Crossing words with the Goonfather

I was doing a crossword puzzle in bed this morning on my iPad.

I needed a 9-letter word for “aircraft propeller” so I consulted the Goonfather because he knows vehicles more.

“Blades,” he said.

“Starts with J,” I clarified.

“Then your other word must be wrong,” he said.

“What the… it’s 9 letters lah,” I said.

“Hmm… hmm…. I know! Propeller!”


“You can’t say propeller when the clue is propeller lah!”

I added, “And my other word is not wrong. It starts with J.”

He made a serious thinking face and hmm-ed a couple more times.



(Jennifer is my friend Minou’s real name.)

((The correct word turns out to be “jet engine”.))

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