Fucktard neighbours

If I had a gun, I’d walk over to my neighbour’s house and start shooting me some people.

Farking asinine maggot farts! Must they do the loud stuff at 9.30 in the morning? It’s not enough that they’ve been renovating their uglyshit house for MONTHS already, they have to start their power sawing and power drilling at bloody NINE in the MORNING when there are people just one wall away still in happy dreamland. And not just once, not just twice, but, like, EVERY OTHER BLOODY DAY. For MONTHS!

I swear if I had a gun, I’d go shoot all their sorry asses and put holes in all their property.

Maybe that’s why guns are outlawed in Singapore. But I think the government should, instead, outlaw inconsiderate people with fart for brains.

When the fark are they going to finish their stupid renovations it’s not like they live in a farking palace for fark’s sake. Bloody monkey ass retards.

Now they’ve put me in such a bad mood I can’t work on my Shakespeare monologues for this Saturday’s audition. And I was taken out by gastric flu the whole of Tuesday and half of Wednesday. All that precious time gone!! How to go audition like that?! Life is so fucked up I don’t see why I shouldn’t just shoot myself.

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A gun, a gun, my kingdom for a GUN!

Can someone give me a gun for Christmas? (And a box of bullets.) And I mean a real gun, all you bloody jokers.

And they’re still farking drilling away. FARKING LOUD LAH!!!

Bloody neighbours.