Gimme the Citi Clear Card


Wahaha. I’m evil. I’ve been encouraging all my student friends to apply for the new Citi Clear Card so they will stop bugging me to help them pay their online gaming subscriptions with my credit card.

I really think this card is quite brilliant, being the first credit card in Singapore that doesn’t require a minimum income.

There are people who believe that students shouldn’t be given credit cards but I don’t see why not. I was given a supplementary credit card when I went overseas to study and I didn’t abuse the card, even though I didn’t have to worry about paying credit card bills (all paid for by my doting dad).

Students who are getting the Citi Clear Card on their own most probably have to pay their own bills, so wouldn’t that make them more wary of over-signing?

OMG can you imagine what this means to gamers?? You can now play any MMORPG you want to without having to beg your parents, aunties, uncles, working siblings or friends to let you use their credit card!

Let’s play Warhammer Online together when it launches, ok?

I am quite jealous. Why didn’t Citibank come up with this idea when I was a student? I would have felt so cool and trendy using the Citi Clear Card instead of my dad’s gold card, which is so… well, so not fitting a trendy youngster’s image lah.

Actually, I have been a loyal customer of the Citibank Clear Card since it was first launched in 2002. (This was the first Clear Card with a minimum income requirement of $30,000.) Yes, that’s my first and only self-acquired credit card and I’m still using it. I’ve been really pleased with it all these years because there are always promotional tie-ins and discounts at my favourite restaurants and retail stores.

About half a year ago, Citibank upgraded my Clear Card to a Clear Platinum Card. I didn’t know it then, but NOW I know it was to make way for the Citi Clear Card for tertiary students and working adults who don’t want to bother with having to prove their income.

So, whaddya know, now the Clear Card and all its cool benefits can be enjoyed by even students. Can you blame me for being jealous? I had to work for my Clear Card in the past!

If I were still a student, I would definitely get one. It’s really quite tough to get around without a credit card these days. I mean, you need a credit card for just about anything: Book movie tickets online, play online games, buy stuff online because there are so many things you can’t get in Singapore (but don’t buy banned products or they’ll get confiscated by the gahmen, lol).

So, all you students, go apply for your own Citi Clear Card and stop bugging me to lend you my credit card. Hmm, then again, I don’t really mind doing that because I can earn rewards points off you. Haha.

Nah. Go earn your own rewards points. Just remember to be responsible with your spending and don’t spend more than you can afford to pay or your parents will disown you if they keep having to clear your debts for you. Haha.

If you’re gonna apply for the card, do it before Sep 30 to get a one-year fee waiver and a $100 Tivoli voucher. So cool lor.

Actually, I don’t know what Tivoli is. Gosh, I’m so out of touch and not cool anymore. *sob*

Click here to find out more and apply.

Have fun!

But have fun responsibly! (Must put advisory warning or else later kena bash for encouraging students to anyhow spend money.)