Hello Nanny Wen

Nanny Wen is a weirdo.

But she’s a sweet weirdo because she made me lunch and brought it to my house today (she lives about 10 minutes’ walk away).

Let me start from the beginning.

A few months ago, while we were hanging out at McDonald’s one day, she got a cut on a finger or something like that. Of course, I offered her a plaster. They call me Mini Watsons because I carry something for every emergency in a little pouch.

I said, “I got plaster. You want?”

Nanny Wen stared at me for three seconds before shaking her head with a doubtful expression on her face.

“Your plaster Hello Kitty one. I dowan.”

“What’s wrong with Hello Kitty plaster?? It’s expensive okay!”

*shake head*

Fast forward a month or so.

We were riding down an escalator when she got another cut or something, I can’t remember.

I said, “You want Hello Kitty plaster?”


I don’t know what’s up with her. A plaster is a plaster is a plaster wat. Especially when you have a wound needing to be protected. So what’s wrong with Hello Kitty?

Fast forward again. Back to today.

She brought me lunch in a MANGO paper bag. When I looked inside, what do I see?


She who rejected my Hello Kitty plasters owns a Hello Kitty lunch box! Hah.

Actually, she also owns a Hello Kitty umbrella, which she carried to my house some weeks back when it was raining.

In her own defence, she said, “Plasters are permanently stuck on you wat. Lunch box can hide one corner, nobody can see.”


Well, regardless, she’s a sweet and talented weirdo. Her chicken rice was yummy.

She’s now sleeping on my bed when she should be studying.

Sweet, talented, naughty weirdo. Tsk.