What bloggers get up to at Slinger games

It seems that the NBL Hummer Championship matches hosted at the Singapore Indoor Stadium have become more like blogger gatherings.

Over the months, the number of bloggers attending keeps rising, which is great, because that means more support for home team Singapore Slingers.

Note: This isn’t a full picture. For various reasons, many bloggers who attended the match aren’t in the picture. I guess some are shy.

And, now, a summary of what transpired on Dec 19.

Merry Christmas Y’all!

The Slingers-vs-Razorbacks match was a Christmas edition, it being held near Christmas, presumably.

Invitations to the game went out to children from various homes and shelters, thanks to sponsors and donors. Part of the stadium was decorated with green and red balloons to welcome them, and they were each given a goodie bag, adding to the festive spirit of the day.

The Slinger girls also wore Christmas-themed outfits.

Which deeply infused Vandalin with the Christmas spirit.

Hello Kitty Hunk

TK was proudly sporting a snoopy plaster on his forehead. The way he preened, you would think it was there as a fashion accessory and not to protect a wound.

“Nice plaster,” I told him.

“Thanks!” he said, preening.

“I got Hello Kitty plaster. You want?”

“Hey, sure!” he enthused.


(I didn’t actually expect a positive answer.)

So, anyway, I gave him my Hello Kitty plaster and he carefully replaced Snoopy with Hello Kitty.


Photos and Videos

I’m getting lazy taking photos at events these days, especially since there are so many bloggers with bigger, sexier cameras and kickass photography skills.

Jason has amazing photographs of the match.

Simply Jean has amazing photographs of the entire event!

Alice has video clips of exciting moments — Part 1 and Part 2.

Great job, you guys!

Win A Million Dollars

At every match, one spectator is randomly picked to shoot some balls from different spots on the court. Each successful shot yields a different prize — corporate box seats; 32″ LG LCD TV; $500 cash. (The participant is eligible to win all the prizes if he gets all the balls in.)

Lennie was picked this time round! OMG. Lennie’s an errant blogger who hasn’t blogged for more than a year.

Lennie won $500!!! OMG.

Nicholas has the scoop here.

And, now, I talk about the million dollars.

On Feb 13, 2008, one lucky spectator will get picked to shoot hoops for a chance to win a whole million buckaroos in cold, hard cash!

To get picked, attend any Slingers game and answer the secret question that will be revealed at the game. Answers can be sent via SMS or through the Million Dollar Shot website. And then be at the game on Feb 13. (Obviously, you can’t get picked if you’re not actually at the game on the day.)

Well, since it’s almost-Christmas, let me share this chance with you even if you didn’t attend the match on Wednesday. I’ll give you a hint for this week’s secret answer so you can take part, too!

The answer is my birth date (day of the month).


Ok, ok, for those who don’t know me that well, here’s another hint.

The answer is that mysterious number that Jim Carrey was obssessed with in that psychological thriller shown in cinemas early this year.

Is that easy enough? *lol*

Ok, go try your luck now.

If you win the million bucks, share some with me, ok?

Free McDondald’s!

Because Lennie won $500 at Wednesday’s match, he wanted to buy us drinks at St James Power Station.

Strangely, no one seemed keen to go there, so we finally decided on having drinks and supper at Kallang McDonald’s.

What a lot of food and drinks!

Thanks for the treat, Lennie!

And thanks once again to Nicholas for the invites to the games!