Thank you for making me Best Lifestyle Blog

I really didn’t expect to win so I think I’m still in shock.

Not that I lack confidence. I do believe my blog is good enough to win, but there are always so many factors involved that you can never really tell, especially with contests that involve public voting.

But I won and I’m sure I will be ecstatic once I get over the shock!

Sheylara holding trophy
Posing with my trophy at Supperclub.

Most of my thanks go to you readers for supporting my blog all these years, and especially to all of you who voted for me. You guys must have worked really hard in the voting. You all rock!

I am deeply humbled by your support. Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without you, without your constant support, encouragement, feedback, interaction and understanding (when I have no time to blog or reply comments).

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And, of course, big thanks to Omy and sponsors for making the S’pore Blog Awards happen!


It’s been a busy week and I’m going to have to cut this blog short. I just need to express my appreciation to everyone who played a part in my win.

It’s 2:30 am now. I have to wake up at 7 am to attend Games Convention Asia 2009. Will be filming all day, then it’s off to a film screening in the night. No rest!

That’s why I’m blogging this in advance and post-dating it.

I want to tell you about my crazy hair! And my prizes! And show you loads of photos! But those will have to wait.

Sheylara and prizes

Cheers and love!

Singapore Blog Awards 2009

We interrupt our usual programming to bring you this announcement:

Sheylara is a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 and needs your help to make her a winner!

If she’s a winner, that makes you a winner because you read her blog!


Vote Sheylara

Yeah, I know, I know. I will not quit my day job to become a copywriter.

Wait, I don’t even have a real day job.

All the more I need help to win this award. Help me, please? =)

(Before I rope Wang Wang in to bewitch you all with her kawaii <3 and hee hees!)

Vote Sheylara!

This is a “vote once a day” thing. I’m sorry, I know that’s a bitch but there’s nothing I can do about it!

If you want to help me, please follow these instructions:

  1. Register at the OMY website.
  2. Go here.
  3. Click “Best Lifestyle Blog”.
  4. Click “Vote” on my photo.

Vote Sheylara

If you’re feeling extra loving and generous, please leave a comment under the blue box to mention my blog! =)

Voters stand a chance to win prizes, so there’s an incentive for you.

Voter prizes

Remember, you can vote once a day to increase our chances of winning, so please bookmark the page and make it your daily morning ritual to vote for me until July 31, 2009!

Thank you, all!

Sheylara <3s you!