Must-try Sarawak Laksa and Kuching Kolo Mee

I shall be supremely evil today and tempt you with food that you can’t get in Singapore.


Sarawak laksa

This is a very fine specimen of Sarawak Laksa which I had the chance to try when I was in Kuching a few months ago.

It’s so awesome my tummy salivates even when I think about it now.

I mean, seriously, I would fly to Kuching just to eat this again.

Malcolm, our unofficial guide, brought us to this place called Tiang’s Cafe, which is a humble but extremely famous coffee shop.

Tiang's Cafe

It’s famous for its Sarawak Laksa, among other things.

Sarawak laksa

Ahhhhhh drool.

Barrett Tan, the owner, produces his own laksa paste, a secret recipe handed down by his father. The paste is even manufactured commercially.

We were given some packets to take home! (Unfortunately, I don’t cook, so I gave them to my dad and the Goonfather’s mum.)

Sarawak laksa paste

Barrett’s a really friendly fella.

He served us so much food that we couldn’t finish everything. Here’s a picture of him (right) talking to Malcolm:

Barrett Tan

They’re good friends, apparently!

Besides the Sarawak Laksa, another must-try is the Kolo Mee.

Kolo Mee

The ingredients come in such generous portions and the taste is totally to-die-for. I really wish I had a bigger stomach that day.

Another favourite is the prawn mee, but I think that one is an acquired taste. The prawn paste flavour is so strong that the soup becomes bitter. I don’t like so much.

Prawn Mee

But it sure looks appetising, nevertheless.

Barrett even surprised us with Kueh Lapis (called Kek Lapis in Sarawak).

Kek Lapis

That was really too much! Dessert at breakfast? I was totally bursting by then but I managed to take a few bites. It was buttery, moist, soft, awwwww.

Well, there you go. How’s that for a Sunday morning post? =P

If you ever have the chance to visit Kuching, you MUST at all cost visit Tiang’s Cafe and try the Sarawak Laksa, if not the Kolo Mee. Bring a very empty stomach.

It’s, like, about RM4 (S$1.65) per bowl so you can afford to order everything to try!

Here’s Barrett’s website if you want to find out more about Sarawak Laksa and his famous secret laksa paste.

Tiang’s Cafe
No 22, Lot 2354,
Block 10 KCLD,
Jln Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce,
93150 Kuching