Sani teaches Acting 101 (not)

I said yesterday I would post a video of my co-actors goofing around on the set.

But before you play the video, here’s a bit of background in case you didn’t actually read yesterday’s blog.

We were filming a scene for a comedy skit. The mood was happy and lighthearted. I was taking photographs with my co-actors and we were generally joking around with each other.

And then Sani deadpanned that “motivation” question.

“Director, what’s my motivation for this scene?”

If you’re an actor and know method acting, you’ll get the joke.

If not, well, it’s very funny because we were doing a very simple scene for a comedy skit. For corporate clients. To invoke method acting for such a situation would be like using a fire extinguisher to put out a lit matchstick.

So, while we were all reeling with laughter, Sani decided to take it further and improvise an Acting 101 lecture. He put on this silly instructional video accent and rattled off.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to videotape him until the funniest parts were all gone. We were all laughing too hard.

But I did eventually think of it and started recording. I took over a minute of footage, laughed my ass off, and then proclaimed, “This is so going on YouTube!”

Sani turned to me in shock. “You got that on video??!!”

“Yes. Hahahaa roflmao.”


But then, Sani sportingly played along and launched into more lectures, with the help of Judy. This time, I got a better angle because I wasn’t doing it illicitly anymore.

And here’s what transpired: