Minou the kitty hates her bootie

Minou the Ragdoll kitty is Minou my friend’s namesake. Yes, it’s confusing when someone names herself after her pet.



Anyway, today’s post is about Minou the kitty.

She recently scratched herself bloody at her neck and had to wear a cone to prevent herself from continuously scratching at the wound.


She really hated it and would bite through it whenever no one was looking. I’m not quite sure how she did it but according to Minou (the person), she managed to destroy, like, two cones.

So they bought her booties, instead.

Minou's booties

Pet booties come in fours, obviously, but pictured here are only three because Minou managed to shake one off and hide it so that no one could find it.

(She was only made to wear one, on the paw that wouldn’t stop scratching the wound.)

The booties are so cute, so here are more pictures of them!

Minou's booties

Minou's booties

Minou's booties

Minou grumbles while Minou puts a bootie on her:

Minou's booties

Minou is resigned to her fate:

Minou's booties

She hates the booties and would sulk and mew pitifully and walk funny when she’s wearing one.

She keeps trying to shake it off!


She’d walk awkwardly for a minute and then sit down to sulk, propping the bootied paw awkwardly against the floor.


(Behind her are cartons for her clawing pleasure.)

She tries a few things. Besides sitting and sulking, she also tries gazing at you pitifully to tell you that she doesn’t like wearing a bootie.



But we only smile at her indulgently and tell her how cute she looks.

So she walks off to sulk some more.


We leave her alone and go play our game.

An hour later, we check on her and her bootie is gone! Again!

That’s the second lost bootie. She only has two left, last I was there.

I think she’s mighty pleased with herself!


Fat, grumpy cat

Today’s post is dedicated to Elyxia because Elyxia loves fat, grumpy cats.

Here’s a fat, grumpy cat.

Fat, grumpy cat was moonbathing near a void deck.

It made me think of Elyxia, who has funny taste in animals.

She also loves short, stumpy dogs.


I has no peekture of corgi because corgi iz not vagabonding type.

You can image google it yourself.

Baby corgis are super cute, but adult corgis look weird, is my opinion.

When Elyxia returns to Singapore and buys a cat and a dog in the future, she will no doubt give them some cutesy name or other, but I will call them Grumpy and Stumpy.

Elyxia has been in Hong Kong for about nine months, for work.

I can’t say, “Please come back soon,” because that’ll be like telling her, “Please quit your job.”

So, all I can say is, “Boo hoo. I miss you.”

The cat that fell 10 storeys

At a cast party last night, an actress was telling us how her cat had fallen off her second-floor balcony, broken its limbs and cost her $2,500 in surgical fees.

Then, another actor piped in and told us how his friend’s cat once fell 10 storeys and didn’t even get so much as a scratch.

This friend became really proud of his supercat and started going around bragging about how his cat survived the amazing drop.

One day, he invited his friends over to watch Supercat in action.

With everyone crowded in his 10th floor balcony, this crazy person threw his cat off the balcony.

The cat died.

Everyone was stunned and the owner cried.

Well, just thought you guys might appreciate a morbid tale to start your week off.

Have a great one.

Cat on the shelf

Mr Cat, Mr Cat, why are you hanging out with the merchandise?

Do you like the feel of the cold, hard steel?

Or are you just trying to make a statement?

I wish I knew what you’re thinking.

Are you dreaming of tuna and parakeets?

Or are you dreaming of ways to bully the neighbourhood dog?

Mr Cat, but Mr Cat…

Why are you sleeping with the merchandise?