What’s so good about Marutama?

The last time I blogged about Ramen Santouka, I received recommendations for two outlets that are supposedly better — Tampopo and Marutama.

Marutama Ramen

I tried Tampopo. I think Santouka is still better.

I tried Marutama. I think Santouka is still better!

Still, I was impressed by Marutama for its free-flow fried garlic.

Marutama Ramen

I am very embarrased to say that our guys finished the whole container and then some. We had to ask for another.

Marutama Ramen

People told me I had to try the chashu if I ever ate there, so I ordered the Marutama Ramen (non-spicy chicken broth with basic ingredients) and added extra toppings of chashu and seasoned boiled egg.

Marutama Ramen

The chashu is, indeed, very good, comparable to Santouka’s. Melt-in-your-mouth, buttery, utterly sinful.

But the soup and ramen are terrible.

The soup has a thick, frothy texture, which makes you feel like the inside of your mouth is bubbling all the time. The taste is mediocre, quite salty, and I wouldn’t want to have it again.

The ramen texture is really blah.

Marutama Ramen

It doesn’t have the firm QQ-ness that I love in ramen but I suppose it’s still edible. It’s mainly the soup that spoils it for me.

Oh, and there’s all that dodgy green stringy stuff which really spoils it. I don’t know what it is! It has the colour of spinach, the texture of seaweed and the taste of slop.

If I were to visit Marutama again, I’d order the grilled chashu. It’s good! But it’s quite salty so eating it by itself is not advisable.

Marutama Ramen

We shared a bunch of other side dishes but nothing did it for me. Probably my favourite thing that night was the seasoned boiled egg. Haha. I love boiled eggs in Japanese restaurants. They always do it so well!

Stewed pork leg (or something):

Marutama Ramen

Mediocre. The chashu is definitely better.

Stewed radish:

Marutama Ramen

I didn’t like it because I found that the sauce tasted weird. But Minou loved it.

Sweet omelette:

Marutama Ramen

Doesn’t have the fragrant eggy taste I love in tamago. It doesn’t taste bad but doesn’t taste too good, either. Texture fail, because it feels like the egg has been folded onto itself layer by layer and each layer is kinda thin and dry.


Marutama Ramen

LOL. Just trying to show how popular the place is. The queue was neverending. I really dunno why. The ramen not very nice leh? All my friends agreed that Santouka is much better.

The queue:

Marutama Ramen

Despite our visit to Marutama not being too satisfactory, I don’t regret eating there. It’s good to be able to say you’ve tried it, especially when people won’t stop raving about it!

Marutama Ramen

Everyone says the logo looks like a basketball. It’s a stylised Japanese character, pronounced “tama”, which has a zillion definitions but mainly meaning ball or jewel.

(It’s also the Chinese word for jade.)

And here are the addresses cos I know people sure ask!!

Marutama Ra-Men
#03-09/91 The Central

Ramen Santouka

#02-76 The Central