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So so so… did any of you win an Xbox 360 yet? I’m still waiting for someone to report on their big win here! =D

There are four weeks remaining in the contest, you know? Don’t let the chance slip you by! Got friends in the market for a new phone? Tell them!

If you missed my previous post about this contest, here’s a refresher:

So nice, right? Someone made a Flash thingy for me to embed on my blog! Whee! (It’s a bit hard to read cos it had to be resized to fit my blog but still readable lah.)

See, it says: Visit Sheylara for regular updates.

Indeed, yes. I update you on many, many things. For instance:

Contests and promotions! (Yes!!)

Microsoft promotion

My travels! (Which I hope to do more of.)


My gaming addiction! (Which I hope not to do more of.)


Now, I shall attempt a bit of subliminal manipulation: Visit for your daily dose of delicious abuse entertainment!

Did it work?

Okay, fine. It’s not subliminal at all.

Well, I don’t care.


Win a stylish LG GD900 Crystal phone!


You read absolutely right., in partnership with LG, is giving away a brand new LG GD900 Crystal, the world’s first transparent design phone.

LG GD900 Crystal

It’s so gorgeous and totally cool, being a cutting-edge smartphone that also doubles up as a fashion accessory! We really need more of these in the world!

Made with tempered glass, the keypad slides open to reveal a bluish-white glow that illuminates the numbers so you can see what you’re dialling.

LG GD900 Crystal

Sorry my photo is quite crappy but you get the rough idea.

The keypad basically acts like a laptop touchpad, used to navigate phone functions. You could even make your own shortcut symbols to instantly access favourite features.

For example, you might tell your phone that if you draw a circle on the keypad, it should open up an Internet browser. Or anything like that!

It’s really fun!

LG GD900 Crystal

You could also navigate around the phone by using the 3-inch WVGA LCD touchscreen. Very flexible.

Here’s how it looks with the keypad slid home.

LG GD900 Crystal

Check out this video to see how awesome it is!

Whee! And now…

Win an LG GD900 Crystal!!

It’s very simple!

Just provide a caption or title for this photo! =)

LG GD900 Crystal

We’re looking for creative, funny, witty, clever, outstanding, interesting, or any combination of those.

The writer of the best caption, to be judged by LG, will win the phone!


  1. Please e-mail your caption to, together with your name and phone number.
  2. Post a comment here about anything, using the same name.
  3. Closing date is June 19, 2009, 11:59 pm.
  4. Winner must self-collect phone.

All the best!

LG GD900 Crystal

Improve the lives of others and win an MP3 player


There was a time in my life when I wanted to be a healthcare professional.

That was around the age of four or five. Haha. Well, I found it very fun to try nursing my dolls back to health with the toys that my parents bought me.

And then I grew up and learnt that you have to study very hard and get good grades to work in that industry. That was when my childhood ambition melted away.

But I’m still rather fascinated with the subject of medicine and the human body. I like reading medical thrillers and medical articles in magazines.

Maybe because I’m a semi-hypochondriac. Haha.

I have a very deep respect and liking for people in the medical profession. And I don’t mean just doctors or nurses, specifically. I mean anyone: physiotherapists, pharmacists, dieticians, medical social workers, diagnostic radiographers, psychologists, optometrists, dentists, and the list goes on.

Haha. Bet you never think about how the healthcare profession extends to all these other roles that seldom get highlighted in the media.

When I was in the hospital for the excision of a rare bone tumour, I was very fortunate to have a team of caring professionals dedicated to making me right again.

This team included people like the X-Ray guy, the physiotherapist, the anesthetist, the nurses, my surgeon, and even the client service representative of the hospital who went around making sure that all patients were well cared for.

The kindness and compassion they showed while they did their jobs went a long way in helping to ease my trauma of being bedridden in a hospital.

It takes a really strong and compassionate individual to devote himself or herself to a life of making other people’s lives better, and I salute the people who choose this path.

So, there’s this website called Health Careers that highlights the lives of these “everyday people” who have “extraordinary lives” and I want to share it with you.

It features interviews with people in the medical profession, blogs by nurses, information on medical careers, as well as scholarship offers from various health organisations for students interested in pursuing a medical career.

Eunice Wong, an occupational therapist.

There’s also a design contest going on right now. But I’ll talk about that later!

I really love the nurses’ blogs. One of the entries written by a nurse called David Khoo, about coping with death every day, moved me to tears. =(

More info on the different types of healthcare professions can be found at the site, so have a look!

Oh, and if you’re interested in possibly pursuing a medical education, these healthcare scholarships might interest you!

I also learnt from the website that you don’t actually need a degree to practice some of these professions. There are some medical careers you can pursue with just diplomas or ITE certificates. I know I have many young readers who will no doubt be going through career choices. Maybe this could be for you. ;)

Now, the contest. It’s a digital wallpaper contest for people between the ages of 13 and 20.

(No, you don’t have to want to be a healthcare professional to take part in this contest. It’s for everyone!)

Just create a wallpaper design revolving around the theme of health or healthcare professions and you could win Samsung MP3 players and book vouchers!

The closing date is March 15, 2009, so hurry up and register for the contest here and also read this page for more details on what’s required.

I picked one entry which I really like.

The text says, “The Lonely Wheelchair: Ever since he started visiting the psychotherapist… I’m no longer needed.”

It’s so poignant!! Happy and sad at the same time! What a brilliant piece.

If any of you feel you can do better, please DO it! Let me know if you take part okay? I’ll vote for you! ;)

Good luck!

Win 5 copies of Norton Internet Security 2009

Yes! This is a revolutionary product that everyone needs, and FIVE happy people will win a Norton Internet Security 2009 software, which comes with a one-year subscription. Get protected against the latest viruses and security threats!

Read about the features here if you haven’t already. The product is currently in beta, but it will be released any time soon. If you want a copy when it’s out, join this contest now!


  1. 5 copies of Norton Internet Security 2009
  2. 5 Norton luggage tags

NIS 2008 for illustration only. Actual prize is different:
Norton Internet Security 2008

Norton luggage tag:
Norton Internet Security 2008

Let’s do something fun instead of a lucky draw this time. Read the instructions carefully! :)

How to win

Perform a few easy tasks to earn points! Top five point-earners will win the NIS 2009. The next five will win a luggage tag! Easy, right?

How to earn points

  1. Tell us about an encounter you had with a computer virus or hacker or security threat. Post it in the comments. Points will be awarded based on how interesting your story is. [Up to 20 points]
  2. Blog about this contest and link to this post. Then inform me by posting a comment here. [5 points]
  3. Answer four questions on Internet security. The questions will be released within my daily blogs, so keep an eye on my blog from tomorrow onwards to spot the questions! Once you have all four answers, e-mail them to me. [5 points per correct answer].


  1. Last day to complete tasks is Sep 15, 2008.
  2. In the case of a tie, a randomiser will act as a tie-breaker.
  3. When sending me e-mails, please tell me the name you use to comment here if you want your points credited correctly.
  4. You do not have to perform all tasks to qualify for the contest, but you want as many points as possible to win!

Thanks to Symantec and for sponsoring this contest.

Alright, now. Let the contest begin!

Win a HP TouchSmart worth $1,999!

There is absolutely no trick, no joke, no catch! The good people at HP are giving away a HP TouchSmart IQ500 PC to one lucky reader!

[Win me!]

Just answer this question:

What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?

Post your answer here for a chance to win!

And do it fast because this contest will be hosted in many other blogs, but only one winner with the best answer will be picked!

(For duplicate ideas on different blogs, the earliest one will be picked, so don’t wait!)

[Using the TouchSmart]

Rules and stuff

  1. The contest is open only to Singapore citizens and permanent residents.
  2. Entries will be judged based on how creative, innovative, productive and interesting your ideas are. Start thinking of the best ways you can use the HP TouchSmart now!
  3. Closing date is 12 July, 0000 hrs.
  4. Winners will be notified via e-mail.

At the HP TouchSmart party with Nic and Precious

HP TouchSmart party
All about the TouchSmart
The TouchSmart blog

Good luck!