I’m hungry to win…


Today’s post is about hunger!

Yes, what a great topic to talk about. So, let’s talk about when I’m hungry.

When I’m hungry, I turn into one of three things:


1. A self-pitying rock

It’s late and I’m tired and I should be sleeping. But my stomach is growling something fierce. Too hungry to sleep, too tired to eat. I lie in bed like a rock, immovable and bemoaning the tragic irony of life.


Self-pitying rock



2. A wilting flower

If I get hungry when I’m outside, I can’t lie down like a rock or people will throw stones at me. So I float about weakly in search of food, at risk of blowing away at the slightest breeze.


Wilting flower



3. A monster

Sometimes, I turn into a monster when I’m hungry. That is, a variation of cookie monster. Except I don’t like nomming cookies as much as barbequed chicken wings and Big Macs. Or pizza. Or chocolate.


Snickers bar



What do you turn into when you’re hungry?

Not a scary monster, I hope. I know people who get grumpy and irritable when they’re hungry.

Okay, I get grumpy and irritable if my meal is significantly delayed and I grow increasingly hungry. For stupid reasons like mad traffic jams. That is really annoying.

Well, let’s see what American footballers turn into when they’re hungry!

Watch this…



It’s funny! Although I had to watch it twice to get it because I didn’t know what the theme was the first time.

It gave me such a craving, though.

I started getting hungry when I watched the commercial and then even hungrier when I checked out the Snickers Hungerlings Attack website.


Snickers Hungerlings Attack


I was at my laptop, it was morning and I was wondering what to eat for breakfast. I was thinking cereal.

I browsed around the website and played the Hungerlings Attack game and then I started getting really hungry for Snickers.

I MSNed Piers, who was at work, and said, “I need Snickers!!”

A few hours later, during lunchtime, he delivered two Snickers bars to me! Such a happy day!




Eating it while playing the Hungerlings Attack game helped me get a good score.

Actually, I don’t know whether it’s a good score or not. I just think it must be pretty decent because I played 10 or 12 games and feel that I can’t do any better anymore.


Snickers Hungerlings Attack


Go give it a try and see if you can beat my score!

In the game, you’re a Hungerling (like a hungry monster) and you won’t be sated until you manage to grab and eat 10 Snickers bars.

It doesn’t take long to play. Less than half a minute per game. And you could win cool prizes if you get the best score during each contest period!


Snickers Hungerlings Attack prizes


The contest ends at June 13 so you still have a week to perfect your score. No purchase or anything required so why not give it a go?

Good luck!




Oops. Did I make you hungry, too? =P

Getting my ugly teeth fixed!


I never realised my teeth were crooked until a couple of years back when I went to see a dentist about getting veneers.

He said it wasn’t advisable until I got braces to fix my teeth! (No, he wasn’t trying to rip me off; he doesn’t do braces.)

I have always thought my only problems were that my teeth weren’t white enough and jagged at the bite. I seldom show my teeth in photos because I think I look awful smiling with teeth, but never really knew why!

It was after seeing the dentist that I finally understood. Supposedly, my front teeth are too big and they jut out a bit.


Sheylara with crooked teeth


How strange I never noticed it all my life.

Anyway, so now I know, and everyone knows, I have ugly teeth. Eee!

But that won’t matter anymore cos they won’t be ugly for too much longer!!

I didn’t get braces back then because I didn’t want to have ugly metal bits on my teeth for two years.


Sheylara with crooked teeth


But I am now in the process of getting my teeth fixed thanks to Neuglow Dental for sponsoring my Invisalign treatment!

Invisible braces! No ugly metal bits!

I’ve been assigned to Dr Poon, who is one of the kindest, friendliest, sweetest orthodontist you’ll ever meet.

(I’ve always believed that it’s very very important to choose a dentist who’s kind and gentle and empathetic, so as to lessen your fear of being in the dentist chair. =P)

An orthodontist is a dentist who specialises in correcting irregular teeth and that’s what Dr Poon does. She said she chose orthodontics because she can’t bear hurting people, and since braces are life-changing and painless, it suits her well.

So cute, right?


Sheylara with Dr Poon


That’s me in Dr Poon’s clinic. She has two stuffed doggies which she gives to patients to hold so they’ll feel better about having their teeth poked at.

And while she’s doing her work on you, she constantly chatters with you and tells you anecdotes so you get distracted.

Not that distraction is needed since getting braces isn’t painful. But it can be mildly uncomfortable at some points, so every bit of distraction is good.

Oh the dog has a name. I think it’s Winston Churchill or something like that. LOL. I can’t remember.

Anyway, I’m so excited! Getting a new smile!

Won’t have to hide them all the time anymore. =D




I’ll get my aligners in late June, cos the lab needs time to make them, and then it’ll take about a year for my teeth to be straightened out.


Will tell you more about Invisalign and the process in another post.

In the meantime, if you need some corrective work done on your teeth, you won’t regret going to Dr Poon. Here are the details!

Dr Poon
Neuglow Dental
TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Road
Tel: 6732 2237

Save hundreds of dollars a year


I once fell out with a friend because of a dispute over electricity bills.

I was sharing a flat with her while we were studying in Australia. Well, she rented the flat, then sub-let it to me, providing me a room, meals and home necessities for a fixed monthly rate.

We lived together uneventfully for a few months, then winter came and she suddenly said she needed to increase my rent.

I think it was because she saw me using my fan heater a lot, to chase the cold away.

I can understand the increased cost of heating a room, but at that time I got really angry. It was a substantial increase, plus I was already beginning to feel annoyed about her thriftiness around the house. The meals she provided were so small I was starving half the time and had to buy my own food and groceries.


Increase my rent?


So it was the last straw for me when she tried to increase my rent when it wasn’t part of our agreement. I told her I was going to move out. She said, fine, but I still had to pay the rent for the remaining few months of our agreement.

We finally came to a grudging compromise. I paid her for an extra month and moved out immediately. We were never friends again after that.

All that bad blood just because of increased electricity usage!

Maybe if I had been as thrifty as her and had just worn more clothes instead of using the heater so much, she might not have asked for more money, and we would have continued to be friends.

Well, I think, we tend not to be overly conscious about using excess electricity when we’re not the ones paying for it. My dad was paying for all my expenses in Australia, so I didn’t feel the pinch. I don’t know about that ex-friend of mine. Maybe she had to pay for her own stuff or maybe she was just kinder to her parents’ bank account than I was.

Nowadays, I’m more careful about using too much electricity, although I’ve never had to pay for it. I do realise that someone has to pay for it, so I should be nice and help them save money.


Turn off power


Like, I try not to keep the air conditioner running all day. I turn off the lights when I don’t need it. I know I can do more, like not keep my PC running 24/7. But that’s something I have to work on getting used to cos I like having my PC on and ready at the drop of a hat.

Just learnt something useful: Leaving your PC on overnight (around eight hours) costs an extra $15 a month for electricity. That’s not overly much but it’s $180 in a year! Think what I could do with the money!

Okay, it’s my dad’s money. Maybe he can buy a new… um… microwave oven or something? Well, I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine what my parents would want to buy cos they seem to have everything they need already.

Oh, and did you know that you can save about $665 a year by using a fan instead of an air-conditioner?


Well, okay, I really can’t stop using my a/c in hot, humid Singapore. But that’s just a nice thought, isn’t it?

So, why am I talking about electricity?




Because electricity tariffs are up by 3.3% this year. Stupid oil prices keep going up and up and up! So annoying.

But it’s quite exciting to learn that we can save literally hundreds of dollars every year just by adjusting our lifestyle a bit here and there.

Like, turning off the switch at power sockets when done using appliances.

Like, upgrading to energy-efficient appliances.

Like, not putting hot food in the fridge.

So many things we can do.

Would be so nice to have a few hundred dollars in savings each year, right? Maybe go on a cheap holiday as a reward!

Alright, maybe you already know all these facts. Maybe you’re an expert.

Maybe you can win a $250 Best Denki voucher each week by proving it!



Play the Energy Challenge


It’ll take only a few minutes and it’s very easy to play. Just help Mr Tan save on electricity costs by turning off his appliances or buying energy-efficient ones for him!

It would help if you looked at some energy saving tips here first.

Loads of helpful nuggets can be found there. They’re fun and interesting to read!


Energy saving tip


Well, okay, I’ll leave you to it. Shall stop blogging now so I can turn off my computer and go to bed. Must save energy!

Are you using the right protection?


I’m really glad I made it a point some time back not to be greedy and lust after freebies. Because you never know when threats might lurk behind such freebies.

I’m sure some people still don’t know about the notorious iPad scams that surfaced in early 2010, so let me talk about it a bit.

After Apple announced the launch of the iPad, ads suddenly started appearing all over the Internet inviting people to sign up to be iPad beta testers, after which the tester would get to keep the iPad.


Scam #1:

Free iPad scam


Scam #2:

Free iPad scam


Scam #3:

Free iPad scam


Scam #4:

Free iPad scam


There were more like these.

They were all scams.

There never were any free test iPad sets.


Scammers profitted from these in a number of ways.

For one, victims were asked to key in their e-mail and password so that the company could access their contact list and send invites to all their friends to receive free iPads.

(You’d think people ought to know by now NEVER to give their passwords to anyone!)

For another, victims were asked for their phone numbers, which were then used to subscribe to a phone service that automatically added USD10 to their phone bill every week, until the victims realised it and manually opted out of the service.

Crazy, right?

In fact, there were even scamming websites that pretended to warn people about free iPad scams, then go on to invite people to sign up with their company to receive free iPads, providing impressive-sounding (but bogus) reasons to explain why theirs aren’t a scam like the others.

People who fell for that ought to be spanked, I think. You can’t believe that people will fall for it, right? But they do. And they will continue to, unless they read this following message!




There’s now protection against these kind of scams, and more.

Even if you think you’re really savvy, I think it’s still good to have protection just in case you have an off-day.

I have always been careful but, a couple of years ago, I still contracted an MSN virus by unthinkingly clicking on a stupid link supposedly sent by one of my friends.

I wish I had used the right protection then!!

So, here are a few facts everyone should know:


  • Today, there is one threat online every 1.5 seconds.
  • By 2015, this number will be increased to 7 threats per second. (Estimated figure.)
  • Just visiting a malicious website is enough to allow viruses into your PC.


The solution to all these problems is simple. Get an Internet security software to protect yourself.

Now, I know what most people are going to say. They don’t like these software because their PCs get slowed down and they get interrupted in the middle of work or playing games or something.

So, then, the solution is…


Trend Micro Titanium


Trend Micro Titanium!

This global Internet security leader has made every effort to provide maximum protection without the inconveniences.

Using the Trend Micro Cloud Security Technology, users are only required to download 20% of signature files (as opposed to 100% for other anti-virus software), which are updated frequently and unobtrusively. All Internet threats are identified at the cloud before even reaching users’ PCs.

In layman’s terms, this just means that TrendMicro Titanium will not slow down your PC because it uses less memory while offering maximum real-time protection against current and future threats. Virus definition files are updated frequently without you even knowing or feeling it.


Trend Micro Titanium


  • Lowest in memory.
  • Best in protection (detection rate) against latest new threats which are created every 1.5 seconds.
  • Test results are conducted in a live environment with Internet connection turned on. This is more accurate as 92% of new threats come from the web.


So, who needs this software? Everyone, I think. Following, I present you a scary list. I mean scary considering that scams and viruses are lurking in every corner in our lives.


Top 5 threats we are vulnerable to:

  1. Banking Trojans
  2. Botnet Warfare
  3. Personal Data Theft
  4. Targeted Attacks using e-mail
  5. Search Engine Poisoning


Trend Micro Titanium addresses all these threats and more. I’m sure we all know the importance of having proper protection!

Now, besides protection, what’s equally important is also the usability of the software. I found it easy to install and once there, it just sat there quietly and did its work without bothering me.

Well, unless it was to inform me that I was about to do something dangerous that would potentially infect my PC.


Besides all that, here’s something else that might interest you very much.

Would you like to enjoy a private movie screening where you can invite up to 63 friends?


If you answered yes, which I’m sure you did, then here’s your chance to win one such luxury!


Trend Micro Titanium Contest


All you have to do is Like the Trend Micro Singapore Facebook Fan Page.

Then click on the contest tab to answer a simple question, then follow instructions!


Trend Micro Titanium Contest


It’s really fast and easy, just like how installing Trend Micro Titanium onto your PC is also fast and easy!

So, good luck with the contest (if you win, you will invite me to your screening, right? :P) and make sure you’re using the right protection, always!

Got a question you need answered?


I’ve been travelling quite a lot this year and am already making plans for several more trips in the coming year.

So, my main concern is always mobile connectivity. Can I get a prepaid data card for my phone? Or should I rent a phone with a data plan? How will I get the locals to understand what I want if I can’t speak their language?

Or should I just use data roaming? Can my phone data roam in that country?


On the phone


It is quite a chore finding answers to these questions. Sometimes, people tell you different things because they’re not too sure themselves. And, sometimes, you find out too late that what you thought would work doesn’t work after all.

So, I wish I had found this website that offers “Practical Answers For Your Digital Life” sooner.

JustAskGemalto.com is this one-stop Q&A site where you can find answers to all your digital and IT queries. If the answer you want can’t be found, just ask, and an expert will answer your question!


Here’s a useful Q&A I found for travellers:

Phone Q&A


All pertaining to a digital lifestyle, especially with an emphasis on online security, the website offers seven categories of Q&A:

  • Travelling
  • Communicating
  • Surfing
  • Health
  • Personal Data
  • Buying
  • Working

I think it’s especially useful for the generation of users who didn’t grow up in today’s network-connected world and don’t feel safe engaging in activities or transactions on the Internet.

I’m sure everyone knows someone like that!

Then again, even for those who did grow up in this environment, it’s always a good idea to be knowledgeable on these matters to protect yourselves better

JustAskGemalto answers questions clearly and offers advice on safeguarding our online identities and personal information.

Now, my advice to you is to check out the site and answer five simple questions for a chance to win an Apple iPad as well as other attractive prizes!

One lucky person has already won an iPad in the first contest. Contest #2 is now running and the winner could be you!

The contest will run till Dec 25, 2010, so go get your entry in before it’s too late!


Playing on the iPad