Leave my hair be and give me a role that doesn’t require me to look older than I look.

I feel like a victim in a conspiracy theory.

And I am seriously fed up, so I’m going to take a long break before I kill myself in frustration. I shall stop going to auditions and accepting more auntie roles.

Maybe in two months or so, I’ll be able to cut my hair, and cut it so short that nobody will be able to do anything to it and they’ll have to leave it be.