Selfies and update on Nuffnang UK competition

I have decided to start off with a bunch of selfies so you will feel inclined to read this post. (Because otherwise you won’t. Don’t try to console me with a pretty white lie; I know you won’t; the internet is an uncaring, cruel beast who only wants to look at selfies.)

So, selfies.


Sheylara selfies






Cute, pretty Daphne


Sorry, I just had to include that last photo because Daphne is so cute!

Anyway, now that you’ve been tricked into encouraged to start reading this post, you might as well continue.

Because, today, I am updating you on the Nuffnang UK Blogger Competition, for which I had posted a most pitiful appeal in order to coax you into taking part in the competition with me.

Full of trickery, I am.

Nonetheless, it was a good idea for I have won!

It was a really fun competition and I honestly wouldn’t have minded if I hadn’t won because I had a lot of fun taking part in it and I so enjoyed reading the entries that my friends and readers sent in.

But that is moot since I did win.

Here’s my exciting prize, a blogger survival kit!


Blogger survival kit


How wonderful is that? I can picture the UK Nuffies putting the kit together lovingly. There are four winners in the competition so they’ve had to prepare four sets and write four love pep talk letters!

Thank you, Nuffnang UK, for the fun and the love and the awesomesaurus blogger survival kit!

And now.

I’d also like to thank you guys who helped me with the competition. You guys are awesomesaurus, too!


Thank you for taking the time to think up answers to the sometimes quite challenging challenge questions. Your answers made me smile and laugh!

Without you, I am nothing! Without you, I am a blogger without readers! Without you, I can just laze around at home all day and play games instead of blog!

Okay, that’s all I need to say. You can go now!

But don’t forgot to come back again in a couple of days for my next post. It’s going to be… (secret)!

Actually, I don’t even know yet. That’s how ridiculous I am. Come back and find out! ;)