Journal – October 16

Journal - October 16




I’m grateful that Piers takes out all the rubbish and recycling and never expects me to!


I’m quite sure that some people aren’t meant to do housework and I am one of them because I always get hurt. Last night, the tip of a garlic clove pricked my finger while I was making dinner. I mean it actually drew blood! Who gets bloodied by a stupid garlic clove?! And today while making the bed, I was pulling the sheets straight to tuck the edges in when my fingers slipped and the back of my hand forcefully hit an iron rod. Who gets bruised making the bed?! FML.

Addiction Part 1

I resolved to nip my addiction to The King’s Avatar in the bud today. I’d read it during my walk 3 days in a row now. So, today – a brave sigh, headphones on, Audible on.

But. What’s this? Audible is broken. I can’t get anything to play! And Piers said he’s having similar problems with Amazon Music. No choice but to read you know what! Nooooooo!!! (But secretly: Yessssss!!)

Addiction Part 2

My resolve is real. I managed to stop myself reading it in bed so a point for Team Win!


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Without the Internet, I have no job

The Internet has totally changed the way my friends and I communicate.

In the past, when I hang out with friends, we would just hang out. We would chat over a meal or a drink.

Nowadays, when I hang out with friends, we’re chatting with each other online instead of in person, even though we’re sitting right next to each other.

Plurk conversation
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Of course, we still do chat the traditional way, but it’s not uncommon to see the whole group of us sitting around a table together, all of us on our mobile phones, text-chatting with one another and with other online friends.


The Internet is not just an option anymore. It has become an integral part of our lives.

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