Sigh, men!

Why can I never get a straight answer from a man? We’re planning a trip to Guernsey (an island) dead early tomorrow morning, so I need to know what time we have to leave so I can set my alarm.

Me: What time do we have to leave home?

Piers: No earlier than an hour before the time we have to be there – which is an hour before we sail (6 am).

Took me 11 minutes of questioning, during which time I got more riddles, before I received the answer: 4 am.

In hiding

Yeah I know my photos are missing from my blog header. Looks very funny, doesn’t it?

Nanny Wen (aka Buggy Wen aka Davienne) says it reminds her of Harry Potter’s moving picture people.

Guess my photos are taking a break. They’ve gone into hiding because it’s been raining a lot in England and the weather forecast says it’s going to hail tomorrow.


Crazy or not.


I thought I’d be in discomfort for a year because I was finding it impossible to get used to Invisalign in my mouth. But just 11 days into it, I hardly feel it anymore.

Was playing on my iPad before bed last night when I suddenly couldn’t feel plastic in my mouth and for one horrifying moment, thought that I had forgotten to put my aligners back on after dinner, which was ages ago.

Turned out it’s just my mouth has started to adapt.