An interview in a French web magazine

I wish I had studied French because I’m now in an interview article I can’t read. Haha.

French is actually the next language I want to learn, after Japanese, but I’m kind of stuck at intermediate Japanese due to lack of time.

Anyway, this is an interview by w3sh, a lifestyle French online magazine dedicated to everything related to gadgets, gizmos, art, urban culture and cutting-edge consumer electronics.

I wonder which category I fall under. I think cutting-edge consumer electronics.

According to The Surrealist, I’m a waffle iron.

Definitely cutting edge.

Well, click to read my interview. If you can understand French. lol.

Okay, the interview was conducted in English and later translated to French.

The site uses a cute grumpy bear mascot which is also an actual toy. After e-mailing me one day out of the blue to ask me if they could interview me, they snail mailed me Mr Grumpy Bear (which is my name for it, not theirs). How sweet!

I took some pictures with it and e-mailed it back to them.

Isn’t it cute? I wore a red cap to match it.

Maybe I should have saved the cap for Chinese New Year. I didn’t buy any red clothes this year!

I happened to pass by Esprit the other day while running errands, and I walked in because I thought I had better buy some CNY clothes. (If you read my Star Blog this week, I mentioned that I hate going clothes shopping, unless it’s during an overseas holiday when I have nothing better to do.)

I ended up buying rubbish stuff unsuitable for CNY, such as a very thick, black autumn (or winter, I dunno) jacket. Which I don’t really need but which I just had to get on the off-chance that Singapore starts snowing.

That’s one reason I hate shopping. I never make the right purchases.

Well, it’s very comfortable. And warm. Is all I can say in my own defence.