Making faces in the disco

We were supposed to go to Dragonfly but ended up at Velvet Dragon. Crappy place for drinks because the happy hour jugs were watered down, possibly due to them being quite cheap ($50 for 3 house pours).

We didn’t get to try the after-happy-hour drinks because we finished partying at about 1:45 am, after finishing nine happy hour jugs. How crappy is that? I am never going clubbing on a Friday night again because people are tired after a long day at work and have no stamina left to party. (Not that I go clubbing a lot, maybe like once a year.)

Here are the girls.

No picture of the boys because men are boring and hate camwhoring.

The girls also wanted to be boring and play five-ten, but I am so sick of five-ten. (Actually, I knew Nanny Wen was plotting to get me drunk and drinking games are the quickest way to finish someone off.)

So, I did the smart thing by making them pose for photos instead.

We camwhored for a good while, and then Wang Wang came up with something totally silly. She said, “Let’s do a six faces photoshoot.” (In which each person had to make six funny faces in succession.)

I was the first guinea pig. As usual.

That was totally asinine.

Nanny Wen up next:

And then Elyxia, who wasn’t making faces so much as posing.

And, finally, the mastermind herself.

I was her photographer, but her faces were so hilarious that I couldn’t stop laughing, which made me lose count, so she ended up making only five faces. (The one in the middle bottom is taken from another photo just to fill up the space.)

Despite having only five faces, Wang Wang is the undisputed champion of the six faces game. But what a silly game.

And then, the dance floor called out to us and we danced all the way till it was time to go home.

That’s all.

Haha. Anti-climax right?