Selfies and update on Nuffnang UK competition

I have decided to start off with a bunch of selfies so you will feel inclined to read this post. (Because otherwise you won’t. Don’t try to console me with a pretty white lie; I know you won’t; the internet is an uncaring, cruel beast who only wants to look at selfies.)

So, selfies.


Sheylara selfies






Cute, pretty Daphne


Sorry, I just had to include that last photo because Daphne is so cute!

Anyway, now that you’ve been tricked into encouraged to start reading this post, you might as well continue.

Because, today, I am updating you on the Nuffnang UK Blogger Competition, for which I had posted a most pitiful appeal in order to coax you into taking part in the competition with me.

Full of trickery, I am.

Nonetheless, it was a good idea for I have won!

It was a really fun competition and I honestly wouldn’t have minded if I hadn’t won because I had a lot of fun taking part in it and I so enjoyed reading the entries that my friends and readers sent in.

But that is moot since I did win.

Here’s my exciting prize, a blogger survival kit!


Blogger survival kit


How wonderful is that? I can picture the UK Nuffies putting the kit together lovingly. There are four winners in the competition so they’ve had to prepare four sets and write four love pep talk letters!

Thank you, Nuffnang UK, for the fun and the love and the awesomesaurus blogger survival kit!

And now.

I’d also like to thank you guys who helped me with the competition. You guys are awesomesaurus, too!


Thank you for taking the time to think up answers to the sometimes quite challenging challenge questions. Your answers made me smile and laugh!

Without you, I am nothing! Without you, I am a blogger without readers! Without you, I can just laze around at home all day and play games instead of blog!

Okay, that’s all I need to say. You can go now!

But don’t forgot to come back again in a couple of days for my next post. It’s going to be… (secret)!

Actually, I don’t even know yet. That’s how ridiculous I am. Come back and find out! ;)

Nuffnang UK challenge update

Yes! My infograph was a huge success!

Seven people saw it and took pity on me! :D

They helped me take part in the first Nuffnang UK challenge by answering this question, “If was a film, which would it be and why?”


Lovely tweets from lovely people


Thank you so much! I love all your answers! :)

Honestly, I was expecting only one response. Maybe two, at the most, if I count Piers, lol. Because I’ve noticed that it’s really, really difficult to get people to response to any social media stuff these days cos there’s just too much activity going on everywhere. So I’m very grateful to you peeps!


Well, the second challenge is up!


2nd Nuffnang UK challenge


I wonder where they’re heading with these kinda questions! I feel embarrassed asking them!

But please tweet an answer, anyway!

Closing date is end of Thursday (midnight) GMT!

Thank you sooooooooooo much!


How can I ever repay you?


I’m sorry there is no infographic today. Haha. I’ve been busy working on my blog redesign and drawings!

So maybe I’ll only have one response for this, if I’m lucky.

Will I?

Help Sheylara become less sad

You can help, you really can.

I know people don’t like reading long stories so I have done an infographic-style appeal because everyone loves infographics!




Okay, now you know what’s going on (hopefully), here’s the link to the competition details, but you don’t have to read it to help.

What you do need to do is hop over to Twitter and do the first task now cos the competition has started!

I need you to answer this question:

“If were a film, which one would it be and why?”


Tweet your answer with

the hashtag #tellNuffnang.


Tweet your answer now! :)


They’re looking for insight and creativity, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t think of anything good. Just tweet something because I need at least one response for each task, to even be in the competition!

Thank you so very much!!

(a million kisses!)

Going to the beach for love

Now that the summer sun has finally decided to show up in the UK, I have to knuckle down and do my girlfriendly duty once again.


Hmm hmm hmmm...


Yes, I have to go to the beach with Piers so he can indulge his sun-deprived body.

I don’t like sunshine, so being anywhere in direct exposure of sunlight is not my idea of nice. But Piers needs his sun, so we meet halfway. Instead of lying on the beach all day half naked and cultivating skin cancer, we just go for walks.


Not very nice beach


After about an hour of walking along the beachfront, we stopped at a quiet part of the beach where the sand is not so nice (we both prefer solitude to nice sand) for him to dip his feet in the icy cold water.

(Does anyone know why seawater is freezing cold even in hot summer?)


Bournemouth Beach


I took loads of photos of him before he realised it because we were quite far from each other and he probably thought I was taking photos of seagulls or something, lol.


Unsuspecting Piers


Bournemouth Beach


When he finally realised, he came charging back, confiscated my camera and sent me packing to the sea.


Knowing Sheylara


Knowing Sheylara


Unsuspecting seagull


It was quite nice, overall, although it was really very hot. I really don’t understand why people like to lie in the sun to be barbequed alive.

On the way home, I took some “miniature” shots. I’m totally amused by the miniature function on my camera but there weren’t many good subjects with clear shots at the beach so I didn’t get very good pictures.


Little car and wheelie bin


Little car and wheelie bin


Well, yesterday’s excursion at the beach was a kind of warm up, really. We’re going to Mallorca again in September, and going to a resort island does mean we have to lie in the beach all day etc. I’m preparing myself to be burnt to a crisp.


Curing a cold (or the flu)

So, I was planning to do part 2 of my “year in two posts” over the weekend but I fell sick. It was sudden and horrid, a very bad cold (or the flu, I’m not sure).

I had razor blades in my throat, my nose blocked up completely when I lay down so I couldn’t breathe, so I had to pass the night sitting on the sofa, I had to run to the toilet every 15 minutes to blow my nose and pee, and my stomach was full of gas due to overzealous salivary glands causing me to swallow constantly, which then provoked the razor blades in the throat more, which in turn provoked the salivary glands, ad infinitum, and life is miserable.

Lemsip was rubbish. Didn’t do a thing at all. It did work for me in the past, when I was in Singapore, but it never seems to in England, and I’ve tried enough times to be sure, since I was getting colds (or the flu) about once a month last year while I was working with children.

It was only after a day and night of suffering that I suddenly remembered this crazy miracle cure I had once in China: Boiled ginger coke.


Boiled ginger coke


I got to boiling. It was a happy chance that I just happened to have ginger and Coca Cola at home. I also added some lemon juice because some online recipes mention adding lemon slices. I thought it would improve the taste. I think it did.

I drank one can that night but I don’t think I used enough ginger because the drink didn’t wow me like it did when I was in China.

The next day, I doubled the ginger dosage and left it to simmer a bit longer, and immediately felt better after drinking it all up. I took another dose in the night just before bed and slept quite well.

I woke up feeling very optimistic. Almost all the pain and discomfort had gone. The only annoying thing left was a runny nose but runny noses are not painful so I was quite happy with that.


Now, a side story.

While I was on my ginger coke treatment and feeling rather disappointed with Lemsip, I asked Piers to get me more Lemsip because we were running low, and just in case I needed more.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy to continue putting your faith in something that has failed you repeatedly, but when you’re ill and desperate, something (even bought hope) is better than nothing.

I was sleeping when Piers came home with the pills, but it was Beechams and not Lemsip. He said the store didn’t have Lemsip. They had two types of Beechams and he got the Ultra, which was three times more expensive.


Have you come to save me at my hour of most desperate need?


I woke up, still lying there, smiling to see him. He explained the change of brands and his decision to buy the more expensive one (“Must be more effective, right?”).

As he handed me the package, he said quite solemnly, “You can only take one capsule each time.”

I was impressed. That sounded special.

I looked at the back of the box (I always do for medicines) and saw that it said, “2 capsules every 4 hours as required.”

I read that out loud and looked at him expectantly.

His reply: “Well, YOU are only allowed to take one capsule each time.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because it’s expensive!”


Gotta love the boyfriend.

And, by the way, Beechams Ultra is really good. Stopped my nose running. I’m not 100% yet but it’s getting there, so we’re back in business. Part 2 coming soon!