Having fun at the DIY car wash

Here’s a post about Piers washing his car. It’s very entertaining for me to take photos of him while he’s hard at work.


Piers washing his car


He usually takes his car to the automatic car wash but it’s hay fever season now and the trees in his car park are raining down pollen and leaves on a daily basis, making it stupid to spend £5 to wash it only to have it coated in gunk again the very next day.

Sometimes he gets a tree-free parking lot and his car is safe. But sometimes he doesn’t.

Sometimes the car gets only leaves, which is not so bad because they blow off. But sometimes it gets wind-and-rain-resistant pollen and the whole darn thing turns yellow.

(Sorry, don’t have a photo of the pollen version.)


Piers' car


So, we’d been driving around in a yellow car for almost a month before he finally got tired of it and decided to take the car to the DIY car wash, which he’d never used before and always wanted to try.

It’s a lot cheaper and looks somewhat fun. You put £1 in a machine and it gives you whatever you want, out of two hoses (shampoo, foam, wax, water, etc), for something like two minutes.


Car wash


If you’re not done by the time it runs out, you put more money in. Piers completed his wash in under £2.

It was really funny because he was trying to do it as fast as possible, and I wasn’t helping by hopping around to take photos from different angles while at the same time trying to avoid the foam and water splashing off the car.

Well, I helped by occasionally shouting out the time remaining, to keep Piers on the ball.

Foaming up the car:


Car wash


Car wash


Spray rinsing it:


Car wash


Car wash


It looked like he enjoyed it and might do it again.

The next day, when we drove back from the supermarket and he couldn’t get a tree-free parking lot, he started grumbling about the pollen situation again.

So I said, “You get to go to the DIY wash again.”

He didn’t say anything but maybe his eyes lit up a bit.

Let me wash your car (charity event)

I was chatting with my friends in EverQuest II just the other day when the Goonfather said, “Hey, let’s go somewhere during the Vesak Day long weekend.”

Everyone got excited and starting talking at once, making plans. It’s very easy to get Club Morte excited, especially about long weekends.

EverQuest II

It was hard for me to get a word in and be heard, since we were virtual voice chatting, hence getting attention via waving of arms was an impossibility. The only recourse was to be a broken record.

I was, like, “Wait wait wait!”


There was finally a moment in which I could interject: “I’m not free on May 29!”

There was a shocked silence as if I had just told them that the server was going to come down in 10 minutes.

EverQuest II

I said, “I’m attending a charity event! Who wants to come?”

“What stupid event are you attending again?” said the Goonfather, half his bubble burst.

“It’s a carnival and car wash for Operation Smile,” I said. “You can come have your car washed.”

“Zzzz,” he said.

“Your car will be washed by JC girls,” I added innocently.


I know exactly how to pull his strings.

Anyway, this event is really happening and I am appealing for everyone to support it with your attendance!

Carnival and Car Wash @ Dempsey

Operation Smile is a charity dedicated to helping children and young adults born with deformed lips and palates in third world countries who otherwise have no resources for seeking treatment.

Read my blog about it here.

On May 29, 2010, the Hwa Chong Institution Operation Smile Student Chapter will be holding a fun fundraising event suitable for family and friends. All proceeds will go to Operation Smile!

Carnival and Car Wash @ Dempsey

I will be there to live blog and help with the car washing.

Besides the car wash, there will be food and drinks, games and rides, and performances by local artistes. There will also be a vintage car drive for cleft lip patients and a dunking machine (not to dunk patients but to dunk Hwa Chong luminaries).

Carnival and Car Wash @ Dempsey

Student volunteers will wash your car for $10, using US-imported materials sponsored by 3M. For $2 more, you can opt to receive an extra gloss enhancer.

In case you have disabled images and can’t see the posters, here are the details:

Family Carnival and Carwash @ Dempsey Hill
May 29, 2010
11 am till 6 pm
Demsey Hill Blocks 8 and 9 carpark

For more information, check out the website. And Facebook!

Hope to see you there cos it’s gonna be fun!

Club Morte will be there. On pain of death.

EverQuest II

Wash your car now!

Let’s get all our cars sparkly clean for Chinese New Year!

The Goonfather just went and got Makkuro washed at my friend’s car wash setup, hehe. (Yes, we painted Makkuro pearl white, he’s no longer black.)

My friend, Isaiah, with his crazy bunch of friends, are washing cars tonight from 11pm to 3am. ALL PROFITS WILL GO TO CHARITY.

Car Wash

Car Wash

That’s Isaiah doing the tyres, haha.

It’s open to everyone. Just drive to 963 Upper Serangoon Road. (It’s behind Punggol Nasi Lemak coffee shop.)

Car Wash

Tell Isaiah Sheylara sent you! Go go go and happy Chinese New Year to all! Be prosperous and healthy and all that! =)

(Remember, only open from 11pm tonight till 3am.)

Update: Forgot to add. The car wash costs $6!

These balls were made for eating

I haven’t done a food post in a while because I’m getting bored with photographing my food before eating.

But my blog feels hungry today, so I went to dig up some old food pictures. Haha.

[You're hungry]

This fine-looking specimen of epicurean delight is, unfortunately, only available in KL, Malaysia.

I know, I’m kinda evil.

[You're getting hungrier]

I don’t know what they call this dish exactly (because my friend did all the ordering) but it’s self-made noodles and also comes in soup form.

[You're now thirsty]

The good news is that it’s not really that nice (to me) so I don’t think you’ll miss much if you don’t get to eat it.

It’s not horrible. It’s just normal tasting. But, for some reason, it’s very very popular with the locals. They drive miles to come to this backwater place just to wait 45 minutes for their food. No kidding.

[They ran out of umbrellas very quickly]

[Some people didn't get umbrellas]

Since we had to wait so long for our food, I engaged in the only entertainment available at that time and place.



But it was so windy and the wind was threatening to turn me into Sadako so I stopped. I went to check out the other entertainment, instead.

[It was his turn to take a bath]

LOL. There’s a car wash service just beside the noodle place. Motorists can have their car washed for a few ringgit while they sit around waiting for their food.

Not too shabby, is it?

While most people flock to the place for the noodles, what I found really good was the side dish:

[Many people lost their balls that day]

These are to-die-for, to-queue-up-for pork balls. Best pork balls I’ve eaten. I will wait 45 minutes for them, especially when they come with a complimentary jar of a very disgusting looking chilli concoction.

[But the tongue burning was worth it]

It doesn’t look that awful after you scoop it out into a little dish and hide the jar.

[The dish trembled at the strength of the chilli]

The chilli’s very hot (you can feel it burning the moment it touches your tongue) but it tastes damn good. You can’t stop dipping your balls in the chilli even when it starts killing you.

Well, my Malaysian friend said not to tell anyone the address of this place because he says waiting 45 minutes for his noodles is enough for him and he doesn’t want to have to wait 90 minutes.


But I’ll offer a clue. Here’s a road sign:

[It was a bright and beautiful day]

The road leads to the food place… eventually.

It’s only a little way in lah.

Shit, I just hate doing food posts. Now I’m hungry again.