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    sheilara i love you and i want to marrie with you ,i am from chile and need you to config my wii because don`t understand nothing of japanese please helpme with the 3.1j version and don`t forget i love you

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    Hey. Look at my comment on your About Section. I need you for an important fanfiction project. Just take this as a contribution to the gaming society? Writing a good Game Fanfic that ties all the the storylines of your favourite video games together. Have you gone that before? It’ll be a great idea, no?

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    u are really hardworking girl, blogging, entertaining, life-styling, everything-ing is sooOO hardwork! from ur blog, i think i make myself alive again. haha, quite a stupidity thinked of mine, but its true to keep young and make fun of life ~ one of slogan for my life-style is “no worries be happy”.. hope it can reach to u too.

    eat, sleep, play squash!

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    directorwong, how can i put this in a nice way … you are a perverted person that needs to grow up

    (wow i amaze myself sometimes with the poetry that i write down!)

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    LJ aka Luke, its sad to say perhaps you might be the one who needs to do so, for you are such a stuck up.

    i certainly hope you do realize theres a difference between your daily random porn and x-rated movies.

    for a start, you cant even treat a common query like this as a professional statement. ( be it who i am )

    all you need is a roll of cloth to wrap yourself up air-tight and a rectangular shaped box as a container.

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    I’d say that it’s a moot point. Nude doesn’t equal porn, but it’s a decision that QY will take on her own…

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    Hi Sheylara may I ask a Question?

    I am a gamer carrently working on G3 (Game Gadget Gear) and I would like to ask about the Age of Conan.

    I have heard of the news that if Age of Conan release in Local area and we might have a problem to play online because there a country block?

    So I have read your blog and saw a topic which you mantion about the Age of Conan.

    And I wanna to share with you the lastest Wii Fit have arrive in Singapore.

    If you are interested of get any infromation about Age Of Conan please send me a email or drop a post here.

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    Hi there. Just want to double confirm with u.
    So are u one of the models at Funan IT Mall during the launch of Ninja Gaiden 2 official game?

    Coz, I was there and I saw u. But was not sure where I had seen u before. Now I have stumble ur website. Now I know. haha..

    Cherrios.. (Wish most female ninjas as cute as u. ;-)

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    be careful sheylara…this one sound like another one of those demented PUA’s (remember your good friend Solomon Yeow)

  10. Avatar

    Yes I was one of the female ninjas at the launch.

    Luke: Haha… you might be right… or not. But generally, as long as people are nice and not rude, I’m alright with them. :P

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    Actually my neighbor is a film maker so I can learn some stuffs from him (possibly I will be an intern :P )

    Maybe one day I will be a successful indie film maker, applying some of the psychology stuffs I learned to terrify the audience (I wanna see them shit in pants)

    You like to play roles in psycho horror films?

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    Sheylara, wanted to thanks and compliment your blog. Happen to get to your website, and was so glad that you have the “Wii system translation manual” it really helps alot for us.

    Drinks on me with no validity period if have the apportunity. Wishing you good health and stay pretty forever.


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    hi sheylara, i came across your blog while surfing for articles relevant to Money No Enough. My cousin’s a film director and his film will be shown at the Arts House this wkend. I think you’re really photogenic and would love to watch you onscreen. Would you mind if I were to pass your contact to him? I think he’s currently auditioning actresses for a film/movie. I’ll have to check with him on that. do get back to me via email and I’ll forward it to him. have a cheery sunshine day ahead! =)

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    Wow, that’s very impressive. I’ve tried Legend of Zelda on Wii and DS. They’re nice! But I didn’t play for too long. I don’t usually have time to complete games because I have to keep playing new games when they come out.

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    oh yeah, i hear ya. i usually don’t finish games because i get new ones. i guess i just have an attachment to that game.

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    I am a Brasilian.
    I would like to get a more complete manual of Wii translated from Japanese to english, how can i get it?


  17. Avatar

    If we send you some screens in Japanese, could you please translate them for us?
    We’ve used your manual to access Internet via Wii. However, some mistakes are happening such as mistake 61222.
    How could we go to the next step without going through these mistakes?
    Please help us.
    Thank you very much in advance.

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    You are.. ehm.. AwWw! ^_^

    I’am italian student, nice to meet you.. my name is Massimo.
    Ur career is very interesting and curious! :D

    You are an ambassador soo sweet :P
    ..i added u on facebook!

    有一個很好的一天!;) Bye

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    I know you are really obsessed with PINK. You got to check out the LG icecream! Well, even if you already had an iphone…

    Ok, no link provided here so that you know this is not a one-of-those check-me-out scam message.

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    Hey Shey:

    Read your starblog today, and I have to say it really made me rethink my stance as a person. It is about forgiving those that hurt you deeply, and still learning to trust them again.

    I think the hurt is deepest from friends whom you trust the most and had the most respect of. I know people will make stupid mistakes at times (as I do a lot of times). But I find it more difficult when those people do not seem to realize that they were wrong and continue to make that same mistake.

    But reading your blog post made me see it again in a different perspective… one of hope, and not of despair… I can choose to not hold it against those folks even though they continue in their folly… it is ultimately a choice thing, and also what I want my today and tomorrow to be like… definitely one filled with contentment and joy, and not of resentment…

    Thanks, Shey.

    Best regards,

    Anthony (greetings from Vancouver, BC)

  22. Avatar

    Hey Anthony, it’s very nice of you to share your thoughts. I know how bad it feels to be betrayed by a loved one but I guess after some time, you just remember the good times and forgive the bad times. Or maybe that’s just me. :P It’s not really wise, setting oneself up for disappointment and betrayal again, but then I think it makes one a happier person.

    All the best in your life! Cheers. :)

  23. Avatar

    Hey Shey:

    Regarding setting oneself up for disappointment in relationships/friendships, I think that is indeed part of life. Some people have more grace in them, and thus forgiving again and again is not so hard. For myself, I am learning to be more like that, though personality wise, I tend to be more clear cut, which I have been told is not that a great thing. Giving grace when it is asked for is easy, giving grace when it was not appreciated (or shown arrogance in return is really hard).

    Feeling “justified” all the time sounds good, but as I have learned or continue to learn, it does not always equate to contentment and joy in life. In fact, contrary to the natural human urge for justification, being ready to always “forgive” and not hold it against others (regardless of whether apologies are extended or not), is going to work out for the better in terms of stress-free joyful life. But it is surely not easy to do… that is what I find anyway…

    Wow, a gamer… why the Xbox360? The HD DVD is already out of the game now, with blu-ray being the sole winner of the format war. I have the PS3 and I can watch blu-ray movies at the same time as well. I think the Blu-ray graphics is a little better and mor vibrant than the XBOX360.

    It’s frigid cold here in Vancouver now… -5C at night…


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    hey sheylara, i left a comment for you on 15 Aug 2008 (scroll upwards) and upon receiving a notification today, I realised you’ve auditioned for my cousin’s movie. How did it go? I’d love to hear all about it from you! Do get back to me via email! =)

  25. Avatar

    Hi mich, thanks for your comment. So Kelvin is your cousin? Coolness! Please tell him for me that I need to be in his movie! Haha. ;)

    Anyway, I’ve already said everything there is to say about the auditions in my two blog posts. How it went I don’t know. You have to ask your cousin about that, lol! ;)

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    What gr8 blog, i knew there was something special bout ya when i met u at drumfest 08, but i didnt expect you to be a huge star in the blogging scene, kudos about that.

    I came across your blog and thought hey i once served you some stuff @ the drumfest, with a smile of course.

    Wish ya the best of luck with all that your doing
    Drummer boy

  27. Avatar


    Oops !!!! I just found out that your birthday is on 23 July as my elder brother and my birthday is also 7 days away . :P

  28. Avatar


    I just wish to have a copy of the video you took of me giving my speech at “Singapore’s Biggest Halo Fan contest”. Can you please contact me when you are free and tell me how I could get a copy of it from you. Many thanks.

    yours sincerely,
    Leong Han Keow
    A.K.A. Duelist

  29. Avatar

    Dear Sheylara,

    I read your post on “Is the Singaporean Man A Wimp?”I do agree with you on that matter,the problem with SG men or wimps,the majority are sore losers,they don’t have a sense of purpose,direction,goals,the drive to succeed in life,i aint a wimp,i suffered from low-self esteem when i was a teen,i’m 31 now,studying @ London School Of Economics,this issue of Sporean men erratic behavior has been forlorn n a foregone conclusion.

    You also wrote that if a guy likes you n vice-versa,he should just kiss u without having the need to ask.I have never kissed a gal in my life before,really,i am not kidding….either my church friends call me gay,i’m as straight as an arrow but i dun pierce a girl’s heart,i’ve never been out on a date,never danced with a girl,etc,etc….i leave it to you to decide what am i!

    A little bit about myself,i’m an Anglo-Indian,my great granddaddy was a British officer in India,i was born in India,but i grew up in Spore,practically i’m a citizen,went thru NS like every other local male,i have experienced lots of things with my life,from near death experience to facing danger either in a ocean,rock-climbing,motor-bike racing,etc…

    If you seriously think that wimpy guys can keep a nation safe,think again Princess Sheylara,i rather create Terminators or machines from the Matrix to keep mankind safe,if you believe in God,then hallelujah!


  30. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara

    I have a question about the RX8 which I would appreciate if you could forward to the Goonfather and see whether he can help. Does he know what the indicator light which is located above the battery indicator light and below the oil gauge, is for? I am referring to the one that looks like a colosseum – under normal circumstances, it lights up briefly when you first turn on the engine.

    Thanks in advance for your and his help.

  31. Avatar

    Hey Sheylara, just want to let you know that you look like a Hong Kong Star. Feel so good to see that bright smile of yours. You make my day…………Cheers@

  32. Avatar


    Just happen that i glance through your profile, jsut to say you really have a sweet smile… anyway i do have strong interest i feel it’s so peaceful over there dun you think so ? Quite shock your birthday is on 23rd july as mine falls one day before you hehe … nice knowing you by the way cheers feel free to contact via the e mail. cheers

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    Hi Sheylara,

    You blog looks awesome and it looks very professional yet providing good quality info. We found that your blog visitor might be same demographic of visitor with us and we would like get our site posted on your site. We are happy to post your site at your site too. Let us know how can we make this happen.

  34. Avatar

    Sheylara! your such a dork! lol but in your case its a desirable trait.. weird huh?

    Only discovered your blog tonight. I very seldom enjoy stuff like this but I literally chuckled out loud reading some of your posts.

    Thanks for the laughs. Keep doin what your doin!

  35. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara, would like to share with you about the upcoming Ultimate Street Fighter Challenge happening at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard on this Sat, 24 April.

    This is a 3 weekends event leading to the launch of SUPER Street Fighter IV, exclusive on Xbox 360 whereby the grand winner will represent Singapore to take part in the Xbox 360 Cup SSF4 Asian Championship in Korea.

    Hope to see you yah!

  36. Avatar

    hi!Sheylara i am jack here nice to meet u too i am single 29 yrs old i like to made single friend like u girl and are u free alone on sunday morning at 1 august 2010 at 9 am and i like to go to the sentosa siloso beach swimming, play beach volleyball, suntanning , do u want to meet me alone with my friend and my cousin ok pls contact me at 84466977 ok see u soon than

  37. Avatar

    dont think of me as gay for commenting on this site but i was searching manga guidelines on google images and stumbled across your site, i was wondering where was your manga class was and if not in this country(uk)where can i find it in this country and is it for younger kids(10-13yr olds)

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    hi sheylara, this is great blog! I reach you from wordpress support regarding the RSS feed problem that you have’ve post “….There was a problem retrieving the feed: Error getting URL: 400 – Recursive feed redirection error…”

    I am also facing this problem, it would be much appreciated if you can tell me how to resolve it. Thank you in advance.

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    hey Yun,
    How are you my friend! Miss you a lot! Oh by the way, I’m actually looking for your movies but unfortunately just can’t find it in my country. I’ve looked it in all stores back here but was impossible. Many had heard of it but they don’t have it.
    So can you let me know where I can get them?
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Zai ji an!

    Shetu Olindo
    Zilch Films
    Zilch Production

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    Best regards

    Adel bofaraj

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    Hey…wassup! just watched I Not Stupid 2…awesome…especially the “worm and egg” part..llloovvved it!….:D

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    Hi Sheylara, I really like your website. I represent one of the biggest online retailers of designer eyewear. I’m interested in doing a competition/giveaway on your blog and giving away a free pair of glasses to one lucky reader!

    Let me know if you think your readers would be interested in receiving a free pair of designer sunglasses from

    I’d rather deal directly with you, not another agency. thanks.

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