Awards and Media Appearances

This is an award-winning blog you’re reading! Or about to start reading, hopefully.
I won these awards in Singapore but I don’t live in Singapore anymore.
The UK’s my home now, so I’m waiting for my new home to give me some awards, yes?

Best Lifestyle Blog


Best Lifestyle Blog
Singapore Blog Awards 2009
by (Singapore Press Holdings)

Favourite Blogger


Favourite Blogger
Star Sports Blogger 2010
by Singapore Sports Council

Most Interactive Blog


Most Interactive Blog
Ping Blog Awards 2008


Media Appearances

Here’s a selection of my interviews and appearances in various media.
Click on the images to either enlarge or link to the interview page.

[CNBC Interview]

CNBC Interview

[Read my post about my CNBC interview]



[SAFRA Celebrity Chat Event]

SAFRA Celebrititalk

[Go behind the scenes of my SAFRA celebrity chat]



[CLEO Magazine – Coke Zero interview]

CLEO magazine interview

[Go behind the scenes of my CLEO – Coke Zero photo shoot and interview]



[STUFF magazine interview]

Stuff magazine

[Read my ramblings while waiting around at my STUFF magazine photo shoot]



[Sinema interview]

Sinema interview

[Read my thoughts on my movie, Female Games]



[Appearance in The New Paper]

The New Paper

[Read my post about this blogger flash mob]



[Gadget3 cover and interview]




[Go behind the scenes of my Gadget3 cover photo shoot and interview]



[Video interview by Xbox Taiwan]

(The video is conducted in English and subtitled in Mandarin. It comes with an accompanying writeup.)

[Read a short post about this interview, including a teaser]



[w3sh interview – France]

[Read about my interview by this French online magazine]



[RazorTV interview]

RazorTV interview

[The video seems to be gone now, but you can read my post about it]



[Garnier Online Campaign]

Garnier Roll With It Campaign

[The campaign is no longer online, but you can read about it here]



[Digital Life interview]

Digital Life interview

[Read about my Digital Life photo shoot]  

[Read a short post about kicking butt]



[Maxim interview]

Maxim interview

[Read my protest against this magazine interview]



[Digital Life interview]

Digital Life interview

[Find out how I feel about this photo]



[My Paper interview]

My Paper interview

[Read a bit of nonsense asking people to read this interview]



[Xbox bus ads]

[See more photos the Sheylara Xbox bus]  

[See photos of a miniature Sheylara Xbox bus]



[My Paper Cover]



[The New Paper Interview]

The New Paper Interview

[Read a short post about this TNP interview]



[Zaobao Popcorn Interview]

Zaobao Popcorn Interview

[Read my post about the Zaobao Popcorn Interview]



[Original song]

[Read about the making of this song and video]



[Short Film by NYU Tisch Asia – Mara’s Playground]

[Read my first post about the making of this short film]  

[Read my second post about the making of this short film]



[Playworks Interview]



[Excerpts from Stories of Love – My New Best Friend]

[Read my first behind-the scenes post]  

[Read my second behind-the-scenes post]



[Award-winning short film by Craig Rosenthal – The Trainee]

49 thoughts on “Awards and Media Appearances

  1. Avatar

    haha, i watch you on measure of man. i think you act really well, but your character is kinda evil when you face huang wenyong’s character, ahahaha. good job though! :D

  2. Avatar

    Nice one there. You look great! That’s how you are. I hate how some camwhores use their sexiness (or ugliness, in the case of Lao Zhar Bo) to promote their ugly weblogs. But you, conversely, have put in hard work into your blog and your posts. I can tell. The devil is in WordPress :).

  3. Avatar

    Pretty. Charming. Sexy. Nice.

    Your life is perfect. Your life is the dream of all the girls. You are the dream of all the guys. I wonder how many people would have such a smooth-running life like yours.

    You’re a pretty pampered girl, I guess. I’d never get my parents to get the consoles I want for me. I must work hard to save up money for it. Ah….

    I’d never get to play MMORPGs for long-term. It’s just too expensive. Yeah, that expensive, you bet.

    Games are great. But not all games are created equally. Some games just suck, full stop. Examples: MapleStory, RuneScape.

    Argh… I just can’t go on. Do you think so? Yes, there are great games like GTA, MGS, WoW, Crysis and FF. But do you think games like MapleStory and RuneScape totally sucks?

  4. Avatar

    My life isn’t exactly smooth-running, but it has its good days. :) I’ve tried MapleStory. Yeah I suppose it kinda sucks since I got bored after 2 weeks. RuneScape didn’t even look appealing enough for me to want to try it.

  5. Avatar

    It’s great to have someone that agrees with me.

    But than again, everybody that doesn’t play MapleStory/RuneScape usually think it sucks.

    I’m currently trying Hellgate London right now. I’m glad a friend bought it. He got bored of it, so I can play on his account! Great!

  6. Avatar

    Excellent blog sheylara; I must confess that I came here after realizing I had a minimized superwall on my profile and my cousin had sent me an obscene photo of infected organs (with some message about STD’s).

    Like you I only installed it so that I could send some of my artwork to other friends, and after the disgust of my cousins forwarded message decided to see if I could google “super wall junk” for others who shared my irritation … well that got me here, g’day shelara AWESOME BLOG!!!

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    wow.. see? you just wowed me! hehe,, very nice! what i liked the most is your happy birthday song.. so touching.. hehe..

    anyways.. more power to us nuffnangers! :D and more power to you as well! Do well! keep it up! :3

  9. Avatar

    Regarding the short film “Mara’s Playground”… What is the cultural climate like in Singapore toward non-heterosexuality (such as bisexuality)?

  10. Avatar

    @Damion: While in general, the society tolerates such alternative lifestyles and meritocracy is still the main yardstick for success, this tolerance isn’t enshrined in statute:)

  11. Avatar


    There was one more bus that featured the ad of you and master cheif. It was on service 16 and it’s quite an old bus they put the ad on. (1992 Volvo B10M Mk 3)

    Anyway, i do keep a photo of the bus that i took myself. It is the bus that you posted here. It is a 2008 Scania K230UB and that bus operates on Service 128 and Service 265


  12. Avatar

    been reading all your blogs and i just stumbled into this page just now…. NICE…. you’re very famous now Shey.. =>
    Keep up the good work and all the best….

  13. Avatar

    Hi! Bloghoppin’… a lovely blog u’ve here! first saw you in the xbox ad and i tot u look good! Keep on writing!

  14. Avatar

    Great exposure in the online and offline media for a young enterprising lady like yourself. Take care and continue to enjoy the fullest of life’s exciting challenges , You mean you can play XBOX so well.. – A Sheylara Fan

  15. Avatar

    Wow u are so pretty n talented…admire u :)!Btw,u play modernwarfare2 on pC if yes,add me ->AngryToad>:(

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