Chat with me on SAFRA Celebritalk

Wanna chat with me, people?

Come join me at the SAFRA Celebritalk on Facebook tomorrow at 2 pm!


SAFRA Celebritalk


I will be heading down to SAFRA Yishun where we will do a “live” video streaming of me chatting with fans on the SAFRA Facebook fan page.

Whenever I think of SAFRA Yishun, I think of rock climbing. Haha. So miss it. Nanny Wen and I haven’t gone climbing since we did our Level 1 certification cos it’s a bit hard for us to coordinate our timings, especially since we’ve both been travelling a lot recently, sometimes with each other, sometimes without.

Anyway, please come join in the chat tomorrow! :) You get to ask me all the questions you’ve been wanting to ask!

But be kind, okay? LOL.