Attending the 82nd Academy Awards

I attended a “live” screening of Academy Awards at GV Grand this morning!

This was the invite:


To be honest, I’ve never been interested in the Oscars. I’m interested to know that a movie I watched or an actor I like has won an award, but I wouldn’t sit down for four hours to watch it happen. I’m happy to hear the news if someone tells me, but I wouldn’t actually go find out myself.

So why did I attend this event?

I dunno. I guess I thought it sounded glam and fun, something different.

Also, I wanted to see Avatar win awards.


I’m sad it only won three, but I suppose The Hurt Locker is a worthy contender even though I haven’t watched it.

I want to watch it now, though. I liked Kathryn Bigelow when she was giving her acceptance speeches for Best Director and Best Picture. Very real and humble.

Kathryn Bigelow

Actually, many speeches were very real and humble. I enjoyed Sandra Bullock’s (Best Actress) speech. Moved me to tears!

By the way, Ben Stiller went on stage to present an award looking like a Na’vi. He was so funny!

Ben Stiller

I was a bit stressed about the dress code today. It said “Hollywood Glitz” but I really didn’t think Singaporeans would dress in Hollywood Glitz on a Monday morning (9 am).

But I feel that it’s important to follow dress codes to respect the event. Yet, I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. So I compromised today by doing casual glitzy.

Actually, bluff you one. I did casual glitzy cos I don’t have anything full glitzy to wear. Haha.

Red carpet photo

I know the pants is really wrong. I really would have preferred to wear a skirt, but I don’t have any appropriate ones. And I only started deciding what to wear half an hour before I was due at the event, lol.

I had thought to wear a certain black dress I have, but realised this morning that it was crumpled and there was not enough time to iron it!! What a catastrophe.

Anyway, beside me is Fish Chaar, my actor friend, who has played my screen partner in films about four times or more, I can’t remember.

He’s working in Universal Studios Singapore this year. SO COOL RIGHT! If you visit the Donkey Island or something like that, see if you can spot him!

So, when we arrived at the event 20 minutes late (thanks to my wardrobe emergency), we found that 85% of the guests had gone in very casual clothes (like jeans and tee) or work wear. No one was even near Hollywood Glitz lah what is wrong with Singaporeans??!!!


Pictures of the breakfast reception. We were served champagne with breakfast.


We also got a goodie bag consisting of a magazine, some perfume and skincare samples, and tons of vouchers.

Goodie bag

Okay, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful because it’s a good thing when people give stuff to you and you shouldn’t complain. But I really think goodie bags ought to have real stuff in them, not samples and vouchers, which really just come across as disguised advertising.

Well, to be fair, samples and vouchers aren’t that bad since you can actually use them. I have received goodie bags that come with advertising leaflets and brochures. Seriously, where is the “goodie” in that?!

Alright, done ranting.

Okay, not really ranting, more like observing, since I enjoyed myself today and am in a happy mood. And I realise that the Oscars is a really entertaining show. Guess I’ll be watching it yearly from now on.

If I can wake up.

GGF#27: Let’s not talk about games

[Gamer Girl Friday]

I can’t write today! I’m very excited! I’ve been busy with a cool project involving videos!!

And although it’s not exactly game related, it’s a lot of fun! You’ll be able to see the fruits of my labour next week!!

But that means I didn’t have time to play any games this week, so I don’t have any game reviews for you today. Awww. :(

And because I’m too excited to write, today will be Pictorial Day.

Well, okay, I’ll write some. I have a lot of nonsense in my head which I need to dispel daily or my brains will turn to mush from the toxicity of my nonsense.

It’s kinda like slow poisoning by melamine, only worse.


Table of Contents

  1. The Goonfather tries to be a movie star
  2. The search for the COG Tag
  3. New Xbox Experience
  4. Sheylara and Lara Croft
  5. Results of last week’s contest
  6. Win a 1GB Imation Nano Flash Drive!


The Goonfather tries to be a movie star

I received this game a few days ago from the good Xbox people. I love them to bits!

I was really busy this week, so I just left it lying around instead of tearing open the box right away.

The Goonfather couldn’t resist it. He was, like, “CAN I OPEN THE BOX OMG!!”

I said, “But I want to take a photo of it before opening it but I have no time to take a photo of it.”

“Okay, I take for you,” he said, “Where’s your camera?”

“In my bag.”

He opened up my infamous Nike bag, stared silently for two seconds, and repeated, “Where’s your camera?”

“In the camera pouch lah.”


Unfortunately, he was right.

Note that my bag never looks so neat. I arranged everything nicely for the purpose of this photo.

So, anyway, he found the camera and took ONE lousy photo of the game box (pictured above) before ripping it open.

The game is pretty cool. It makes you do funny actions, like look angry or do a hula dance. You see an instant feedback of yourself on your TV screen (via the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera included in the box).

Afterwards, the game will take all the actions it recorded you doing, put in backgrounds and edit it into a movie for you.

The problem is, the Goonfather lost patience with it after the second action, so I never got to witness his completeed movie. (He never does have any patience to follow instructions).

Idiot. CMI!!

Anyway, this game can take up to four players, so you can be in the movies with your friends!! OOOH BOY I GOTTA TRY IT WITH MY FRIENDS!

Hopefully, I’ll have a video to show you next week! ;)

You’re In The Movies is an Xbox 360 exclusive game.

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The search for the COG Tag

This is strictly for Gears of War fans but it’s still cool enough to just know about it if you’re a gamer.

Epic Games released 1,000 COG Tags into the world for GOW fans to find and there’s one hidden somewhere in Singapore.

Merdeka and I have been releasing clues to its whereabouts in our blogs. Today is the fifth day already and the tag still hasn’t been found yet!

Find out more about this contest here!

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

New Xbox Experience

Launched two days ago, the new Xbox dashboard features cool, customisable avatars! Yay!

Okay, it’s no trailblazer, but it’s still cool. Here’s my avatar!

I have a pink heart tattoo on my left cheek! Gotta get a real life one!! Hehe.

You can change your clothes and features at any time.

I wish I could change my features at any time in real life, too.

I love the way you see your friends as avatars in a virtual room now, instead of just a list of text names.

If you see a bunch of friends in a group, it means they’re either having a LIVE voice or video chat party, or playing an online game together. Some of these parties are joinable!

If the avatar is sleeping, it means the friend is offline.

I love it!!

These guys were having a Call of Duty: World at War party but I don’t have the game, so I couldn’t join them.

So I joined a Gears of War 2 party, instead!

As usual, I got thrashed the hell out of.

My avatar posing:

My avatar acting cute:

I got a shock when I saw Merdeka’s avatar. I don’t know what he was thinking!!

That guy is nuts! Haha!


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Sheylara and Lara Croft

I feel malnourished standing beside her…

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Results of last week’s contest

We have many winners today! Congratulations, you all!!

This beautiful copy of Virtua Fighter 5 for the PS3 goes to ahtiong for his 1337 bootlicking skillz!!


ahtiong says:

I think Lion Rafale is quite similar to the Goonfather. Seeing that both are rich and have some connection with thugs, like Lion’s father’s illegal dealings with terrorists, and the Goonfather being a goon, and his photos, give me the impression of a mafia head. 老大!

For the record, the Goonfather is neither rich nor has any connection with thugs.

But well done, anyway!


Congratulations to Yoi, ahtiong and Fort Adesso for each winning a 90-day Gamepath account!!

I know you’re all probably stuck to your WLKs now, so I’ll be nice and e-mail you your redemption codes.


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Win a 1GB Imation Nano Flash Drive!

Well, guess what?

I have another one of these awesome things to give away!

Will wonders never cease!

To win this, you need to prove to everyone that you have a superhero power like in Heroes or X-Men!!!

I’m just joking, of course.

Just tell me what superhero power you would like to have if you could choose ONE. And then give yourself a superhero name. If you want, you can even describe your superhero costume.

I will award the prize to my favourite entry!

Closing date is Thursday, Nov 27, 11:59 pm.


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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And now, the end is near,
And so I face the final curtain.

My friend, I’ll say it clear,
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.

I’ve lived a life that’s full,
I traveled each and every highway.

And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

[Gamer Girl Friday]