Journal – November 11-13

Journal - November 11-13



11 Sunday

We watched the House of Cards Season 5 recap and realised we couldn’t remember a single thing about it, so we decided to watch the whole series again before starting on the new one. And that’s how we always end up watching TV shows at least twice!

Last night, we watched Seven Psychopaths (movie) and I kept feeling deja vu throughout. It was nearly the end before I felt convinced I’d watched it before. Piers didn’t feel any familiarity until the final scene and then he was, like, “Oh yeah, I think we’ve seen this.” He’s worse than me!

On the bright side, I got to enjoy a really great movie again with fresh eyes!

12 Monday

I forgot the WI meeting last week so Gwen invited me over to decorate my Christmas crackers for our Christmas dinner. She’s so sweet, not wanting anyone to be left out. I had fun with the task!

13 Tuesday

I have procrastinated doing up my study room for a year now! Been using this crappy desk while my real desk sits downstairs. I just haven’t had the time nor energy to start the whole process of moving stuff and furniture out, painting the room, then moving everything back in.

But I have been invited to submit a photo of my workspace for an Instagram thing and I don’t want it to be this crappy desk I’ve hated so much! So I’m finally getting the process going. Vanity is a great motivator! Now I just need someone or something to motivate me to do all the other rooms!


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Photos from Nuffnang Christmas Party

I almost didn’t go for the Nuffnang Christmas party because I didn’t have time to get a costume.

The party was co-sponsored by vPOST and we had to go as characters or things beginning with the letters V, P, O, S or T.

Me and my friends were assigned the letter T.

Just a few hours before the party, Minou, myself and Unker Kell went costume hunting.

The Goonfather had class till 6 pm, so he was going to join us at the party. He said he’d go as a Tourist, so all he had to do was wear a big shirt. Which is what he usually wears, anyway.


So we decided to get him a prop camera. After getting our costumes at a costume shop, we went to Popular bookshop to get some supplies, then went home.

Unker Kell made this while I was getting dressed.


I decided to go as a Tooth Fairy, and Minou made this for me while Unker Kell was making the camera and I was getting dressed.


It’s a cardboard tooth which I tied to one of my necklaces.

Minou chose to be a Tiger because, she says, “I’ve always wanted to have a tail.”


I had to sit sideways in the car; my wings were in the way.

Unker Kell couldn’t find any suitable costumes, so he went home to dig out an outfit he had worn for another costume party. Haha.

He’s a Thug!

We ended up being two hours late for the party.

We didn’t do much there except take photos which, I feel, is the whole point of a costume party.

Here’s my photo with a famous old man.

His hands are pretty young, though.

Haha. The old man is Kenny Sia.

My friend, Timo, who went as Mr Paranoid:

He won one of the top three prizes for best costume.

The Goonfather came really late, almost missing the party, almost wasting Unker Kell’s effort of making him the camera.

I tried to make full use of it in his absence.

He did come, finally, like half an hour before the party ended.

But he got into the role of nerdy tourist very quickly.

Okay, I’ve run out of words, so here are just more photos.

Say cheese! =)

My Christmas story (kind of)

You know how people always say they need a holiday to recover from their holiday?

Those are the kiasu people who try to cram every single activity possible into their short holiday, at the expense of sleep, just to get their money’s worth.

And end up feeling so shagged out by the time they get home that they just want to go to sleep for the next 48 hours without waking up.

But they can’t because they have to go to work the next day, which is like five hours away.

So, my friends and I kind of fell under this category of people when we went to Kuala Lumpur over the Christmas weekend.

The nine of us started the drive up at three in the morning and arrived at eight. Over the following three days, we ate four meals a day and packed the hours between with shopping, clubbing and driving (lots of driving around to get to places with to-die-for food).

For three days, we did nothing except rush from point A to point B to buy everything we wanted to buy and eat everything we wanted to eat.

We were so pressed for time that we even missed the Christmas countdown. At 12 midnight, we were all still in our respective hotel rooms scrambling about to wrap our Christmas presents for each other for our Secret Santa game.

People are so funny, you know, the way we stress ourselves over nothing.

In retrospect, though, our stress was well worth it because, in between, there were many pockets of fun.

We laughed, we cried, we suffered the usual holiday ailments of sore throat, gastritis, diarrhea and impatience, we chewed each other up over punctuality (men, tsk), we laughed some more, and we bonded.

One of the most powerful simple pleasures in life is laughing at inane things with people you love. And I mean the kind of laugher that makes you cry because your stomach hurts from laughing too much.

Despite all the crazy rushing and lack of sleep, this is one of the best Christmas celebrations I’ve ever experienced.

Except that it’s not the Christmas. It’s the people.

To my delinquent friends of Studygroup, thank you for everything.

What happened to Christmas?

Christmas is kinda pathetic in Singapore.

It’s never like in the movies. Snow, cosy fireplace, heartwarming Christmas dinner with loved ones, all very sweet and touching. Spirit of Christmas and all that.

Christmas in Singapore is last-minute squeezing in the malls, traffic jam on Orchard Road because every dog and his grandmother wants to see Christmas lights (never see before ah?), and people ringing bells in your face because they think that will move you to donate to charity.

It’s all stress.

Christmas was something I looked forward to as a kid because my brother and I would find big heaps of presents at the foot of our beds when we woke up on Christmas morning. And there’d be a lot of hooha, which was kind of fun.

That tradition stopped when we grew up and outgrew all that Santa Claus nonsense. Now, Christmas is just another public holiday. Another chance to hang out with friends and do something no different from what we already do most weekends.

So, I don’t know. It feels weird getting excited over Christmas now because when Christmas finally comes, you find that there’s nothing there to justify all that excitement.

You go to a disco, you dance like you do every other weekend, you count down, you wish everyone around you a merry Christmas. That’s it.

Or you have a dinner party, you wine and dine like you do every so often, you count down, you wish everyone around you a merry Christmas. Maybe you exchange presents and find that you’ve received yet another photo frame. “Oooh just what I wanted, darling!”

That’s it. I don’t know why people make a big deal over that.

So, this year, I’m going away with my friends. Not too far, just a little bit up north because I don’t exactly have a travel budget.

I’m going on a short vacation not because it’s Christmas, but because this weekend happens to be a long weekend for working folks so it’s possible for my friends to get away.

So I’m leaving, like, now.

Which means I won’t be blogging the next three days or so.


Anyhow, despite what I’ve said, I do believe there are Singaporeans for whom Christmas is special and enchanting. To you, I say, “Have yourself a merry little Christmas.”

And peace forever more.

Aww… nothing to read for three days.