Fashion Diary #22: Black Summer

This photoshoot was done about two months ago. I kinda forgot that I had these photos lying around.

I really liked this yellow top when I first bought it.

But a few weeks after I bought it, I saw another woman wearing it. We were in the same restaurant, like, a few tables separated from each other. I don’t think she saw me because she wasn’t facing me.

After that incident, I didn’t like to wear it anymore.

I don’t know what it is with women and being seen in identical clothes with strangers.

It feels embarrassing, but I can’t explain why. It’s not rational, is it?

Maybe one of you can shed some light.

I still wear the top once in a while when I have absolutely nothing better to wear. Every time I wear it, i have this irrational fear that I will bump into that same woman wearing the same top again!

How crazy.

Hope you like the photos, anyway!

Photos by Justyn Olby