Scary Chinese nationals

There were a few interesting (scary) encounters I had in Changping which I might or might not have blogged about, depending on my mood. But this week’s Star Blog gave me the opportunity to talk about those encounters. Heh.

Read here: Scary Chinese nationals


In other news, I just arrived home in Singapore. My trip wasn’t as slow and relaxing as I had planned it to be. When I was there, I couldn’t resist going sightseeing because the Goonfather tempted me with things that sounded too interesting to miss. We visited Window of the World and Changlong Zoo (pandas!).

Those took up a lot of time because of the travelling required.

In the end, I didn’t even have time to go shopping. No shopping!! I didn’t even have time to soak in the bathtub every night like I had planned. I only got one soak in on our last night and that was only for 10 minutes. Haha.

Anyway, I’m really tired today so I’ll leave it till tomorrow to blog something interesting. In the meantime, please read my Star Blog. =P

Ta Ta!

Why I boycott these shopping malls

Okay, I don’t know why anyone would want to read about where I like to go shopping or which malls I hate.

But I’ve written it and it’s there for the reading. It’s this week’s Star Blog topic!

Read: Name five of your best and five of the worst malls and shopping places in Singapore

Shopping mall

I’ve been truly busy the past week. Tons of advertorial and proposal deadlines, meetings, events, blogs, etc. I hardly slept all weekend and I woke up at 9 am today to rush some more work.

Finally finshed all my deadlines, though. I should be able to breathe easier this week and write some decent posts. No major deadlines and only two events!

One of the events is the Rappelz game launch. I am still accepting entries to be a VIP guest at the launch. I have a private gaming room for five people, with a terminal each for free gaming. And free food and drinks!

Want to join me there? Read the bottom of this post for details. Don’t forget you can also attend the party as a regular guest. It’s open to everyone. Just register at the Rappelz website!

Rappelz Singapore launch

Oh, yes, I’ll be collecting my iPhone 4 later.


Okay, I’ll try and wear something red today to celebrate National Day. =D

The missing photo and the lonely iPad

Today, I will show you a picture of me pretending to use a Macbook.

Sheylara pretending to use a Macbook

I took this picture for Star Blog, actually. We were asked to photograph ourselves with our favourite gadgets.

But this photo didn’t appear in my entry. I think there’s something strange in the neighbourhood. See, the SOP is for us to write our entries on MS Word, then e-mail them to our editor, after which the team will publish them for us. (Our entries are unedited and published verbatim.)

I sometimes like to end my posts with a photo. For a while now, I’ve noticed that my last photos never make it to publication, although I never bothered to tell anyone because it’s, like, not really a big deal. It’s just one photo.

This week, I decided to end my blog with one sentence after the last photo just to experiment. And STILL the last photo didn’t appear, although my last sentence did. But you can see a space where the photo is supposed to be.

Click here to see what I mean.

See the space at the end?

That tells me that they’re not deliberately axing my last photos. It must be some kind of programming or data entry bug or something.

Any guesses?

Sheylara and her iPhone

On a side note, there was this incident once when I talked on two phones at once, looking rather idiotic as I did so. I was going to blog about it but then this week’s Star Blog topic was quite relevant, so I told my story there, instead.

I’m becoming quite the Apple fan. To think I used to get annoyed when Apple fanboys acted all crazy over Apple products. I can totally understand why now. It’s something you can appreciate only after being a user yourself.

So, I have ordered my iPhone 4 and iPad. The worldwide shortage irritates me much. Does Apple do this on purpose to increase the hype and fanaticism? I was going to wait till the stampede dies down and there are actually stocks in the stores before I buy them. But it seems my impulse got the better of me this week.

I am expecting to receive my iPhone 4 and iPad in the third week of August, when I will be away in China. BRILLIANT, YES? I didn’t in fact realise it until the Goonfather pointed it out to me.

“I’m getting my iPad on August 20!!”

“Aren’t you going to be in China then?”


We’re planning yet another China trip from August 17 till August 23. So, the 20th is smack in the middle of our trip.



It’s times like this when I feel like tearing my hair out and burying myself in the ground. Although that would technically be quite painful so I only do it in my imagination where it’s safer.

Okay, I’m done rambling about virtually nothing. I must bugger off and do some real work now.

I’ll leave you with this link again to my Star Blog entry. It’s also Star Blog chat day today (technically tonight) so see you there at 9 pm!

Don’t call SG guys inadequate!

I was wondering why we keep getting topics like this on Star Blog. I mean, this isn’t the first time the worth of Singapore men have been called to question. Nor is it the first time it’s been alluded to that Singapore women prefer dating ang mohs.

Probably not the second time, either. I’ve kinda lost count.

The topic this week: “We see more and more SG girls with foreigner BFs. Is it because SG guys are inadequate?”

See, the first instinct for most readers would be that our editors have run out of topics. In fact, readers have been complaining about that for some time now.

So I thought and thought about it. And I came to the conclusion that it’s not so much the lack of imagination on our editors’ part, but more the fact that Singaporeans are still largely hung up over such issues.

Interracial coupling

Maybe there are people who are sick to death of such topics, but in many places online and offline, Singaporeans are still discussing the matter of Singaporean guys’ adaquecy (or lack thereof) and still enjoying lambasting SPGs. It’s still an issue that people are concerned (kaypoh?) about.

That’s why it’s still current for bloggers to write about them.

So, rather than the onus being on the editors to come up with brand new topics every cycle, maybe it’s our jobs as bloggers to come up with fresh spins on old topics.

Okay, I must admit that I didn’t do a really good job this week because I was largely bedridden the whole weekend and it’s a little tough to write when you’re lying in bed all the time and asleep half the time. I just kinda spat out everything I felt because that’s the easiest. I’ll try and do better next time!

But I think Julen wrote an entertaining piece this week titled “8 Ways To Tell If You’re An Inadequate Local Guy”. Have a read if you have some time.



Do you want to know my dreams?

I always wonder… do people like hearing other people’s dreams? I mean literal dreams. The ones you get when you’re sleeping.

Because I don’t.

People usually only tell you their dreams when it’s something fantastical or incredibly weird. There’s no point otherwise, is there?

So, the problem is that I don’t like listening to stuff that is not real.

Like: “So, I was running in this forest, frantic to find my way out because I’m kinda lost and there’s this monstrous mutant unicorn on my tail. Then, suddenly, I trip and I start falling through this tunnel made of marshmallows and do you know what greeted me when I landed? Megan Fox wearing a maid uniform!”

I mean, that’s maybe a bit cool and all but IT’S NOT REAL. I just don’t have the patience to listen to something that’s not real because… well, it’s not real.

Watching movies or reading books is different because those are entire experiences. There are proper beginnings and ends, there are good-looking actors, you experience cartharsis in feeling for the characters.

Dream stories are just random nonsensical tellings which don’t really move me.


I suppose my requisite for listening to, reading or watching something is that the telling must move me in some way. Either make me feel happy or sad or make me laugh like mad.

Dreams don’t usually do that.

An exception is when someone dreams about me, then I want to know all about it (unless it’s obscene) because, naturally, I want to gain an insight on what that person thinks of me, right?

So, I’m curious. Is it just me? Or do you actually like knowing what other people dream about?

I’m asking this now because this week’s Star Blog topic is about our most memorable dreams, so I’m wondering if people would want to read that.

If you do, you can read it here:

I was forced to kill my boyfriend.

If not, tell me why!