My camera broke while I was camwhoring

Yah, okay, don’t laugh.

I wish it were a joke. You know, one of those “you’re so ugly you broke your camera lens” jokes.

But it’s not a joke and it’s true. My camera broke while I was camwhoring.

You know how sometimes I perch my camera somewhere to do timered self-portraits? So, yesterday, I was doing one of those. There was just one moment I didn’t balance it properly and it slipped and fell from a height of about 1.5 metres. Onto a rock hard floor.

The LCD screen cracked and I could see fluid flowing out through the cracks (although it was all contained within the casing).

Two minutes later, the screen blackened and my Lumix became a brick.

The Goonfather is upset because he had bought it for me as a birthday present two years ago, to replace a camera I had carelessly lost while at a film shoot. The camera I had lost, incidentally, was a present from an ex-boyfriend.

There seems to be some kind of pattern here involving me and cameras and boyfriends. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to compile any further data on this subject because I have run out of boyfriends to receive cameras from. I mean, I quite like the Goonfather and I don’t want to find a new partner just so I can have a third boyfriend give me a third camera, even if purely for the sake of scientific research.

So, that means either the Goonfather has to buy me another camera, which he won’t because he now believes I’m a health hazard to cameras, or I’ll have to buy it myself. Which is a bit of a problem because I’m going to buy a mini laptop at Comex today, that is, I’m going to be broke.

In other words, I’m fugged.

I feel handicapped and naked without a camera. And you’re reading this wall of text because I have no camera to camwhore pictures of me looking sad for your viewing enjoyment, which is somewhat an ironical statement because I wouldn’t need to photograph myself looking sad if I had a camera to photograph myself in the first place.

Let’s see how long I can last before I crack and start pawning my neopets off to pay for a new camera.

Um… anyone wants to buy 28 slightly used but very cute neopet plushies?