The biggest pink party in Singapore!


Cervical cancer, take that! *POW*

So, continuing the fight with cervical cancer, POCC (Power Over Cervical Cancer) will be throwing the biggest pink party in Singapore, at Zouk next saturday!

I can’t wait! It’s going to be a full day of excitement starting with an afternoon bazaar (yes, at Zouk, too), followed by a night of fun, fun partying!

The bazaar with start at 12 pm. POCC ambassadors and celebrities will donate items for sale at the bazaar stalls, so expect to find lots of interesting goodies!

I’m donating a big bundle of stylish, fashionable watches for sale. Come and grab some! Limited edition, only one piece per design! ;)


You don’t just have to be a shopper. You can rent a stall and put up items for sale, too!

[Register for a stall at POCC Pink Bazaar here]

Do it quickly to reserve your space. Yes, this is open for everyone!

The bazaar ends at 6 pm so you’ll have plenty of time for shopping! At 8:30 pm, the real party starts. 1,000 goodie bags are up for grabs at the party!

(Psst! You really want one of those goodies bags because in each bag is an exclusive, limited edition POCC wristlet specially designed by international label Muiik!)

POCC wristlet

Expect to be entertained by a magic show, a stunning pole fitness performance and a “Fashion Walk” by POCC ambassadors.

Yes, I’m part of that. I can’t give you the details now. Come and see for yourself!

[Grab a ticket for POCC Pink Party here]

You’re highly encouraged to come dressed in pink or teal (POCC official colours) to show your support for the fight against cervical cancer.

I really, really can’t wait to see how it will turn out. Surrounded by all that pink. Such happiness!

POCC Pink Party

Which brings me to a more serious note.

This will be a fun and happening party, yes, but it comes with an earnest message. And it’s not just for the girls.


The message is that we can totally prevent cervical cancer from happening to ourselves and our loved ones. This cancer claims the lives of one to two women every five days in Singapore.

That’s like 100 lives a year unnecessarily wasted. WE have the power to reduce this number to 0. We do. By learning about the ways to prevent cervical cancer.

That’s why this is not only for the ladies. Men also have female loved ones to protect, so you can play a part by telling your loved ones about this!

One of the ways to prevent cervical cancer is to receive a vaccine against the HPV virus (which causes the cancer). The recommended age to start being vaccinated is 12 because girls of that age can be infected by the HPV virus.

But it’s okay if you weren’t vaccinated at 12. Females of all ages should consider getting the vaccine. It’s just that the earlier you do it, the earlier you are protected. Don’t wait till it’s too late.

I just got mine!

In response to the POCC call for action, I made Nanny Wen get the vaccine together with me! We decided to go to Karri Family Clinic, the one owned by Dr Leslie Tay from because we know his clinic offers the vaccination against cervical cancer.


He’s such a kind, friendly doctor, so the first thing we did was to admit our fear of injections.

He said with a cheeky smile, “Well, it can be painful if you want it to be, or it can be painless. Your choice.”


So, I sat down and said, “Of course I want it painless. How?”


He started shaking up the muscles on my shoulder and arm, all the while chatting with me and Nanny Wen.

“First, you have to loosen up the muscles… blah blah.”


And then, while he was still talking, I suddenly felt a quick little prick in my upper arm and it was over.

Dr Tay is cool. He has apparently mastered the art of distracting patients while administering injections so that it’s hardly painful.

So, when it was Nanny Wen’s turn to get the jab, she, too, got surprised by it even though she already knew his trick.

That was very good. We both got our first cervical cancer vaccination without much trauma. It was even a little fun. Haha.

(This is me being a bit scared before it all started.)

We’ll need to get two more jabs, one a month later and another six months after that. Then we’re protected for life! =)

It takes so little to protect yourself from cervical cancer. Seriously. Please help spread this message to protect the women you care for! Don’t forget yourself, too. (More info on cervical cancer here.)

Oops, that was a rather long sidetrack. Let’s get back to talking about the really fun stuff!

Well, the POCC Pink Party’s not till next Saturday. In the meantime, you can get ready for it by getting a spa treatment!

3,000 spa vouchers by Subtle Senses worth $160 each will be given away to the first 3,000 people who pledge their support for the cause!

[Pledge your support and get a spa voucher here]

POCC - Subtle Senses

While you’re at it, do also head over to the POCC website to pledge your support there.

[Pledge your support at POCC website here]

POCC aims to have 20,000 pledges. Please help us reach that figure! You can help by clicking at the Pledge button at the bottom of the page!

Pledge support for POCC

Thank you for your support. I hope to see you at the POCC Pink Party!

POCC PINK PARTY will be held at Zouk on Saturday, July 24, 2010.
Bazaar 12 pm – 6 pm
Party 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm

And don’t forget the important message. Stay protected!