Nuffnang UK challenge update

Yes! My infograph was a huge success!

Seven people saw it and took pity on me! :D

They helped me take part in the first Nuffnang UK challenge by answering this question, “If was a film, which would it be and why?”


Lovely tweets from lovely people


Thank you so much! I love all your answers! :)

Honestly, I was expecting only one response. Maybe two, at the most, if I count Piers, lol. Because I’ve noticed that it’s really, really difficult to get people to response to any social media stuff these days cos there’s just too much activity going on everywhere. So I’m very grateful to you peeps!


Well, the second challenge is up!


2nd Nuffnang UK challenge


I wonder where they’re heading with these kinda questions! I feel embarrassed asking them!

But please tweet an answer, anyway!

Closing date is end of Thursday (midnight) GMT!

Thank you sooooooooooo much!


How can I ever repay you?


I’m sorry there is no infographic today. Haha. I’ve been busy working on my blog redesign and drawings!

So maybe I’ll only have one response for this, if I’m lucky.

Will I?

Bloggers have fun with HP TouchSmart PC (and camwhoring)

I’ve got another long, dizzy day ahead of me, so this is going to be a pictorial.

Yet another blogger party! Hosted by HP last night, we were given a sneak preview of the latest HP TouchSmart PC.

It’s a full touch screen PC. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Design and interface very sleek, reminiscent of the iPhone. Very fun to use. Will impress the chicks if you’re the sort who likes to bring ’em home.


Nic scrolling through photos with his hand.

HP product manager showing us how to reduce and enlarge windows.

Kinda like digital post-its.

This was fun! I wrote this note directly on the screen, which explains the lame handwriting. It was a weird angle to write lah!

You can also draw pictures. But I don’t know who would want to draw pictures on the screen with their fingers. I mean as a regular hobby. It’s okay if you’re doing it for the novelty.

The screen where all your notes get displayed. Can you see mine?

Nic’s right hand playing touch screen chess.

Me and Precious posing in front of the HP TouchSmart PC.

Michael and Peter filming a segment for The Geek Goddess Show.

Estee interviewed me about the “post-it” thingies! I hope Mic trims away all the bimbotic parts.

Oh no! I have no photos of Estee!

Free-flow food and alcohol at Brotzeit, VivoCity! Nic and Precious dig in.

Me, Nic and Precious.

Me and Nicole.

Our photo on the TouchSmart!

One of the HP reps decided to upload our photo onto the PC to demonstrate some of the photo features.

Dragging borders to crop a photo.

Crop size decided.


Later in the day, some smart person decided to make us a wallpaper.

We’ve been wallpapered.

The screen looks a bit dodgy because of the reflection of the lit glass cabinets facing the PC.

Peter gets wallpapered next!

This is a funny picture! It’s a photo of Peter posing beside the PC, which then got uploaded onto the same PC and set as wallpaper.

Someone thought it was funny to give him clocks for eyes.


We couldn’t stop laughing!!!!!!

Peter with normal eyes

So here’s Peter posing with the PC displaying a wallpaper of him posing with the same PC.


Having more fun moving Peter’s features around (not me!).

Desktop shortcut for eyes!!! LOLOLOL.

Me and nadnut together with our Pimp Daddy, Daryl.

Jerrick, DK, me and Daryl.

What a fun party!

These parties are killing me. Heh.

Not enough sleep. =(

Sorry if I haven’t replied your comments or e-mails. So busy I’m hyperventilating!

Bloggers attend CommunicAsia 2008

It wasn’t specifically a CommunicAsia thing. We attended the trade fair as guests of LG and Yahoo! so we only checked out those two booths.

(At least, I checked out only two booths because I had to rush off to drums class after the event.)

Now, I DECIDED TO BE SMART TODAY (technically yesterday).

I just knew that they were going to make us wear silly lanyards again, so I ditched my original idea of wearing a dress and went for casual grunge because I figured that grunge will go with anything, even silly lanyards.

I was right!!

We were all given a purple Yahoo! VIP lanyard.

[Nice going!]


It goes with my yellow belt!

Sheylara and nadnut

Here’s my whole outfit. (I’m hugging the gorgeous LG Secret.)


I want to have one of these babies at home! Yes! I mean the giant phone! It’s not just a plastic display. It’s more like a very funky robot TV which actually moves. The phone slides up and down the screen plays a demo/trailer of the phone features!

Well, the phone itself is pretty nice. Like, I really like the name.

[Pretty sleek]

The PR manager of LG is a pretty Korean lady named Ja-Young. She gave us a five-minute demonstration of the LG Secret.

[Pretty sleek]

Five seconds into her speech, bloggers started taking out their cameras and snapping away at her.

I think it kinda stunned her for a bit. (I don’t think she’s used to bloggers, yet.) I saw the tiniest flicker of doubt and hesitation creep into her face as she was talking.

She must have been thinking, “Why are they taking pictures of me when we’ve got all these pretty LG models for them to take pictures of?”

LG models!

[Pretty pretty]

[Pretty models]

Speaking of models, I overhead this conversation at the LG booth between two men in business suits.

“Shall we check out the models over there?”

“Sure. *pause* Wait, which models are you talking about? The phones or the girls?”

“Er…! Hahaha. I meant the phones!”


[Pretty model]

Didn’t know corporate people can be so funny.

Anyway, back to Ja-Young the PR manager.

She’s really sweet, and cool! She recovered quickly from the shock of being photographed in the middle of her speech and gamely went on. Then she even paused her demonstration for like 20 seconds to pose for us as we snapped away.


Her admirable performance makes up for the dodgy “refreshments” we were served at the LG booth while waiting for the tour and peformance to start.


We were given biscuits and sweets. The early arrivals also got a very sour lemonade to drink, which nadnut couldn’t drink because it was too sour.

The later arrivals got just water.

Maybe all their budget went into hiring those models and a team of spirited young Korean hip hop dancers.

[Still dance]

The dance performance was quite entertaining. And I REALLY love their costumes! They are LG Secret themed costumes but they look so funky.

I’ve got some video clips of the dance but I don’t think I’ll YouTube them cos I’m really busy today and I don’t think many of you will be interested to watch it, anyway. (Request if you want.)

Yay! I’m done talking about LG!

Now I talk about Yahoo!

I used to be a big Yahoo! fan until they screwed me over with some password problem, years ago.

I had been using Yahoo! web and domain hosting services for more than a year when, one day, I had a problem with my password and went through a lot of hell sending endless customer service tickets and even calling the USA in the middle of the night.

After that, I cancelled my account and started using Google for searches.

But, anyway, all that is in the past and I’m not one to bear grudges. I still do use some of Yahoo!’s services, like Yahoo! Groups. And it was actually a blessing in disguise because I have saved so much money over the years using a much cheaper hosting package!

So, anyway, the best thing about the Yahoo! booth is Ice Cream Chef!


[I scream]

This is the ice cream counter. I’m sorry it’s such a lousy photo but it was REALLY very crowded there and I didn’t want to get stuck in the ice cream corner with my giant goodie bags.

[Heavy duty]

We were all lugging all this stuff around the whole day and bumping into people nonstop.

LG gave us this giant LG Secret paper bag. Inside are two very small mobile phone catalogues and one even smaller accessory catalogue.



Yahoo! gave us a black canvas sack bursting with goodies.

There’s a very nice laptop sling bag, a funky Yahoo! folder containing a press release, a notepad, a funny pen and a Yahoo! yodeler.


The Yahoo! yodeler isn’t in this picture because the Goonfather took it with him to the office to annoy his colleague.

It’s a buzzer thing, kinda like those that people use in TV game shows to slap on when they want to answer a question.

When you slap the Yahoo!, it goes “Yahoooooooooooooooooooo!”. It’s very cute! So, of course, the Goonfather being the Goonfather, confiscated it right away. Duh.

We were all clumsily carrying all this stuff until one Yahoo! representative took pity on us and allowed us to dump all our barang barang at a corner, with one of the staff looking after them for us while we ran off to check out the new Yahoo! product.

It’s not actually a physical product, being more software than hardware.

We were introduced to this voice-activated search engine called the Yahoo! oneSearch, which can currently only be installed on the BlackBerry.

Basically, instead of typing in keywords, you speak them. You can say single keywords or ask questions like “Where can I get the best laksa in Singapore?”

[The purple man is hungry]

It seems to be quite accurate and the Yahoo! people claim that the program has been made to recognise Singaporean accents.

I tried to search myself, of course. I know Sheylara is not a dictionary word and not even a recognised word anywhere but I just wanted to see what the BlackBerry thought, so I said, “Sheylara,” enunciating very clearly.

It thought I was looking for a car so it started searching “car”.

I tried again, this time just saying it normally, and it gave me this result:

[kiss in the what?]

I don’t know!!! How does Sheylara sound like “kiss in the”???! Hahahaha.

Anyway, if you have a BlackBerry, you can check it out here. It’s a free service, so it’s quite worth giving it a try!

The oneSearch is part of Yahoo! Mobile, which allows you to install interesting widgets in almost any mobile phone to gain easy access to your favourite websites, such as Flickr, Messenger, MTV and, basically, any website that has customised a widget for Yahoo! Mobile.

Yes, that’s also a free service.

Nice going!

Okay, a couple more camwhore pics before I end this exhaustingly long post.

Sheylara and ice ANGEL

[All girl group]
Bevy of female bloggers

Thanks to Princessa and Gavin for getting us invites to this event!

Bloggers stress test the HTC Touch Diamond

So, I think bloggers are a really scary breed of new media journalists. Since they don’t answer to anyone but themselves, they can afford to display higher than normal levels of curiosity and skepticism.

Also, without the need to rush back to the office to file a story, they can afford to hang around after an event to badger the product specialist.

Here’s what happens when you invite bloggers to your event.

Other things that happen include excessive camwhoring and badly-taken photographs.

Examples of camwhoring:

From left: DK, Jayden, Nadnut (front), Sabrina (back), Sheylara, Claudia, Precious

[Black is the new black]
Surfing to on the HTC Touch Diamond

[Lightning never strikes on the same spot]
Jayden was really pleased with the phone

Examples of badly-taken photographs:

[She forgot her lines]
The host of the event read off cue-cards the whole time

[It was like magnet]
The HTC Touch Diamond tagline: Not too big, not too small

[Crowds scare me]
The talk was held in a very ostentatious ballroom

Examples of badly-taken camwhoring photographs:

[It was like magnet]
Sheylara and Precious hang out in the toilet

Sheylara and Precious enjoy a lipstick break

Sidetrack a bit.

Some guys have asked why women like to take photos in the toilet.

That’s the wrong question.

The right question should be: Why do women like to take photos anywhere?

To which the answer is: Do women need a reason to do anything?

End of sidetrack.

I guess I should talk about the phone but I’m really tired now, so I’ll just do the point-form thingy.

[Sparkling HTC Touch Diamond]

What I like about the HTC Touch Diamond

  • At the outset, HTC is already pretty well-known for producing reliable and function-rich PDA phones.
  • It looks really sleek, with a glossy piano black surface and, as the tagline proclaims, is “not too big, not too small”.
  • It runs on HSDPA for Internet connectivity and is the fastest you can get on mobile phones right now. I tried it. It’s really fast.
  • The interface is kinda like the iPhone. You can use your finger or the attached stylus to grab stuff on/off the screen.
  • It has a graphics processor! Which means watching videos on this phone is really sweet.
  • When surfing the net, you can zoom in to read passages of text and the phone automatically wraps the text for you so you don’t have to scroll left-right!! And the zooming is instantaneous, no waiting for the browser to reload the page.
  • It doesn’t allow external memory but has 4GB of storage, which I think is enough.
  • When you’re in a phone conversation and pull out your stylus, the phone automatically displays a notepad so you can take notes.
  • It has a built-in Google Maps GPS program so you will never need to get lost again!

A live demo of the phone’s Internet connectivity

What I don’t like about the HTC Touch Diamond

  • The interface is kinda sluggish, with a 1-2 second delay, when you navigate the touch screen with your fingers. That problem seems to be minimised when you use the stylus, though.
  • HTC claims that it has an intuitive interface that mimics tasks you do daily so you won’t need to read a menu to learn how to use the phone. But I wouldn’t say it’s immediately intuitive. Like, when I wanted to scroll through the phone book to watch the nifty animation, I ended up calling some guy, instead. Then I couldn’t figure out how to stop the call and go back to the phone book.
  • It’s too expensive at $1098.

Well, in a nutshell, if I were really rich, I would definitely get it. (Wouldn’t we all?) The phone will be available for purchase in June this year.

I wonder if I can get HTC to sponsor me one! ;)

But I really enjoy attending media events because I get, if not free phones, then free food.

Farinelli couldn’t wait to dig into the food



There was actually a lot more food than this, but I was really, really hungry and decided to neglect my duties as a sometimes food blogger and just start eating.

Feed the hungry blogger!

Please invite me to more of such events because I’m really hungry.


After the event, some of us went on a bus field trip.

[Happy campers]

[Lone rangers]

I shan’t tell you where we went!


It was Xbox 360’s birthday, but we got presents

And the parties just keep coming. I could really get used to this!

Xbox 360 celebrated its second birthday on Thursday by inviting a group of bloggers to The Screening Room to play games.

Can anyone even think of a better way to celebrate a birthday??

It was a really exclusive party during which we were shown (and even allowed to try) upcoming highly-anticipated Xbox 360 game titles.

(The first part of my games preview report is out here.)

[Bloggers at Xbox 360 party]

I could really get used to this.

When we first arrived, we were tagged. I was told I was a ninja. Awesome blossom. We later found out that we had been split into groups for the gaming competition. Exciting.

(I was faintly disappointed that we didn’t get ninja costumes to wear but I guess I’m alone in this. Haha.)

Anyway, the first thing we did was just to mingle around and talk shop (games).

[Talking shop]

We posed for pictures.

[Posing for pictures]
(Blogger Farinelli, Microsoft rep Ian Tan and blogger Sheylara)

We watched “live” game demos.

[Watching demos]

The photo above shows me videotaping the Dragonball Z game which I embedded in my earlier blog. Now you know what lousy equipment I’m using for my videos. Haha.

We tried out Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3.

[Being rock stars]

Although I should say “they”, because I already have Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 at home.

We ate yummy food!

[Being gluttons]

That mini burger is to die for, man. I love it! But I only ate one (and a stuffed chicken wing) because I was so so busy talking about games and playing games!!

We drooled at divine yummy host Oli Pettigrew.

[Ogling Oli]

At least I think the women did.

Oli’s a gamer, too, which makes him perfect for the job of hosting the party.

There was so much to do at the party and so little time.

There was a competition!!

We had four teams of 4-5 members each. Our teams had cool names like Ninja (my team!), Rockstar, Covenant and Ghost.

The games being competed in were Bomberman, Guitar Hero 3 and Project Gotham Racing 4. One or two representatives from each team were sent to play each game and wins were tallied at the end.

Jerrick and I represented our team for Guitar Hero 3!

[Guitar Maniacs]

Well, we didn’t score the highest on GH3. I’m actually much better at drums.

But… OUR TEAM WON in the final tally!!

I could hardly believe it!

Team Ninja won!!! Haha. Cool or not? Team Ninja, like the developer for Ninja Gaiden.

Okay lah, fine, I have no shame.

Anyway, we won this.

[Team Ninja posing with prizes]

Grand Theft Auto IV long-sleeve t-shirts! OH-MY-GAWD.

I am such a game freak, getting excited over such things.

And this is, like, the third t-shirt I’ve won within a week!! (One is for the game and another was at an event I haven’t blogged about yet because I have too many things to blog about recently!)

Actually, I was a very lousy team mate. While my mates were competing in the other games, I was busy elsewhere chatting, eating, playing games, talking shop, instead of cheering them on. Haha. Sorry lah, guys!

But I love my team! You all rock!

There was a birthday-song-birthday-cake routine at the end. But the birthday cake was really special. It was a bunch of mini cakes! *lol*

[Xbox birthday cake]

Very innovative, and no messy cake cutting, either!

We were each given one to hold while we sang the birthday song. And all of us blew our own candle out. Cool, huh?

[Happy Birthday Xbox 360]

So we all had our cakes and ate it, too!

[Having our cake and eating it]

Microsoft very kindly gave away a Limited Edition Xbox 360 for the lucky draw.

And Farinelli won it!

[Big winner!]
(Lucky draw winner Farinelli poses with Microsoft’s Alan Chou and host Oli Pettigrew)

I am so jealous of him because it’s a special Halo 3 edition!!! But I’m also glad he won because he’s my team mate! And I already have an Xbox 360, anyway.

Way to go, Farinelli!!

It was Xbox 360’s birthday, but we all got presents, instead! This is my favourite kind of birthday party!!! Hahahaha.

[Goodie bags]

Let’s see what’s in the goodie bag!

[Our presents]

Two t-shirts, one of which is a limited edition Xbox 360, only 60 pieces made!

One Xbox 360 black wireless controller.

GTA4 stickers and coasters.


I realise I have tons and tons of exclamation marks in this blog entry which makes me sound like a bimbo!!!

I’m sorry!! But I can’t help it because I’m so happy and excited!!!!

More parties, please!!!


Bimbo-geek Sheylara signing out.