England is making me a TV addict

Everyone who knows me knows I don’t watch TV because I think time is better spent playing computer games or reading books.

When I say “I don’t watch TV”, I mean that literally. I mean, I don’t even know how to operate the TV, which is how much I do not watch TV.

I can identify the power button on the remote control and turn the damn thing on but after that I’m lost (especially when you have two remote controls, one for TV and one for cable). I tried to watch a programme once in Singapore and all I got was snow fuzz.

But I’ve been watching a lot of TV in England thanks to Piers. He flips through programmes a lot and I keep seeing interesting ones I want to watch. It’s very worrying because I’m neglecting my games and books!

Here are a few I really like:


An Idiot Abroad

This one is really ace. Ricky Gervais (creator of popular British sitcom, The Office), packs his cynical friend Karl Pilkington off to all corners of the world to make a travel show. The only problem is that Karl hates travelling or anything new or different.

But of course that’s why it’s a brilliant show. It’s hilarious watching Karl’s deadpan sarcasm as he makes commentary on strange foreign practices that he takes issue with.

Here’s a short clip from the first episode:




Dragon’s Den

This show originated from Japan but I’ve only seen the UK one. People with business ideas needing capital are invited to the show to pitch their ideas to five venture capitalists, who would offer cash for equity if they like the idea. It’s really entertaining when the ideas are bad.

Here’s an example:




How to Look Good Naked

I am not often impressed by fashion gurus but I really like British Chinese Gok Wan, partly because he has a charming personality and partly because he seems to genuinely like the people he does makeovers for. Incidentally, he is also great at what he does.

Well, this show has been running for five or so years now, so you’ve probably heard of it. Not me, cos I don’t watch TV. On it, people of all ages, shapes and sizes go and get made-over, with Gok Wan teaching his subjects how to look good and love their bodies. Each show ends with a naked photoshoot (strategic areas covered).

Not linking any videos here because of partial nudity in the episodes, so here’s a picture from an earlier series.


How to Look Good Naked


Britain’s Got Talent

I’ve seen clips of BGT on YouTube (Susan Boyle and Paul Potts) but have never seen the full show. It’s nice watching it here. I’m reading that this season is disappointing compared to previous seasons in terms of talent, but it’s still very entertaining.

Of course, I was very disappointed that Simon Cowell wasn’t on the show until the semi-finals, so I didn’t watch the auditions religiously. But now that Simon is on for the semi-finals, showing live every night this week, I’m making Piers watch every single one with me. =P

YouTube embedding has been disabled for this series, so click here to watch one of my favourite acts, who’s going to be in the finals this Saturday.


Britain's Got Talent 2011


There are many more shows I love watching but I don’t want to spend all my time watching TV!

I shall watch watch X-Men: First Class tonight. It’s the first preview!

Yeah, watching movies is just as important!