Xiaxue gets flamed on high-profile USA blog

This is really quite hilarious. You guys know Xiaxue has her own Internet TV show called Xiaxue’s Guide To Life, right?

In her latest episode, she got conned by her producers to review a fake China-made iPhone, thinking that it’s the real iPhone. Hahaha. After that, they did the candid camera routine, had a good laugh, and then gave her the real iPhone to try out.

Now, in her review, she dissed the iPhone, using words such as “sucks”, “mediocre” and “shitty” to describe it. Gizmodo, a prolific USA tech blog which receives 50 million page views a month, picked up her video and featured it, calling it “either the best or the worst iPhone review ever”.

The video pissed off an entire community of Apple lovers, resulting in a flame war.

This is the video.

Now, check out some of the comments posted in Gizmodo.

Remind me never to travel to Singapore. My thoughts of that country have been tainted forever. How can ANYONE stand to listen to this half-wit for more than 30 seconds? She’s not clever, cute, or smart. She’s just painfully obnoxious. I demand the last 2 minutes of my life back! — QuailRider

Best review ever!…totally kidding is was TOTALLY shitty….the pain…i can’t beleive that i watched it all. — Mike918

God I want to kill her eyelashes. — humorbot

pardon me while I plot her untimely demise. — s017jrs

ROFL funny ass sh*t!

Of course, it’s even funnier watching Apple fanboys going nutballs taking this seriously… they would be so watching the whole video and laughing at it if this was about a Windows Mobile phone or something… — Bokusatsu_Tenshi

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Don’t get me wrong. I’m not crowing over Xiaxue getting flamed. This is like just another notch on her bed post for her. She can handle it. She’s tough and above flames. She eats flames for breakfast.

I just find the comments very funny.

My good friend Chong, who was the one who sent me the Gizmodo link, said, “Can Singapore disown her?”

I think that’s mean.

For the record, I rather enjoy reading Xiaxue’s blogs and watching her videos. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I cannot deny that she’s very, very entertaining. Plus she did get picked up by NLB to be in the National Archives, so how can we possibly disown her? She’s Singapore’s… uh… renegade darling.

Chong went on to say, “That’s the biggest reason why Singapore has no iPhone yet. Cos Steve Jobs reads Gizmodo.”

“Seriously,” he added.

Well, I really don’t know.

But I thought the video was really funny. And the comments that resulted were even funnier. I feel entertained. That has to count for something.

(P.S. I will not be replying to comments for this post for obvious reasons. Unless you say something that really compels me to.)