My hard disk died on me!

It never rains but pours!!!

Okay, it hasn’t really been “raining” or “pouring” all that much but I just felt like starting off with some melodrama.

Because one of my new 320GB SATA RAID hard disks JUST DIED ON ME.

It’s not brand-new new, but it’s only six months old so it shouldn’t even be coughing, much less dying!!

It happened when I was looking through my photos trying to decide what to blog about today. I suddenly got a BSoD and the comp rebooted itself.

When it was up and running again, I opened up Firefox and Windows Explorer (to resume looking at my photos) and then the darn thing BSoD’ed again, barely a minute after the reboot!!


I complained to the Goonfather. “My computer BSoD twice in a row!”

“What did you do?” he said, not looking up from his PSP.


“Hahahaha,” he said. “Your photos scared your computer so it shut down.”


(TMD is the abbreviation of a mild Chinese swear phrase that subtly makes mention of a random, anonymous person’s mother. It’s really mild because, in direct translation, it literally says, “His mother’s.”)

((See, my blog is really educational — you get to learn random bits of useless trivia. So, run along and telll all your friends to read my blog.))

(((There’s a restaurant in Singapore which is named that exact phrase, so it is now officially ineffective as a swear phrase.)))

Okay, digression over. Back to my confounded HDD.

The Goonfather, loving and supportive as ever, stopped playing his PSP and came over to investigate my computer.

“Your hard disk is making a funny noise,” he informed me.

“It’s been making this noise right from the start,” I said.

“Really??” He looked surprised and I waited for him to say “why didn’t you tell me before??” but he didn’t.

Still, I went ahead to to preempt his accusation. “I thought the noise was because it’s a new computer, new processor, new casing, lots of new fans.”

The noise isn’t really noisy, anyway, because you can only hear it if you’re sitting right next to the CPU. It’s just kind of weird.

Anyway, the Goonfather said we’ll have to take the hard disk back to the manufacturer.

I said, “What about my data???? I don’t want to end up like Edison Chen and have some gangster steal my photos!”

For the record, I don’t have any nude or lewd photos or anything of the sort, but, all the same, I don’t like the idea of a stranger poking through my files and looking through all my picnic photos, know what I mean?

Fortunately, the Goonfather has a solution for everything.

I have two other old hard disks in my computer because my PC is acting as a file server for the Goonfather’s laptop. So he helped me back up all my stuff into the old hard disks and am now reformatting the dead new disk.

Yay! My data and my photos are safe from strange prying eyes!!

I am now using his laptop to blog!

That means no photos! Because I don’t want to touch stuff in any of the hard disks right now. Plus the Goonfather has no Photoshop. How can anyone live without Photoshop?? It’s inconceivable!

My PC will probably take a few days to recover. In the meantime, I’ll be blogging on the Goonfather’s laptop, but I really hate it because it feels foreign and uncomfortable.

It’s kinda like sleeping on someone else’s bed in a foreign country. Like you get a sudden feeling to reach over and pat your little bunny plushie and you reach over but it’s not there because you’re not in your own bed in your own home.

If I don’t reply comments fast enough for you, well, come back again. Heheh. I’ll eventually get around to it. And things will be back to normal once my PC is up.

OMG I suddenly have a craving for Arnold’s Fried Chicken. Luckily, it’s almost dinner time.

Have a great long weekend!

Mozilla Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

For years, Firefox users have been crowing at me for being a dinosaur and still using IE for surfing the Internet.

“Ditch IE,” they say. “Firefox is the only way to go.”

“Why?” I ask.

“Tabbed browsing.”

“I can live without it.”

“Not after you’ve tried it.”

“I’m happy without it.”

“Firefox is more stable and efficient.”

“But IE is doing well enough for me.”

Actually, the truth was that I just didn’t feel like adapting to a new interface. It’s like changing your phone from Nokia to Sony Ericsson. Suddenly you’re all thumbs and you have to relearn everything. It’s annoying.

And then IE came up with tabbed browsing and I thought that was the end of it. One fewer reason for Firefox fanatics to rave at me.

Until two days ago.

Suddenly, IE kept crashing on me for no reason. Every few minutes, it would freeze while loading a page (mostly when I try to scroll down before the page is fully loaded) and the cursor would freeze in its hourglass-icon state. All buttons and links dead. The only clickable thing is the little red cross on the top right corner.

At first I thought it was my computer. But my other applications were working fine and it was only IE that kept crashing.

So I got fed up and downloaded Firefox.

Like magic! I visited all the same websites on Firefox and it didn’t crash a single time.

Now, I’m forced to become a Firefox user. You fanatics should be happy.

But I have complaints about it. Text in Firefox looks lame. Here’s an example:

Internet Explorer sample:

Mozilla Firefox sample:

Can you see how the text looks stronger in IE? Firefox’s text looks like the printer ran out of ink.

If I’m going to read anything at length on my monitor, I’d rather read on IE because it looks easier on the eyes.

Also, see how, in Firefox, my links are hardly noticeable.

I wonder if you Firefox users have even noticed that I have links on my blog. *lol*

After two days of using Firefox, I want to go back to IE.

The IE interface is prettier and more sleek.

IE allows you to open a new tab with just one click because it has that little tab corner sticking out.

On Firefox, you need to right click first, then select New Tab.

I suppose I could just do a Ctrl-T, but that’s different.

And, most irritating of all, I changed my blog password last night and now Firefox refuses to let me log into my blog admin. It keeps telling me that my password is wrong. And I’ve tried typing it like 20 times, very carefully. So now I have to blog from IE and risk it crashing on me.

How annoying.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By the way, you might have noticed that I’ve just installed a new plugin called Similar Posts. It gives you a bunch of links at the bottom of each post in order to entice you to stay on my blog longer. Nothing new. Just something I wanted to add since time immemorial but kept putting off.

I’m also thinking of changing my blog skin. My side bar is getting ridiculously cluttered and I want a three-column blog theme so I can have two side bars to organise my nonsense.

I’m thinking of this one:

I want something very clean and simple and neat. This looks like it. What to do you think? I might attempt to change the blue to pink. Heh.

If you visit my blog over the next week and see any weird stuff going on, please bear with me. I’ll be experimenting with themes and plugins and widgets.

Other than that, it’s business as usual.

Hole Series: Adrenaline rush

Filming hasn’t even started for Hole in the Wall and already I’m dreading the end.

This is one short film that’s uncharacteristically demanding in terms of pre-production preparation, but I’m loving every moment of it. Rehearsals, costume fittings, styling, research, dance practice.

But because it’s so involving, I predict the aftermath will be all the more unbearable. Many actors know the feeling of abject loss and emptiness following the end of an acting project. The longer and more involved one is in the project, the worse the effect.

I suppose it’s something like what druggies term the “crash” after the “high”. Or something like what a person who gets dumped might go through.

It’s a horrible feeling.

You live in a totally fantastic world for a period of a month to a year, depending on what kind of project it is. You fall in love with the people around you, the sets, the story, everything. And then, one day, it just ends. Everything you hold dear is wrenched away from you, and your loved ones walk away from you forever.

Terrible, terrible.

And then you start craving more. MORE. MORE!

But why am I even thinking all this? Duh.

Let me enjoy the high first and later will take care of itself. I suppose.