Fat, grumpy cat

Today’s post is dedicated to Elyxia because Elyxia loves fat, grumpy cats.

Here’s a fat, grumpy cat.

Fat, grumpy cat was moonbathing near a void deck.

It made me think of Elyxia, who has funny taste in animals.

She also loves short, stumpy dogs.


I has no peekture of corgi because corgi iz not vagabonding type.

You can image google it yourself.

Baby corgis are super cute, but adult corgis look weird, is my opinion.

When Elyxia returns to Singapore and buys a cat and a dog in the future, she will no doubt give them some cutesy name or other, but I will call them Grumpy and Stumpy.

Elyxia has been in Hong Kong for about nine months, for work.

I can’t say, “Please come back soon,” because that’ll be like telling her, “Please quit your job.”

So, all I can say is, “Boo hoo. I miss you.”