Hell is other people

I don’t know about you but it’s usually people that make me really mad.

I tried to remember if I’d ever gotten angry with things, but I’m not having much success delving in that direction. Well, maybe that time I got mad at a jar of salsa dip because it refused to be opened.

But it wasn’t like I was really mad. More like hoppingly annoyed. I think it’s kinda silly to get mad at things in the first place. Things are just things, you know. If something doesn’t work, just walk away and do another thing.

We can’t do this with people. We’re forced to work, live and interact with other people. If someone makes you mad, you can’t always say, “Screw you,” and walk away, especially if you depend on that person to pay your bills.

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The things that make me MAD

It’s a considerable challenge to make me go ballistic. Not because I’m mild-tempered, but because I dislike making a scene and because I’m non-confrontational by nature.

I will seethe inside and give you the silent treatment. The only way to make me snap outwardly is to annoy me repeatedly for an extended period of time despite me telling you to stop.


I had a boyfriend who made me angry all the time.

Of course, like everyone else, he had his good points, which was why I was with him in the first place. But his not-so-good points drove me up the wall. He practiced double standards, was overly possessive and was very unreliable.

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