Journal – October 17-18

Journal - October 17-18




I’m grateful for meditation naps, lol. They probably ruin my progress at mastering it but they feel so good!

Quote of the Day

We couldn’t decide what movie to watch tonight. Both seemed equally good and neither of us wanted to choose, so Piers said we should toss a coin. And that settled it nicely.

“The coin has spoken,” Piers said.


Buying furniture is so hard!


I planned to start designing next month’s pages in the middle of this month and it’s time I started. But I’m so terrified that I won’t be able to come up with something different that satisfies me. Every time I produce something, I feel like I’ve used up my limited creativity and I can never do as well anymore. I’ve proven myself wrong many times but the fear is always there.


Piers was so excited to find a lizard that he ran all the way upstairs to tell me. Then he caught it and realised it was a newt!