I’m very stressed now

Tomorrow is the last weekday left before Chinese New Year and I haven’t gone to the bank to change money! Okay, I don’t have many people to give ang pows to, just parents and nieces, but still need new notes wat!!

I haven’t finished buying my CNY clothes. I haven’t done any spring cleaning. In fact, I haven’t cleaned my room in half a year. I’ll bet there are micro-communities living underneath the pile of junk on my desk now.

I still haven’t cleared all my e-mails, which have now reached the 3,000 mark.

I haven’t played GTA4 this whole week cos I’ve been so busy.

I haven’t finished all my work today. I still have a blog to write, messages to reply and Xbox duty in less than an hour’s time.

Tomorrow: Staying home to do GGF.

Saturday: Visiting a Children’s Home (organised by blog reader Darz). Speaking of which, anyone wants to join us to help spread some CNY cheer to 82 underprivileged kids? E-mail me. We need to submit confirmed numbers, like, now.

(Update: The trip has been postponed because it’s a bit too last minute. Many people aren’t free due to CNY, the Home director needs details of visitors in advance, and Darz has medical orders to stay home. Thanks for the interest. Will update you guys on this again!)

Sunday: Writing Star Blog entry. Then reunion dinner. Then our annual temple visit party. Then no sleep for the night. Then it’s CNY!! ARGGGH!