3 old photos and 3 new photos

I was looking through my old photos cos I’m going to chop off a lot of hair on Thursday and need to check what hairstyles I look okay or horrible in.

While flipping through my folders, I found some holiday photos of me and Nanny Wen wearing each other’s clothes. It was hilarious. We generally didn’t like each other’s wardrobes, so it was quite a challenge.

It was an impromptu bit of fun. We were in Genting Highlands for a few days and, on our second day there, we decided to swap clothes for the day! This was in March 2007.




The main thing I didn’t like about this outfit was the top because it was stretchy skintight, had a hole at the chest (see photo below) and was turtleneck.

Turtlenecks make my face look fat and short, stretchy skintights make me look slutty, and holes at chest advertise my non-existent cleavage.

The skirt was nice, but I wasn’t into big belts, although I suppose that suited the outfit. Boots were my own cos I couldn’t fit into Nanny Wen’s shoes.


Nanny Wen


Nanny Wen was soooo uncomfortable in my outfit, haha. It was very anime-costumy and she just doesn’t wear stuff like that. I thought she looked cute enough to eat, though.

Then again, she always does!


Two uncomfortable people


Anyway, that was a stupid hairstyle I had, but bangs give me a lot of freedom and peace. With long fringes, I’m always (95% of the time) annoyed by rebellious hair getting into my face. Even if I stuff all my hair behind my ears, I have strands of hair in the front that are like three inches long and never ever grow longer, so they’re always hovering about, tickling my forehead and generally looking ugly.

Stupid hateful hair.

Anyway, fast forward.

Piers just sent me a couple of photos of us taken at his company dinner. Took them so long to release the official photos (more than three weeks)!








In other news, I’m back in Singapore and trying to not be jetlagged but it’s a bit hard when you’re staying up all night chatting with your partner because of time zone differences.

I need to cut my hair very badly. Half of it is severely damaged due to perming and colouring and dry weather in England. Cutting off the damaged parts will mean my hair will be shoulder length at best. Just nice for Singapore weather, I guess.

Anyway, looking at my photos didn’t help. I think I look horrible in all my hairstyles. My hair can’t be styled in the ways that I like because it’s stupid and stubborn, so I’m sad.

Okay enough about my hair.

We’ll see on Thursday!

Partying in England

I’ve been in England for about three months accumulatively and only just had my first party night out on Saturday.




That’s partly because I’ve developed an aversion to hangovers, but mostly because it’s been too cold in England to be out gallivanting in little party dresses in the middle of the night.

Even during the dead of winter, girls walk about the streets in tiny black dresses, high heels and little handbags. No coats, no scarves, no gloves. And the temperature would be about 0°C.

They would hang around in the cold, outside clubs and pubs, waiting for friends or just being seen, I don’t know.

I would see them while walking home with Piers after a late night movie. I would be bundled up in 5 layers of clothes, face hidden in a hood and scarf, and freezing, and think that the party girls must all be robots or vampires or crazy.

Seeing as it would be uncool to go to a club looking like an Eskimo, but there was no way I was going to subject myself to hypothermia otherwise, I never said yes to a night out.

Until last Saturday, that is.




Piers’ best friend’s sister’s best friend was having a farewell party because she’s going off and getting married in Scotland.

So we went out and had a party in her name but the darnedest thing was that, the entire night, I only saw her once for like half a minute because Piers doesn’t really know her that well.

It was about 10°C that night but warm indoors. I brought a coat to put on during the times we had to walk about, like getting from Club A to Club B. It was cold even then.


Sheylara and Piers


We had originally planned to eat out and then go to the party but Piers had a craving for dumplings when we went to a Korean supermarket in the evening.

We ended up getting a huge bag of groceries because he said, “Get anything you want cos we might not come back here again for some time.”

So I got tofu and and luncheon meat and rice. Yes, NORMAL rice. Fortunately, they have small bags of Thai jasmine rice in the store. We also got kimchi and raspberry wine and the dumplings.

On the way home, I said, “Where shall we go for dinner, then?”

And he said, “I don’t know. All I feel like eating now are those dumplings.”

So we went home and cooked.






Tofu with crispy pork floss and garlic


Meat dumplings


We didn’t go to the party until almost 10 pm.

It was great. I got to meet more of Piers’ friends.

And I discovered the people who had been making fun of Piers in my blog comments. Piers had suspected it was his friends but they had vehemently denied their mischief until recently.


Teasing comments



Teasing comments



Teasing comments


I find it all quite funny, though. We had suspected it was someone he knew, very likely his close friends, because it was just the kind of thing they would say to each other in real life. I think slagging your friends off for fun is a great British past-time.

So, this is them, the naughty people.


Piers' friends
(From left: Rich, me, Sarah, Piers, Jamie, Stan)


They were really nice and friendly to me but I wasn’t surprised because I’m sure Piers wouldn’t hang out with nasty people.

Yeah, but now their secret is out, they can’t make fun of Piers anonymously anymore.

The night life here is very much like in Singapore. Just a lot of drinking and dancing and yelling in each others’ ears.

Piers and I also spent half the night getting drinks because the bar was neverendingly busy and you had to wait ages to be served. We were drinking cocktails all night so finished them fast and had to keep going back for more.

It was a nice night out. But I would probably be happier partying during the summer when I don’t have to worry about hypothermia.

Maybe one day I will get used to the weather and be able to walk out into the cold practically naked like one of them robot vampire party girls.

Hard to imagine that ever happening because I so hate extreme cold, but who knows?

Pimping off the Goonfather

I was gonna unveil the Goonfather only after he’s achieved his target but then I decided now’s as good a time as any.

You can hardly recognise him now!

First, some background for my new readers.

The Goonfather is my ex. We’re still very good friends and still meet for drinks and stuff. He used to resemble a rapper in terms of style and a bouncer in terms of size.


The Goonfather in Jan 2009:

The Goonfather


The Goonfather’s best friend is Unker Kell, who is also a very good friend to me.

Together, they are like Laurel and Hardy, never a dull moment with them.


Dec 2009:

Unker Kell and The Goonfather


Jan 2010:

The Goonfather


Sep 2010:

The Goonfather


About half a year ago, the Goonfather underwent a gall bladder removal surgery, after which he had to watch his diet and count his calories.

He went to it with gusto, dragging Unker Kell along with him.

For several months now, besides eating discerningly, they have been gymming obsessively, first attending two times a week, then steadily progressing to six times a week.

So, I was understandably shocked when I met them after coming back from England, not having seen them in about three months or so.

Unker Kell hasn’t changed a whole lot in size, since he was already quite slender to begin with, but he seems to have become a mini Goonfather in style.

The Goonfather himself has become a totally different person, wearing skinny jeans and tight t-shirts (although they don’t look fitting anymore in the following photo because he is constantly shrinking).


May 2011:

The Goonfather


The Goonfather


And still the Goonfather isn’t satisfied. He’s an XL now and will only be happy to stop at M, with pecs and a six-pack. It might take another half a year or so. He just hurt his back and his doctor has banned him from gymming for two weeks at least.

While he feels encouraged about his transformation, it’s costing him a lot. He’s having to change his wardrobe every month, lol. But I have no doubt he will achieve his target soon.

By the way, he’s a very eligible bachelor. Good personality, gorgeous car, great job, loves children. (Unker Kell too, as a matter of fact.)

Any girls interested… PM me. I’m selling them off to the highest bidder!

I’d recommend buying them both as a package (I give package deal discount) for you and your girl friend because they’re really funny and entertaining together. Great for double dates.

Um… available for rent also.

Any takers?




(Okay, shall now have to go into hiding from them and maybe can’t blog for days. If I don’t appear for a week, call the homicide squad!)

Another bunch of photos from Korea

Good afternoon! My name is Sheylara. I shall be your host today and show you another random bunch of photos from Seoul for my amusement.

I meant for your amusement.




This is me and my dearest friends. They’re my dearest friends because they put up with my rubbish. But I shan’t tell you what rubbish. ;)



These steps lead to the attic, as you have already seen in my earlier pictures. I would like to have an attic in my future house.



Gyeongbokgung (Palace). Every hour every day (according to our palace guide), they play out some kind of “Entering the Palace Ceremony” so you’ve got all these actors in court official costumes waiting outside the palace grounds for the signal to proceed.



It’s kinda amusing seeing these waiting ancients juxtaposed against the modern city landscape on the other side of the road.




On our way to the palace, we came across a couple of trees receiving life support. We didn’t quite know what to make of them.

Ailing tree

Ailing tree


To be honest, the palace ceremony was very boring. A commentary in four different languages (I think Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese) accompanied the rituals but we couldn’t get much out of it because the sound was quite distorted and the English accent was hard to understand.



The only really fun thing to do in the palace was taking photos.



I kept thinking the actors playing the palace guards and officials must be really bored having to stand around all day maintaining poker faces while tourists shamelessly crowd around them to pose for photographs.



You can see modern buildings peeking over the palace walls, lol.


Sheylara at Gyeongbokgung


Some parts of the palace are quite peaceful and romantic. Nice for romantic strolls with loved ones, especially with the nice autumn weather, cool yet sunny, that we experienced while there.




Me. :)

Sheylara at Gyeongbokgung

Sheylara at Gyeongbokgung


We had lunch at a quaint cafe with an artistic air. Seoul has tons of cafes like this. Love them!







Cute serviettes


I had this basil olive oil pasta. Wasn’t salty enough but the fragrance was there.



A plastic surgery ad in the Seoul subway.

Plastic surgery ad


Wang Wang and Nanny Wen both say this photo is obscene. Obscene meh? Just eating a stick of sausages only wat.

Eating sausages


Okay, I am now suitably amused. I hope you are, too.

Until the next time. This is Sheylara signing out!

A bunch of photos from Korea

Today is my last day in Korea! Just when my skin has started to faintly show the effects of the miraculous air and water here which gives the Koreans such flawless, radiant skin, I have to leave.

In fact, by the time this post is published (on timer), I will already be on a plane bound for Hong Kong for transfer to Singapore.

Korea is a wonderful, wonderful place. Will elaborate on that another day. Just wanna share some photos first!


Enjoying Korea with my favourite girls. Our first overseas trip together without the guys! Awesome, heh.

Four girls in Seoul, Korea


This next photo is possibly my favourite of the entire trip. Nanny Wen enjoys doing this thing she describes as “bombing my photos”. That’s when I’m self-camwhoring and she’d sneak into my frame without me knowing, to make a funny face. This is her best bombing yet.

Nanny Wen bomb


Here’s another one. But this time, I kinda knew she was going to do it already, so I was laughing. Her funny posture and expression was just her trying to rush into my frame before I snapped the picture.

Nanny Wen bomb


Here’s one she didn’t get.

Successful camwhorage without the Nanny


Shopping in Doota, a popular mall in Seoul. I can’t stop thinking DotA (the game). I didn’t shop much this trip. Somehow, kinda lost the mood for crazy shopping.



Hello Kitty hair accessories. I wanted to buy some, then I looked at the prices, then drooled at them for 10 minutes and ended up not buying any. They’re, like, S$30 to S$60 each or around there. For hair clips! Crazy!

Hello Kitty hair accessories


Prettiest luggage bags ever. I would have bought some if I hadn’t already spent a grand on my Mickey Mouse and Guess luggage bags. These are pretty expensive, too. I think the small ones are around S$100. Didn’t dare look at the big ones.

Pretty luggage bags


This is the outside of a palace. There are many palaces in Seoul. Five or something like that, I think. I might share my photos of our palace visit. But it was a bit boring to be honest.

Palace wall


I think Koreans are really good at interior decoration. Many of their restaurants are really nice and pretty and cosy.

Korean restaurant


Really big dog in a shopping alley.

Big dog


A random street.

Random street in Korea


Our first meal in Korea was of street food. We were looking for a restaurant to eat at and decided to stop and get a small bite. Then we kept adding on to our order because everything tasted so good, and actually stood there and ate an entire meal.

Korean street food


Seoul is bursting with cafes. You can’t walk two steps without encountering one!

Caffe Themselves


The night life is quite vibrant in Seoul. Restaurants and pubs and shopping. Or maybe because we stayed at the university district so it’s more happening there.

Caffe Themselves


Two Korean cuties in the subway.

Korean cuties in the subway


Our lodgings in Korea.

Ann's Guesthouse


We stayed in a place called Ann Guesthouse. It looks like some kind of office building with units converted into home-like spaces. I really love it here. It’s so cosy. It’s just directly above the subway and very near shops and restaurants. And it’s really cheap!! S$30 per person per night in a family unit with five beds. Free daily laundry services, too.

Ann's Guesthouse


There’s an upstairs area like an attic. Well, it’s kinda plain but I love it cos it feels so cosy! Nanny Wen and I shared the upstairs area. I bumped my head countless times on the ceiling.

Ann's Guesthouse


It’s usually the going downstairs that does it. I kept bumping my head on that jutting ceiling just above the steps.

Ann's Guesthouse


Sitting on the steps.

Ann's Guesthouse


Okay, that’s all! It’s really tiring blogging when overseas. So many activities in the day, then, like, there isn’t much time left to rest and sleep at night before the next day starts again. Even though our itinerary has been super relaxing to the max. lol

Will blog more when I get back to Singapore! =)