Results of LG GD900 Crystal Caption Contest


Many thanks to everyone who participated in the LG GD900 Crystal Caption Contest! The response was overwhelming and the LG team had a really hard time picking the winner!

But a winner has to be picked and LG has made a decision, so… RESULTS coming up next!

Who is the winner of this beautiful LG GD900 Crystal?

LG GD900 Crystal

First, a recap of the contest…

Participants were asked to provide a caption for this picture:

Sheylara and LG GD900 Crystal

And the winning caption is…

“See the world thru LG; Everything looks better.”

Congratulations to Kristy Teo! You win!!!!!!!

*streamers and party noisemakers and champagne and angel harps playing We are the Champions!*

LG will be contacting you soon about collecting your prize.

Well done and thank you for your participation!

Thank you everyone again. It has been fun!