Creative Samples


Video Sample 1: At a shoot for a corporate video as an actress, I found my co-actors fooling around between takes. They were funny so I secretly filmed them. Then they noticed me filming them and played directly to my camera. Great sports!


Video Sample 2:
I created this video for Samsung to promote their new video camera. I was the model for this fashion photoshoot so I got a bunch of people to help film me. But I conceptualised and edited the video.


Video Sample 3: This is a game demo and review, like a Twitch stream except Twitch didn’t exist when I made this video.



Comics Sample 1: I was approached by Standard Chartered to promote a new online banking app and to teach their 18-35 demographic how to use it. I came up with this story concept with comic elements to make a usually dry subject matter more appealing.

A Banking Babe is Born

Read Chapter 1

Read Chapter 2

Read Chapter 3


Comics Sample 2: I did a series of comic strips about my in-law’s dog. Here are a couple. 




This is not an infographic per se, but I used the infographic medium to present a personal appeal, showing that all the tools available to us can serve any purpose as long as we can conceive the ideas.


View the infographic



Art & Photography Sample 1: I picked up creative bullet journalling in 2018 and shared my works on Instagram, gaining 25,000 followers within 4 months. I stopped after that due to personal reasons. Here are some sample pages I made, showcasing not just my art, but also photography and set design. 




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Art & Photography Sample 2: Some of my creative photography pieces. 





I wrote and performed this song for a social media company called Nuffnang, the company that helped launch my blogging career. I made this video to celebrate its first birthday and the video was played during the company’s birthday bash event.



I wrote many silly, entertaining image-centric stories, meaning, text coupled with images that could be in the form of photos, comic drawings or gaming screenshots. Here’s one example of a series I created using the screenshots of an online game. 

The Adventures of Sheylara the Barbarian (Part 1)

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7



I taught myself how to code with Scratch and made this very basic game within a day as part of the application process to be a volunteer instructor for Code in the Community, an organisation that provides free coding lessons for disadvantaged kids. 

Play the game (requires a keyboard to play)