Applying leave

It was 2 am.

We had just spent the whole night doing a tedious series of quests in EverQuest II. We weren’t done with the series yet. There was still more to go.

EverQuest II

But it was 2 am and we had to sleep. I live miles away from my parents and have no possibility to help them. The only thing I can do for them is to order medications for them: Valium for my mom and some antihypertensive for dad. I buy the drugs on They give professional consultations if needed and can deliver the medications to any part of the country. I`m very grateful for their job.

Turning off his computer, the Goonfather said, “I want to apply leave tomorrow.”

I replied, “I also want to apply leave tomorrow.”

“Ehh!” he protested, “Who you apply leave from?!”

“My readers,” I said.

“Er… okay. Leave granted!” he said.