You’re reading’s Most Interactive Blog gave Sheylara two ping pong bats yesterday!

Sheylara can now play a game of ping pong with a friend!

Oh, wait, no ball. And no table.

Argh, sports can be so troublesome.

Well, let’s just have a party then.

But, first, I would like to thank, Pingsters and my blog readers for naming my blog Most Interactive Blog at the Blog Awards 2008.

Photo taken by Precious (thanks, dear!)

Melvin Yuan of Waggener Edstrom presented the award to me.

(Huge thanks to Waggener Edstrom who sponsored prizes at the event. I got a Border’s gift card!)

Does that mean I’m now superly obliged to interact with you guys even more?

Not that it matters. I like! Please post more comments so I can interact with you more. =P

So, let’s have even more interaction than that, too. Anyone fancy getting boffed by a ping pong bat?

Or two?

I got my second ping pong bat for receiving the most pongs at the party yesterday.

Photo taken by Precious

Guests at the party were given six blue stickers (pong) and six orange stickers (poof) each. We were supposed to pong people we like and poof people we didn’t.

People like me! Yay! =)


(Okay, that sounds wrong.)

The Chao Ah Beng (Krisandro) beside me got a ton of poofs (although he didn’t win the Most Poofed Award).

Doesn’t mean that Krisandro is very hated, though, since he was voted Blog of the Year by the very same people who poofed him.

You people aren’t doing it right! Why is the most poofed person a cute little girl?!!

Photo taken by Brokenshardz (thanks!)

Cute little girl is molemole‘s daughter and she was really happy to win the award. She also handled the photography session like a pro!

Photo taken by Precious

Other ping pong bat recipients:

(Not everyone was present because some had already left the party.)

Photo taken by Brokenshardz

Shout out to Pimp Daddy D (Daryl Tay of Unique-Frequency) who came very late and left very early because he’s a busy man!

He won Most Insightful Blog and Most Insightful Post! Yay!

Full list of award winners can be viewed here.

Thanks again to for the awards and thanks to all of you who voted for me!

Pretty Nanny Wen is my new ambassador!

Nanny Wen strikes again with more of her cute nonsense.

We were having a 4-way MSN conversation when I got busy and went quiet for a while…

Wang Wang says:
     qy dear wat u doing
QY says:
     i am trying to memorise my monologue
Nanny Wen says:
     dun disturb QY
Nanny Wen says:
     hey hey!!
Nanny Wen says:
     i just nominate myself as ambassador of QY
Goonfather says:
     self nominate?
Goonfather says:
     not valid leh
QY says:
     yay! i got ambassador!! mwak my pretty ambassador!
Goonfather says:
Goonfather says:
     u just kena endorsed by QY
Goonfather says:
     Mei mei is now officially my QY’s ambassador
Wang Wang says:
     den den, wat is my role?!?
Nanny Wen says:
     u are pom pom girl

And that was that. So, pretty Nanny Wen is now officially my ambassador! She decided to kickstart her new job by running off to nominate me for some silly blog awards thingy.

I am now in the running for Best Celebrity Blog in Blogger’s Choice Awards. Hahahahahaha.

“Since when am I a celebrity blogger?” I asked Nanny Wen when she came running back to tell me what she had done.

“You don’t fit into any other categories leh,” she said.

“Thanks hor,” I said.

At this point of time, I have 5 votes (woohoo!), which is only 7,844 votes fewer than the leading nominee. Wow! I am so going to win this award!

Would you, my dear reader, like to help me out of this embarrassing status quo by voting for me?

According to Nuffnang statistics, I have an average of 330 unique blog readers a day. But Nuffnang doesn’t take into account feed readers and readers who disable ads, so, who knows, I could even have double that number of readers!

But let’s just be modest and put it at 300. Now, if all 300 of you were to VOTE FOR ME, I can get into the first page of ranking! I am currently on page 8. Eeek!

I don’t want to win, really. (Can’t even if I wanted to.) But I want to get into the first page! Will you help me? Please? I will post more pictures of pretty Wen. Haha.

Thank you for your support and readership! ;) And don’t forget to watch Incredible Tales tonight!