The kind of dog I love — #4 Barks at nothing


Barks at nothing


Basil is a very curious, busybody dog. He loves looking out windows.

I think he fancies himself as an important alpha male guard dog who must protect his pack at all costs. So much as a squirrel hops into the next-door neighbour’s garden and Basil simple must bark out a 200-decibel warning.

Of course, you can’t see or hear everything he sees and hears, so it looks like he’s barking at nothing, which is really stupid when he deafens you in the process.




There he is in the photo, ever vigilant, looking out the car windscreen to make sure no danger lurks beyond.

Silly, sweet Basil!

My drumming ear plugs would come in really handy now, except I’ve left them in Singapore.

Oh, well.


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Jealous boyfriend

Hello, what do we have here? Another comic story based on real life events!

(Yay! More crappy cartoons!)

Hope you like it!








































































The End!

Yeah, I know it’s a bit abrupt. I’m not such a good comic writer, am I?

Nevertheless, please drop me a comment if you like it (or just hit the Facebook Like button if you’re lazy).

It takes freaking forever to draw these crappy cartoons (using a mouse) so if no one likes them, I probably should stop drawing them!

But thanks for reading!


By the way disclaimer: The boyfriend isn’t really the jealous sort. We just enjoy teasing each other!