Cutest pair of pussies

I spotted this pair of pussies chilling out at a HDB carpark.

They were living it up, waiting for milk and cookies to be served, waiting for little kitten slaves to come fan them.

This little one is super attitude and lazy:

He never moved his body an inch the whole time I was there taking photographs. He only turned his head to look at me.

After a while, he couldn’t even be bothered with me, not even when I went nearer to take a closer shot. He looked away as a glazed look came over his eyes. Continued chilling out under the warm evening sun.

His partner was a little more edgy. He busied himself checking out stationary cars, scratching himself and stretching languorously.

Well, I don’t actually know for a fact that both are male. I’m hopeless at biology and I’m not in the habit of checking out the private parts of animals. They just both look male to me because males are typically more lazy!

Hahaha. Any chance for male bashing.

Of course, I realise that it’s ironical to call them pussies and then claim that they’re male. (People who only know one definition of the word pussy will certainly pick up on this.)

But irony is what makes the world go round.

Actually, it’s not, but who’s noticing?

I would take a lesson from these pussies:

The world is your living room. Chill out.