Daily Journal – September 20

Daily Journal - September 20



Cleaning Sorcery

When our cleaner first came to inspect our house, she said it’d take 2-3 hours for two cleaners to clean the whole house. That includes hoovering, dusting, and cleaning surfaces and walls and doors and windows and mirrors and baths and toilets. I didn’t believe her because it takes me 2 hours just to clean ONE shower.

Even accounting for my OCD and perfectionism, so maybe halving my time, I feel it’d still take 20 man hours to clean the entire house. They took 2.5 hours (5 man hours). Wtf is their sorcery and wtf is wrong with me?

They did miss some spots here and there but the house is pretty clean on the whole and I can live with it if it means I won’t have to clean it myself. That means we’ll be seeing them again. Yay!

Chimney Sweeping

We also had the chimney sweep over today. Wen was very amused when I told her. In her own words:

What is a chimney sweep!!!!

I mean, how do you answer a question like that? To be fair, the chimney sweep didn’t sweep the chimney so much as he hoovered and brushed it. He brought a giant Henry Hoover and many long brushes with strange heads. He was also very young and handsome, like movie star quality. Too bad they only need to sweep the chimney once a year, lol.


Grateful for a clean house today!


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