Fashion Diary #22: Black Summer

This photoshoot was done about two months ago. I kinda forgot that I had these photos lying around.

I really liked this yellow top when I first bought it.

But a few weeks after I bought it, I saw another woman wearing it. We were in the same restaurant, like, a few tables separated from each other. I don’t think she saw me because she wasn’t facing me.

After that incident, I didn’t like to wear it anymore.

I don’t know what it is with women and being seen in identical clothes with strangers.

It feels embarrassing, but I can’t explain why. It’s not rational, is it?

Maybe one of you can shed some light.

I still wear the top once in a while when I have absolutely nothing better to wear. Every time I wear it, i have this irrational fear that I will bump into that same woman wearing the same top again!

How crazy.

Hope you like the photos, anyway!

Photos by Justyn Olby

Fashion Diary #9: Lollipop Stop

Day 9

Name of outfit: Lollipop Stop


Destination: Photoshoot

Notes: My good friend, Justyn Olby, decided one day that he was tired of seeing the same ol’ boring backgrounds in my hastily self-taken photographs, so he dragged me out for a proper photoshoot.

I had to cough out four outfits in a day! Outfits I’ve never published in this Fashion Diary! It was quite a tall order but I managed to accomplish it by pulling out some old things and doing lots of mixing and matching.

So, here’s the first one. I’m not sure where I’d wear it to, though. Maybe to a party.