Why do they like to age me?

I forgot to watch TV again.

You’d think I would remember a simple thing like that. Watch TV every night at 9pm.

(I have to watch myself on TV so I can learn from all my ugly mistakes.)

But I’ve missed three episodes so far, since the series started.

There I am, sitting in front of my computer (which is also my TV), doing stuff, and it totally doesn’t cross my mind to turn the TV on.

Not that I look forward to watching the daily episodes. I look so auntie in the series it scares me. It wouldn’t be so bad if I’m supposed to look auntie. But I’m not.

I’m supposed to be a modern, even fashionable, career woman. Instead, I look like a sad old spinster who was cryogenically frozen in 1979 and just got revived.

Curls are my nemesis. Unfortunately, it’s the only way they ever know to make me look older.

I think they teach this equation in hair-styling school: Curly hair = Older

That’s fine and good. But what I don’t understand is why they won’t stop trying to make me look older already. It just keeps happening. It’s been happening since I was, like, 19.

“You look too young for this role, let’s make you look older.”

“Bring out the curling tongs!”

What is freaking up with that? Cast someone else who looks the age, for goodness’ sake. Leave my hair be and give me a role that doesn’t require me to look older than I look.

I feel like a victim in a conspiracy theory.

And I am seriously fed up, so I’m going to take a long break before I kill myself in frustration. I shall stop going to auditions and accepting more auntie roles.

Maybe in two months or so, I’ll be able to cut my hair, and cut it so short that nobody will be able to do anything to it and they’ll have to leave it be.