Attending Club Stomp Singles Party

Last month, I attended my first Stomp event as a Star Blogger.

It was the Club Stomp Singles Party and I was almost late because I couldn’t decide whether to pin my hair up.

I took some photos to help me decide, because you always get a different perspective from still pictures.

It didn’t really help. I looked and looked and looked and still couldn’t decide.

Finally, I left my hair unpinned by default because I suddenly realised that I would have been late if I had tried to pin it up again.

All that trouble over nothing.

It was quite a cool party, a night for Club Stomp members to have fun and meet new people.

Me and fellow Star Bloggers Jamie Yeo and Jane Lee were tasked with being team leaders and cheerleaders for the group games.

Stomp editor Serene, Jamie & me.

The games were really fun. There was a beer drinking competition, a dance-off and a Mr & Miss Single crowning. I wish I could have taken part because the prizes were really cool. Haha.

First, though, I got myself a tattoo at the makeshift spray tattoo parlour.

My tattoo!! It lasted only two days.

I’ve always wanted a permanent tattoo but I can never make up my mind what picture I want and where I want it. Plus I’m squeamish about needles.

I didn’t take many photos that night because there was an official Stomp photographer as well as cute models going around taking Polaroid shots for people.

See, I got this, but I forgot to take it home.

This was also the last photo I took for the night before the festivities began.

If you want to see more photos, they’re here.

Okay, bimbotic post quota filled for the month.

Tomorrow, I shall talk about Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and wave-particle duality in quantum physics.

Yah, right.

Have a great weekend!

Hobnobbing with famous-people-to-be

Last Saturday, one of my short films finally saw the light of day (actually, night), 16 months after production. It was screened publicly (ok, not that publicly since it was a private event) at the Butter Factory for cast and crew and friends.

The film is called The Trainee and it’s gone around the world in film festivals before arriving in Singapore for its debut screening. That’s kind of cool, is it not?

My co-star Sunny Pang is also really cool. He was in the movie, Perth, and he’s also going to be acting in like a zillion feature films this year so I think he’s someone to watch out for.

His hair has grown longer while mine has seen some shrinkage since we last met.

This was taken in September 2005 at the location set of The Trainee, which I blogged about in my ancient old blog but it’s kind of a too-long entry, so don’t check it out if you’re a restless sort of person.

Director Craig Rosenthal was at his humorous best on Saturday night with his opening speech. I shan’t tell you what it’s about, except that he thanked the people he needed to thank while talking about sex, which was wildly entertaining.

I think Craig made a really great film with a local flavour, an astounding accomplishment considering that he’s not local and he doesn’t speak Mandarin and Hokkien, which were the main languages for the film.

I don’t know how he did that!

Maybe he did it with the expert help of super producer Adriane (picture, right).

I’m still waiting for Adriane to give me my next job because the production house he works at has lots of cool jobs. Haha. Anyway, he’s been a great friend, besides being a wonderful producer who doesn’t have to yell to get things done, so I have a lot of faith in him.

Well, this is all very sad. I miss the production. Short films are really heartbreaking to act in. They’re too… short. I need to get myself checked into a long film or like a drama series which goes on forever.

This is a super busy week for me. One more week till production for Hole in the Wall starts and I’m not prepared. Things getting crazy at day job front, with projects piling up and getting bottle-necked.

You know what, I just came into a pseudo eureka type revelation:

Some blogs get to be really long because the writer can’t think of a way to end the entry gracefully, so they just ramble on until an end jumps out at them.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Well, anyway, I’m feeling very hyper now so I’m going to put on my ballet shoes and do a silly dance.