GGF#48: Playing more games

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I have finally quit Evony (formally Civony) after spending ridiculous amounts of time on it. I mean, it was fun while it lasted and I have no regrets playing it, but the game is getting too irritating (unbalanced battle engine, frequent server crashes, whiny people in world chat, ridiculous price tags on cash items) so I’m off!

If you’re thinking of playing it, don’t.

It’s fun for a start, but it’s also annoying as heck and you’d really be better off investing that time on other games, in the long run.

I’m sorry to those who joined the game at my recommendation. *lol* Sorry!


Table of Contents

  1. Preview: inFAMOUS
  2. Time Wasters by Swordplay
  3. Plantronics GameCom 777
  4. Results of last week’s contest
  5. Win inFAMOUS postcards and poster!!


Preview: inFAMOUS

I’m really excited about this game. I had the opportunity to preview it at a media event a few days ago, so I made a video of the gameplay!

inFAMOUS is a sandbox-style multi-genre game. You play Cole McGrath, a bike messenger who unwittingly delivers a bomb that blows up Empire City. Miraculousy, you survive the blast and, even more miraculously, you gain the power to manipulate electricity.

inFAMOUS screenshot

The game is open-ended in the way of Grand Theft Auto. There are main missions that follow the plot, but you can deviate from them any time and do sub missions or just run around electrocuting people for fun.

The news gets out that you’re responsible for the destruction of the city, so people around you are wary or hostile. But you can increase your karma by healing people with your electrocuting powers (acting like a human defibrillator) or choosing morally-upright paths in missions.

Or you can just be a bad ass and destroy everything that gets in your way.

inFAMOUS screenshot

Karma affects the kind of skills you get. Good karma gives you more helpful skills such as healing. NPCs will also come to your aid during battles if you’re generally a good guy.

Bad karma gives you more destructive power but also makes everyone fear and hate you, so you become more vulnerable.

What’s great is that you don’t have to stick to a certain path for good. You can adjust your karma as you go along by just making decisions differently.

inFAMOUS screenshot

Cole is also quite the acrobat, so you’ll find that you can climb walls and leap between buildings. According to the devs, every object you see in the game that seems climbable will be climbable, which gives you a lot of freedom to explore the game any way you like.

inFAMOUS screenshot

There are also RPG elements. You gain experience points for killing, healing, doing stunts or performing missions. Points are used to upgrade your chosen skills or stats.

Apparently, there are 70 different skills you can have by the end of the game, all revolving around electricity.

inFAMOUS screenshot

Unfortunately for me, inFAMOUS is a PS3 exclusive title. I would love if it were on the Xbox 360 because I need more achievements for my Xbox!

By the way, for a limited time only, pre-order inFamous at any Sony Style or partner shops to receive a set of limited edition inFamous postcards.

inFAMOUS postcards

Or take part in this week’s Gamer Girl Friday contest! =)

inFAMOUS will be launched in Singapore around May 26, 2009.

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Time Wasters by Swordplay

Swordplay is my pesky li’l bro who spends all his time playing time-wasting games. To make him a little bit more useful, I’m sitting on him and making him recommend one fun and simple web-based game each week.

This week’s game: The Arrow of Time

The Arrow of Time

After centuries of peace and isolation, the Sky Fortress of the Whistle Knights has been found! It’s up to you to defend against the invading forces of mankind, with only your bow to help…

Buy and level up unique and devestating weapons, combine them in any way you like to create your own custom powers, deploy cunning defensive upgrades… the tactical possibilities are endless!

With an original and epic score from Evan Merz.

The first load takes a while (1-2 minutes) but it’s worth it. For a flash game, The Arrow of Time looks pretty polished with a beautiful soundtrack and pretty watercolour drawings. It’s also fun!

Using your mouse to draw your bowstring, with the freedom to dictate angle and strength, you shoot arrows at waves of enemies to protect your base. After each wave, you gain points with which you can upgrade your arrows and defences.

The Arrow of Time

Different arrow types give you different kinds of animation effects which are really cool to watch.

Really great game! Wish I had more time to play it! =)

Remember to buy/upgrade stuff after every wave. I forgot, and then met with a boss mob that was immune to the current arrows I had. LOL. That was my signal to stop playing and come back to working on GGF. =)

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Plantronics GameCom 777

The good people at Plantronics Singapore recently sent me the coveted GameCom 777, which is the world’s first surround sound gaming headset. What a gorgeous piece of work it is!

Plantronics GameCom777

Featuring Dolby Headphone technology, this headset is a great investment for MMO gamers for whom audio communication is required.

Comfort 7/10

Comfortable with good ventilation and cushioning, it doesn’t get warm or cause any uncomfortable pressure even after long hours of use. The only downside is that it’s pretty heavy (more than the average headset) and you will be able to feel the weight the moment you put it on.

Sound 8/10

Using only a single driver to create a 5.1 surround sound experience, the GameCom 777 seems to lose out to other headsets using multiple drivers, but it’s decent enough for you to hear all the background sound effects clearly. Game music and special effects sound great through this headset.

Vocals are crystal clear, although hearing someone speak in surround sound is a little weird, sort of like having voices talk in your head. But that’s a matter of preference and can be fixed simply by turning off the Dolby processor when talking.

The bass is pretty nice. Just don’t expect to get the kind of boom you would get if you had a 12″ sub woofer behind you.

Mic 9/10

The mic picks up sound pretty well, too, even when you keep it hidden in the strap. Speaking of which, the mic can be discreetly folded into the strap, which means that if you didn’t know beforehand, you probably won’t know where to find it. I guess that adds to the headset’s sleek design.

It is also a convenient factor, adding to the comfort level, because sometimes you just don’t want something dangling there. Also, you can’t lose your mic, unlike some headsets that use detachable ones.

Durability and Usability 9/10

I haven’t used it long enough to accurately judge its durability, but it feels firm and durable. Because the GameCom 777 comes with an in-built sound card, you could actually use this in lieu of the normal sound card and speaker setup. Simply plug it into a USB port and you’re good to go!

I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t have a sound card in their system, but if you don’t have one, this headset is an excellent alternative.

The GameCom 777 is available at The Software Boutique, Tec Drome, E2Max, Game Haven, IAHGames Cafe and Comics Connection. It might be sold out now, but a new shipment should be arriving early next month.

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Results of last week’s contest

Wow, it’s V Power this week!

Mr Randomiser gets flirtatious and wheels out two ladies with V names! Sorry, dudes!

Veronica and Val win a Monopoly Deal Shuffle Shaker each!

Monopoly Deal Shuffle Shaker

Congratulations, ladies! Please e-mail me to arrange for the collection of your prizes. Thank you!

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Win inFAMOUS postcards and poster!!

I have two sets of inFAMOUS postcards and one inFAMOUS poster (small one – 42cm x 29.7) to give away this week!

I love the postcards with the grungy artwork. They’re truly masterpieces!

inFAMOUS postcards

(Just a heads-up. The actual colours in the postcards are a lot duller and darker than what appears on the photo, making them look more grungy.)

I would keep a set for myself but then I have no idea what to do with them. So, it’s off to you guys!

The poster looks like those you’d see at gaming shop entrances but, what the heck, I’m sure someone out there likes to collect such stuff.

So… up for grabs!

inFAMOUS poster

Please post a comment here indicating whether you’d like the postcards or poster. You can ask for both. I’ll do two different draws for each item.

Closing date is May 28, 2009, 11:50 pm.

Winner of poster will need to self-collect at a central location.

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I’ll be playing X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I’m getting to like the game more and more as I advance. I am actually bothering to learn all the endless special combos, something totally unlike my playing style cos I usually hate memorising combos. But Wolverine is FUN!

The graphics is a little slipshod, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. And the combo animations are really quite awe-inspiring. Getting through challenges and killing enemies is so satisfying that I’m smiling like an idiot while playing the game. When I’m not screaming in shock at ambushes, that is.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Playing the game is like watching extra scenes of the movie because there are different plot twists in the game, and you learn facts about Wolverine and background info about the story that you never see in the movie. I LIKE!

I’m so in love with Wolverine that I just ordered the X-Men trilogy on Blu-ray from Amazon, even though I already have X-Men 2.5 on DVD.


[Gamer Girl Friday]

GGF#44: Exclusive gaming festivals coming to Singapore

[Gamer Girl Friday]

I was up until 5 am last night playing a new browser MMOG.

The Goonfather had recommended it to me early in the week but I didn’t have time to check it out until late last night. And then it wasn’t because I wanted to check it out. It was because I had no choice but to try the game in order to be able to talk about it in GGF.

Taking the alternative, that is, to make the Goonfather write a review for me, would have been disastrous. His review would have read like this: “Come play Civony and let me kick your ass. The end.”

Anyway, not too surprisingly, I got addicted to the game and was only able to forcefully drag myself to bed at 5 am by virtue of my game running out of lumber and rendering me without any moves left to make.


Table of Contents

  1. Civony — Another one of those time sinks
  2. Time Wasters by Swordplay
  3. Video Games Live comes to Singapore
  4. Darkmoon Faire comes to Singapore, too!
  5. Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic
  6. Take part in XXZ League and win prizes
  7. Results of last week’s contest
  8. Win a Fifa Online 2 Kickoff Pack!!


Civony — Another one of those time sinks


Even while writing about Civony, I’m playing it. It’s one of those irritating games like Travian, where you have to log in every so often to build stuff because your resources are produced in real time and they overflow and go to waste if you don’t use them.


Plus, if you’re not building and growing constantly, your enemies will surpass you and conquer your city easily.

When I was playing Travian, I had a browser tab open with it on my computer 24/7. Yes, literally.

Civony looks set to be the next permanent squatter on my browser.

The game is free to play, although rich perps have the option to buy perks in the game using real-life cash, a business model that web gamers have come to accept as the norm.


Players of Age of Empires and Civilization will be familiar with Civony. The game concept is similar, with the differences being that Civony is web-based, is massively multiplayer and doesn’t have timelines. You can form alliances and real-time text chat with alliance members to plot destruction against your neighbours.

And because the game continues while you sleep, you’ll form the habit of setting your alarm clock at three in the morning so you can wake up to build a farm.


For those unfamiliar with this genre of games, you’re basically building cities from the ground up, managing resources, villagers, buildings and armies, and then expanding your empire by building more cities or conquering other cities.

For a web game, Civony has a rather steep learning curve. There is some semblance of a tutorial system in place, but the “tutorial” throws you into the deep end within the first few minutes of gameplay.


In fact, I messed up my first city and couldn’t bear to look at it after a while, so I abandoned it and made another account to start from scratch.

It seems to be a popular game. There are already three live servers up, barely two weeks after official release. And there’s an active forum where you can ask for help or share information.

Of course, you have to be prepared to contend with the juvenile imbeciles who hog the real-time world chat. I normally just ignore them, but they can be quite entertaining sometimes.

Choice overheards:

“Press Ctrl-F4 to get instant 1500 lumber.”

“How do I save this game?”


“Is this all automated or are you all real people?”

And, just this morning, some retard spread the word that you can get free resources by typing in this particular cheat code. The entire chat got spammed.


Fives hours later, the chat was still full of people trying out the “cheat”.

Oh, and there’s one office-friendly feature some of you may be interested in. You can rename your browser header to anything you like!

Type in whatever you want…


Then, tadah!



If you’re going to play the game, go to Server 3 since it’s the newest and players in there won’t have progressed too far yet.

The creation process is quick and painless. Just make sure to choose Server 3 and create your city in the state of Bohemia. That’s where the Goonfather and I are.


Send me an ingame mail once you’re in and I’ll invite you to our alliance!

Name: Sheyla (I had to ditch Sheylara to create a new account)
State: Bohemia
Server: 3
Alliance: Sheylara

Anyway we only started last night, so we won’t be too far ahead of you!

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Time Wasters by Swordplay

Swordplay is my pesky li’l bro who spends all his time playing time-wasting games. To make him a little bit more useful, I’m sitting on him and making him recommend one fun and simple web-based game each week.

Today’s Recommendation: Monsters’ Den: Book of Dread

Monsters' Den: Book of Dread

What a great recommendation this is! But awful timing, considering that I’m currently hooked on Civony.

Monsters’ Den is a flash-based old-school RPG. I love these!

It’s one of those games in which you make a party of adventurers and crawl a dungeon. The battles are turn-based, which requires a bit of planning and strategy.

I love the way this game has been laid out because it feels like an interactive storybook.

Monsters' Den: Book of Dread

Monsters' Den: Book of Dread

Monsters' Den: Book of Dread

You can name your characters. There’s even a way to customise your avatar so you can feel a bigger sense of ownership.

And then it’s lots and lots of exploration, killing mobs and finding treasure.

The map opens up as you click on rooms to walk to, which helps you keep track of where you’ve been and where you haven’t.

Monsters' Den: Book of Dread

I like turn-based combat because it allows you to plan an entire battle ahead, kinda like playing chess, except that I hate chess because I hate planning ahead.

Okay, that doesn’t sound right.

Okay, well, chess is just boring.

Unlike RPGs, where you can make fireballs and such.

Monsters' Den: Book of Dread

Anyway, in my first attempt of the game, my party wiped within 10 minutes because I think I took on the boss party prematurely.

Monsters' Den: Book of Dread

Well, it was fun, anyway.

The game saves automatically, so you can go back to the page any time and it will pick up where you left off.

You can also have up to three saved games on each computer.

Great game, if you like old-school RPG.

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Video Games Live comes to Singapore

Who woulda thought?!

For the first time ever in Singapore, we’ll be able to catch Video Games Live, the largest and most successful video game concert in the world, with over 100 shows staged since 2005.

Video Games Live

Together with the two-hour concert, there will be a festival of events, providing a total of five hours of spectacular gaming goodness.

Highlights of Concert

  • Music from Mario, Halo, Final Fantasy, EverQuest II, Warcraft, Sonic, Metal Gear Solid, Space Invaders, Diablo III, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts and a lot more!
  • Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino.
  • Award-winning, globally-acclaimed Video Game Pianist Martin Leung, who gained worldwide recognition by playing popular video game music blindfolded.
  • Tommy Tallarico, video game composer who has worked on more than 275 video game titles and bagged over 48 industry awards.
  • Jack Wall, who composed music for Myst III & IV, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Rise of the Kasai.
  • Audience interaction.

Check out this video of a VGL concert featuring classic 8-bit game tunes:

It makes me emotional to think about how far video games have come!

Makes me feel old, also.

Highlights of Festival

  • Meet all the concert celebrities in person!
  • Play old arcade classics such as Pac Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong.
  • Game tournaments.
  • Cosplay contest.

Tickets can be purchased at SISTIC with prices ranging from $55 to $115.

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Darkmoon Faire comes to Singapore, too!

If you’re a World of Warcraft player, you’d be well familiar with Darkmoon Faire, the monthly carnival held in Elwynn Forest, Mulgore and Terokkar Forest.

If you’re a World of Warcraft player, you’d be extremely excited to learn that the faire is coming to Suntec Convention Centre in May!

Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire, apart from being an ingame festival, is also a real-live gaming event with tournaments and games for fans around the world.

It will be happening in Singapore from May 22 to 24 this year.

Expect to witness the first 3v3 WoW tournament in Asia, participate in WoW trading card and miniature games, mingle with cosplayers, buy WoW merchandise and play all kinds of fun carnival games.

Sounds like a great event to take the family!

Darkmoon Faire is part of Licence 2 Play, a massive gaming and electronics fair.


Some of the other highlights of L2P, besides Darkmoon Faire, are:

  • The New Paper Cyber Challenge
  • Asiasoft Game Festival
  • Game’In School Competitions
  • Cosplay Competitions
  • Family Gaming
  • Workshops for gamers and parents

Check the website for more details!

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Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic

How I wish I could play games all day. I’d spend more time mastering the moves in Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic because it is really fun and satisfying.

It’s a party fighting game which you can download on the PS3.

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic

It’s also a very comical game. You’re a kung fu hero with wobbly joints, and you kinda look like a muppet baby as you jump around and whoop asses.

I love it!

But I must say that the tutorial is very overwhelming.

The different moves and combos use all of the buttons and triggers of the PS3 controller, including the sixth-axis.

For example, to execute a deadly blow that will reward you with cheesy canned applause, you need to press a button at the right moment, then shake the controller up and down very violently.

Here’s me playing the tutorial:

By the end of the tutorial, which has about 9,473 lessons, if I may exaggerate a slight bit, I could only remember the basic moves: punch, kick, block, heal, pick up something and throw it at someone.

And then I went right into the game proper.

The gameplay is fast-paced and humorous. If you’re a casual, non-fighter gamer, you would totally enjoy watching your boyfriend play it, because you can’t be bothered to memorise all the combos while at the same time manoeuvre yourself into positions to execute said combos.

But I actually played this myself, in the following clip. If I seem gimped, it’s because I am.

I think it’d be nice to have someone do all the hard work and I just enjoy watching the gameplay, but the Goonfather doesn’t want to play it. He’s into playing the Xbox 360 to unlock achievements recently.

Although I can’t speak for fighter gamers, I expect they would like RDKF: FUP. I would if I were one. I mean, I’m not one and I already love the game. Then again, that doesn’t quite follow.

Oh, well. Who cares.

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Take part in XXZ League and win prizes

Want to win Xbox premiums and gift vouchers?

Taking place every Sunday from April 26 till May 17, 2009, the XXZ League will feature “Pro” and “Fun” categories to suit your level of playing.

Held at both XXZs in Singapore (Challenger Funan and Best Denki VivoCity) concurrently, the games and timings will be roughly as follows (different dates will have slightly different times):

Halo Wars (1pm – 3pm)
Castle Crashers (3pm – 4:30pm)
Lips (5pm – 6:30pm)
Gears of War 2 (8pm – 9pm)

For more details or to register for the League, please e-mail with the following details:

NRIC number
Mobile number
Game: HW/CC/Lips/GOW2
Location: Funan/VivoCity

Good luck and have fun!

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Results of last week’s contest

Norton AntiVirus 2009 Gaming Edition

The winners of four copies of the awesome Norton AntiVirus 2009 Gaming Edition are:


Thank you for your participation! Please e-mail me to claim your prize!

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Win a FIFA Online 2 Kickoff Pack!!

This week, I’m waving around a box of FIFA Online 2 Kickoff Pack, full of goodies inside!

Fifa Online 2

FIFA Online 2 is an online multiplayer football game serving the Asian region (Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia). Build your own dream team and experience authentic thrills of this favourite sport!

The Kickoff Pack includes:

  • FIFA Online 2 installation DVD
  • FIFA Online 2 Game Value Card ($10)
  • 5 bonus stat-boosting items: Knee Tape, Wrist Tape, Bracelet, Goggles and Headband
  • Entry form for Costa Sands “Share Your Passion” contest

Just post a comment here, indicating your wish to be included in the randomiser draw for the prize!

One winner only!!

Sorry, cos I only got one box.

May the luckiest reader win!

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I am not late! It is still Friday!!

[Gamer Girl Friday]