These kittens will cute you to death

They’re YouTube superstars. They each have over 1.4 million views.

Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined such cuteness existed before I first saw this video.

Awwwww. This kitty will steal your heart in a heartbeat.

I’ve never actually heard of Munchkins before. I wonder if we can find any in Singapore.

Through this video, I also found another breed which I’ve never seen or heard of, which is totally as cute as the Munchkin, if not cuter.

The Scottish Fold.

Aaaaah the eyes, the eyes, they kill!

It looks like a Gremlin! And it apparently fits onto the palm of your hand, too.

I so totally want either of them!

By the way, I image googled munchkin and scottish fold. These two kitties in the vids definitely win all prizes among their breed.

Cutest pair of pussies

I spotted this pair of pussies chilling out at a HDB carpark.

They were living it up, waiting for milk and cookies to be served, waiting for little kitten slaves to come fan them.

This little one is super attitude and lazy:

He never moved his body an inch the whole time I was there taking photographs. He only turned his head to look at me.

After a while, he couldn’t even be bothered with me, not even when I went nearer to take a closer shot. He looked away as a glazed look came over his eyes. Continued chilling out under the warm evening sun.

His partner was a little more edgy. He busied himself checking out stationary cars, scratching himself and stretching languorously.

Well, I don’t actually know for a fact that both are male. I’m hopeless at biology and I’m not in the habit of checking out the private parts of animals. They just both look male to me because males are typically more lazy!

Hahaha. Any chance for male bashing.

Of course, I realise that it’s ironical to call them pussies and then claim that they’re male. (People who only know one definition of the word pussy will certainly pick up on this.)

But irony is what makes the world go round.

Actually, it’s not, but who’s noticing?

I would take a lesson from these pussies:

The world is your living room. Chill out.

How to photograph hyperactive pets

I just have to share this cute little kitten.

It’s not mine. I met it at a coffee shop where I was having dinner and it was so delightful I had to take pictures of it despite the darkness.



I know it’s dark and my camera is lousy (no flash lah, I using night vision mode) but will you just look at the adorable anime melty eyes?

The kitten very obligingly posed for pictures while I snapped at it nonstop. It is so unlike Scruffy, who would charge at the camera like a crazed hyena every time I so much as point it in his direction, even when I’m, like, a hundred metres away.

He’s a very enthusiastic doggy.

Cutey Kitty got a little excited during the photoshoot and tried to climb up my seat. And there it remained, perched cutely on the edge of the chair, until I could get a good, clear shot. (Ok lah I know it’s not clear it’s blur but it’s night lah can.)

I wish I could take it home. But I’m afraid Scruffy would eat it.

Scruffy the Lunch Thief eats anything he can get his paws on. In fact, the only way you can take a photo of Scruffy without having your camera mugged is to distract him with food or, in fact, anything, because Scruffy thinks everything is food.

Alternatively, you can trick him by scratching his belly while taking his picture because he can’t multi-task, so he can either enjoy his belly rub or he can try to eat the camera, his choice.

Or you could put him on the Goonfather’s belly while the Goonfather is lounging on his bigass executive chair playing Spider Solitaire, and then attract his attention by talking about milk sticks, beef jerkies and chewy bones.

I meant attract Scruffy’s attention, of course, not the Goonfather’s.

Scruffy is trapped on the Goonfather’s belly and doesn’t dare jump off because he’s afraid of heights.


So there you go. Stay tuned for more lessons on tricking your pet into posing for photographs, which could be some time in the next millennium because I have returned my i-mode phone to StarHub so I shall be cameraless until I strike Toto and have enough money to buy a new camera or until I land a digital camera endorsement and get a free camera (yeah dream on).

In parting, Scruffy says: “Cameras taste weird.”